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21.7 13:45 
RT @ClassicPopMag: Speak & Spell was the debut album of Depeche Mode, released an amazing 40 years ago. Check out our feature on its making.
19.9.17 14:47 
@ClassicPopMag @OfficialOMD UX feedback for you and @Twitter; Every time y'all do a four tweet tweetstorm, Twitter buries "1 more reply." It's a little annoying:
8.7.16 22:32 
@WDANEricLoy @ClassicPopMag @letitbeep @AmazonUK Who ISN'T?
8.7.16 22:26 
Ooh they're here! @ClassicPopMag @letitbeep @AmazonUK
28.1.16 09:19 
RT @ClassicPopMag: Classic Pop Presents: Bowie – A Celebration
5.5.15 12:58 
So good, Diva!! Worthy of @ClassicPopMag - I hope they'll read and enjoy it too! (Cc: @letitbeep)
6.8.14 22:24 
Ever wonder what a @ClassicPopMag without the magazine looks like? (Also note double/missing print - worst day ever)
31.3.14 11:48 
Whilst waiting for issue 10 of @ClassicPopMag to make it to America, here's my artful arrangement of my copies of 1-9
9.7.13 20:10 
Geez, @ClassicPopMag - rather cheeky to ask me to renew when I have EIGHT MONTHS left on the sub
12.4.13 21:13 
The short version of today's "there are no coincidences" story involves me buying the LAST copy of "Classic Pop" Issue 3 from the Roseville Barnes & Noble