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9.1 20:07 Extra Toasty
29.12 23:25 Extra Cheesy
18.12 20:28 Cheddar Jack
13.11 21:20 Whole Grain (and super stale because I didn't check the date on the box when I bought it - off)
24.9 19:40 Extra Toasty
9.9 17:37 Extra Toasty
21.5.21 20:57 
WEEKEND SNACKS WITH CRZ: Here we see a product that just plain doesn't need to exist - it's no different from any other cheddar corn out there. Of course, all cheddar corn IS tasty, so no regrets...
17.3.21 18:31 Whole Grain
9.2.21 21:41 Cheese Pizza
10.12.20 18:59 Extra Toasty
6.11.20 19:04 Whole Grain
27.10.20 17:29 Cheddar Jack
29.6.20 17:00 Queso Fundido
21.6.20 16:41 Double Cheese Snack Mix
10.6.20 17:49 Whole Grain
8.5.20 22:50 
RT @Mattceinicram: On this day of quarantine I dipped a Cheez-It in Nutella. And honestly, not bad
7.4.20 18:50 Extra Toasty
22.3.20 14:43 Whole Grain
6.3.20 17:20 
 I think the Cheez-Its are still on sale - Lunds & Byerlys (Saint Paul, MN)
3.3.20 11:51 Family Size box of Cheez-Its
10.2.20 17:53 Extra Toasty
16.12.19 17:39 Cheez-Its
29.7.19 23:05 Extra Toasty
21.7.19 14:45 Whole Grain
1.7.19 17:34 Zesty Cheddar Ranch Grooves
26.6.19 17:50 
16.9.18 21:08 Extra Toasty
27.8.18 21:28 Whole Grain
11.7.18 17:05 Costco size Cheez-Its
2.3.18 21:12 Sriracha snack mix
6.2.18 19:57 Extra Toasty
2.2.18 21:04 
Third of three and MAN these are tasty. Were you around when somebody made pizza chips? (consults Google) Yeah, Keebler Pizzarias. Remember those? These taste JUST like those, BUT they are also Cheez-It. They're great!

It's really close - it's hard to choose between these and the cheeseburger ones... but I think I would buy these again first.
2.2.18 20:54 Cheese Pizza
28.1.18 16:23 Cheddar Nachos
26.1.18 23:24 Cheeseburger
21.11.17 14:41 
1oz bag of Cheez-It
15.11.17 15:21 1oz bag of Cheez-It
22.10.17 16:26 Extra Toasty
1.10.17 15:21 Whole Grain
5.8.17 23:09 
Were they giving away Cheez-Its at the United match? It feels like I'm following a trail of dropped snax to Dark Energy
26.6.17 17:27 Family Size Cheez-Its
6.6.17 12:35 
Jan bought me birthday Cheez-Its! (She also directed me to make sure we tried those Grooves TODAY, so there may be ulterior motives in play here) To thank her, I made sure she was hidden behind the box on the left.
23.5.17 13:57 
1.5oz bag of Cheez-Its
20.4.17 15:54 
Jan and I are doing important work - we are going to determine if I can tell the difference between Cheez-Its and their "Great Value Cheese Cracker" equivalent based solely on taste. I must close my eyes now. I'll be right back.

VERDICT: They tasted exactly the same and I don't know what to believe any more

FURTHER VERDICT: Bona-fide Cheez-Its are a little crispier when you're eating them by the handful, but they really do *taste* verrrrrry alike. I'd rather save a buck a box and get way more IN that box! (Also, I want to be fat again!) ALTHOUGH sometimes you want a different flavour and Great Value only has an additional "white cheddar" variety. I would miss Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its.

This has been your Cheez-It update of the day - back to you
20.4.17 15:52 
1.5oz bag of Cheez-Its
6.4.17 12:19 
1oz bag of Cheez-Its
21.3.17 23:59 Whole Grain
20.3.17 18:12 Cheddar Jack
19.3.17 17:35 Extra Toasty
15.9.16 17:07 Cheddar Jack
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