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20.2 13:40 I found a name but it might not help!
12.2 02:06 Thowback!
2024 Remake!
7.2 15:41 JUST IN: Sean Tillmann-Hauser did NOT get any restraining orders and his cases have been dismissed. Turns out it's totally okay to tell people Har Mar Superstar is a creep and a sex pest after all. (8 pages)
7.2 03:48 Pretty proud of this one...even if the guy at the Pump N' Munch had opinions about me
6.2 12:36 Welcome to BlueSky! Here are a hundred "Welcome to BlueSky!" skeets
23.1 12:57 Wow, I picked a bad time to not be on Blooski for two weeks
3.1 02:37 
Well, I'm finally using this Mongolian domain for something
3.12 16:52 
Got 5 more bluesky invites! Can people still read threads with that word in it?
23.11 21:33 !forwhomst
23.11 21:19 Oh hell yeah. I'M impressed because it all looks so familiar! (Also for the snoot cameo)
31.10 10:39 I got 4 codes I can't seem to give away, do you have any friends that need an invite?
28.9 20:37 Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute
27.9 16:24 
Well.....I suppose this is an "improvement" of sorts from Spotify
22.9 12:18 Oh dear
20.9 13:19 
Me, opening Spotify on my MacBook
22.8 16:06 
Just in from the KZiM Weather Center in Prospect Park - it's 96ยบ with a dewpoint of 77 and a "Feels Like" temperature of 112
21.8 12:12 How many characters you get on this thing, anyway? Whoa, 300? I dunno if I have 300 characters of STUFF right now. Heck, this is only 140
5.7 18:05 
Hey so uh anybody got a bluesky invite