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8.11 23:05 
@TheFakeWill1 I'm your Google, baby!
7.11 10:46 
Oh, shit, I slept through it
5.11 18:41 
RT @AndrewFeinberg: This is art.

@evanvucci / @AP
2.11 21:29 
I bet an AMERRRRRRRRICAN NIIIIIIIIIIINJA WARRRRRRRRRRRIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could scale it. Let's assemble some RT @shomaristone: JUST IN: White House Building ‘Non-Scalable' Fence, Increasing Security Ahead of Election.
Right now in downtown Washington DC, workers board up dozens of businesses.
@nbcwashington #ElectionEve #Election2020
2.11 15:45 
This concludes my TED Talk. Thank you for participating and if you STILL haven't found somebody to vote for...I guess YOU should have run. (22/21 oops)
2.11 15:43 
*were only registered as write-ins in Minnesota, according to Wikipedia
2.11 15:43 
...and folks I found NOTHIN' on:
*Andrew Palmiscno and Kyle Palmiscno
Michael Laboch and Raechelle Pope
*Patrick Whitcomb and Jason Horine
Katherine Forbes (Kate Forbes) and Heath King
Barbara Bellar and Kendra Ann Bryant
2.11 15:42 
*Ryan J. Gilmer and Brent S. Duncan - no website but it appears they've worked on lots of other projects together,nm3681364
2.11 15:42 
*Jason Stanek and Taylor Motari - hey I totally know the Motari Jaguar guy
2.11 15:42 
Demetra Wysinger and Cedric D. Jefferson (Couldn't find her except for her LAST run - @WYSINGERin2016)
2.11 15:41 
Strong hat tip for entertainment value to *Frederick Michael Carl Frederickson and Todd William Larson
2.11 15:41 
Tom Hoefling and Andy Prior (Life, Liberty, Constitution)
2.11 15:41 
Marcus E Sykes and James Edward Mcfadden
2.11 15:40 
Shawn Howard and Alyssa Howard
2.11 15:40 
Darlo (sic) Hunter and Dawn Neptune Adams (Progressive)
2.11 15:40 
Mary Ruth Caro Simmons (@simonscaro) and Sherne Dow
2.11 15:40 
Don Blankenship and William Alan Mohr (Constitution)
2.11 15:39 
Kasey Wells and Rachel Wells
2.11 15:39 
Brian Carroll and Amar Patel (American Solidarity)
2.11 15:39 
Mark Charles and Adrian Wallace
2.11 15:38 
Debroah (sic) Ann Rouse and Sheila Cannon
2.11 15:38 
Crap, broke the thread - let's try again!

(I'm moving ones without a website down the list - sorry)
2.11 15:33 
R19 Boddie and Eric Stoneham (C.U.P.)
2.11 15:33 
Albert Raley and Darlene Raley
2.11 15:32 
Again, these are in @MNSecofState order.
2.11 15:32 
Dear Undecided MN voters,
I'll bet you want to see as many websites for the 21 Minnesota registered write-in candidates for Pres/VP as I could find in an hour, don't you. I'm no
@NaomiKritzer but I do have a special kind of OCD about this stuff, so LET'S ROLL (1/no more than 21)
2.11 12:11 
Finally, there's a write-in space, but unless you vote for a pre-registered write-in candidate, it won't show up in the tally as whoever you've written in. I don't believe we have any registered write-ins in Minnesota for President/Vice President (correct me if I'm wrong!) (9/9)
2.11 12:11 
Alyson Kennedy and Malcolm Jarrett (Socialist Workers) Coulnd't find a campaign website, but you can find more about their platform at
2.11 12:11 
Gloria La Riva and Leonard Peltier (Socialism and Liberation)
2.11 12:11 
Brock Pierce and Karla Ballard (Independent)
2.11 12:11 
Kanye West and Michelle Tidball (Independent)
2.11 12:11 
Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker (Green)
2.11 12:11 
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente and Darcy Richardson (Independence/Alliance)
2.11 12:11 
In Minnesota, there are nine tickets for President/Vice-President on the ballot. Maybe you'd like to know about the seven that AREN'T Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris? Here they are in the order provided by @MNSecofState, along with my best guess at their campaign websites: (1/9)
2.11 10:13 
@davefinton Let's add one that's practically already happened: When/if Trump concedes, it will be a concurrent speech with his announcement of an intention to begin a 2024 campaign.
21.10 09:24 
Changed my cover photo
7.10 21:59 
Well at least if we're all talking about the fly we aren't talking about his pinkeye
7.10 21:34 
Well, as usual, no minds were changed by tonight's performances; therefore, the winner of the debate is ME for staying awake through all ninety minutes. Everybody be sure to vote!
7.10 21:25 
Also, too bad whoever's sneezing can't leave the room
7.10 21:17 
Debate's over
7.10 21:17 
7.10 20:52 
Pew pew
2.10 00:44 
I guess, in hindsight, one good thing about the debate only having two presidential candidates is all the other ones couldn't have caught the rona there
29.9 22:22 
@masonbutler Two more presidential debates! Ba dum bum
29.9 21:59 
So great hearing the crack NBC News team decide that ultimately the last two hours moved zero needles and proved nothing
29.9 21:56 
Ineligible to SERVE.

(Also, fictional character - maybe should have led with that)
29.9 21:55 
Let's be honest - might do better than Kanye West, but as a citizen of Japan ineligible to server RT @LegsWet: @CRZ PRESIDENT PIKACHU
29.9 21:52 
I know, I know - but still, let me remind you that here in Minnesota there are seven choices for President on our ballot that aren't either of these two dudes (eight if you count the write-in space)
29.9 20:38 
Biden failing to dedicate his COVID-19 answer to Herman Cain was a missed opportunity
29.9 20:38 
Trump tweeting during this debate is a serious breach of kayfabe
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