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3.1 02:37 
Well, I'm finally using this Mongolian domain for something
15.5.23 16:06 
New profile photo
23.2.23 16:54 
18.12.22 13:11 Neat! What do I do now?
6.1.22 22:22 
Changed my profile photo
12.5.21 22:59 
It is done and there's just as many chins as I'd feared (plus millions of tiny cuts all over my red neck)
13.3.21 15:25 
One year later, I'm more beard than man
3.2.21 07:12 
UPDATE: Turns out I worked at my office just over three weeks before coming home to work remotely forever (despite procuring a parking pass some time in August). Man, when you think about the timing of how everything worked out....notwithstanding the incredibly long amount of unemployment that preceded this epic, I do kinda lead a charmed life sometimes. Too bad I never wrote any books because I was too busy penning Facebook updates... (shared status from 1 year ago)
1.1.21 00:02 
Here's to ya, 2021 - let's hope we eventually find focus
21.11.20 01:34 
I'd probably look prettier if I smiled
9.6.20 17:04 
Thanks to everybody who dropped me a Facebook status, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE, text OR actually tried calling me (but had to leave voicemail, unless you were my parents) to congratulate me on staying alive another year! I spent the entire 24 hours of the 7th in complete isolation... which totally sucked! But it did give me plenty of time to get back to all of you online. I have some photos of some presents but they're on the phone and I'm on the laptop. Normally I'd ask you to make a donation to the Michael J. Fox foundation and help get Parkinson's disease cured but so many better places to share your money have made themselves known over the past two weeks; I hope you've already been generously throwing what you can their way and will continue to do so. OH that reminds me - I think during my recent rash of ... let's call it "enhanced advocacy," I've only seen a grand total of ONE unFriending. I can't even say for sure that it coincides with me saying anything! I'd like to think this speaks as much to the fact that you aren't really surprised about what I've been saying, I'm somehow staying reasonably consistent as an entity over the course of the past ... let's say five years, and you still don't mind being my Friend as a result, even if we disagree. Either that, or Facebook has successfully algorithm'd me out of your life and you're not gonna read THIS either. Either way, quality friending and I'm very thankful to all of you.

I *will* make one tiny birthday request if you're still looking for one to fulfill - every week I play records for an hour for a KFAI web-exclusive show called Dollar Bin. I think you might find it interesting and would love if you'd give it a listen and tell me what you think!

Thank you once again, one and all - I can't wait to flirt all over you in person whenever it turns out we can be together again.

Please keep in mind that NEXT year I'm 50... so please reserve the date now. There'll be SOMETHING. There's GOTTA be.

I love you!

Black lives matter!
26.5.20 12:57 
I don't think there was a pool, but if there took until today for ol' CRZ to wash his famous hair. That's....not sure exactly? More than 10 weeks, but not 11 weeks. Possibly a record; you'd have to ask Mom to be sure. And I only took the plunge out of the great love and respect I have for Nicole, my hygienist, in her role as my current longest-term relationship...
(I already feel bad she'll have to navigate all the long hairs around my lips, which I washed but didn't clip)
(yes I also can't believe they didn't postpone my dental excuses)
24.5.20 16:18 
Catchin' Pokemon
(This is about the best you can get outta me after ten weeks without accompaniment by a photographer)
11.5.20 01:39 
Changed my profile photo
18.2.20 14:04 
So my doppelgängers are, like, anybody with hair and glasses but here are the ones I most recently remember people actively using on me - what I'm saying is this challenge can suck it
2.2.20 12:37 
Still don't know what to do with my hair (video from four years ago)
18.12.19 07:15 
FACE (Photos celebrating my 13th Anniversary of joining Facebook)
25.11.19 02:00 
Ol' blue eyes vs. Old... - these are different brick walls, believe it or not (2009, Grumpy's DT; 2019, KCK)
24.7.19 03:43 
Tonight I grabbed a ... I dunno, 30 or 31 year old shirt - to wear to walk to karaoke tonight. I wondered if Deanna and/or Kelli and/or Scott and/or Melanie was with me when I bought it? Also, damn, is Mickey really 90 or 91 or whatever? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei... what I'm really saying, as always, is PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (📷: Yo Ritchie)
6.6.19 19:40 
Oh shit I'm older
LaLa: "I better not be in that photo"
23.1.19 07:51 
Pikachu said he'd hire me...who am I to argue with HIM?
18.12.18 07:45 
As I say every year, here's to Facebook: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. (Video: Happy 12th Faceversary)
11.11.18 18:24 
What a hairy, hairy man
(10 years ago)
24.10.18 16:56 
I know, Facebook, I know
13.6.18 01:27 
So I've been studying the Art of the Selfie...pretty sure I finally nailed one
11.7.17 12:42 
Temporarily changed my profile photo
30.5.17 15:56 
Changed my profile photo
18.1.17 20:48 
Changed my profile photo to a Meitu creation
8.12.16 14:35 
#tbt I can't find 2006 pictures, so here's one from 1996 from my first work Connectix Colour QuickCam. I am likely working graveyard shift and very bored. Also, still kinda mulleted. (circa September 11, 1996 21:03 PDT)
27.10.16 09:30 
Temporarily changed my cover photo
18.10.16 11:48 
Sure, one of my finer moments was when I stuck the neck label from the Schlitz bottle to my forehead - I can see why Facebook wants me to share this with you - nice eyes, tho
(8 years ago)
17.8.16 08:34 
I do miss this guy sometimes but have you seen my CALVES lately?
17.4.16 14:07 
Changed my profile photo
27.3.16 22:23 
Show selfie, part 201603272222:
Using light and shadow to look thinner
18.12.15 23:49 
Turns out today is my Facebook birthday! I joined FB Monday, December 18, 2006 at 2:16pm CST, using my UCR email address. Three minutes later, I posted my first status, which read in its entirety: "sleeping" I didn't touch my Wall for almost a year after that, although it appears I at least Friended some other folks in 2007.
11.11.15 00:42 
Maybe I AM 14 again...I've been on a pretty good run of seeing artists I have known at least that long and the most recent one was tonight when Howard Jones presented a stripped down concert subtitled "The Songs, The Piano, The Stories" to MAYBE 300 people at the Fine Line. On one hand, it's almost criminal that an artist of his stature is limited to such a small crowd, but on the other hand, how fortunate were we to have been able to watch such an intimate performance....and it's not like they didn't make money on it with some pretty inflated ticket prices they knew we'd pay for, and we sure did. I opted for the "reserved seating" which I had thought would put me in the balcony, but instead put me three tables from the stage along the side wall. The folks at the table ahead of me picked up their "reserved" sign and went looking for balcony space to stake a claim to...which meant I moved up one table and they ended up at mine. Nobody complained. For some reason, they put me down for 2, which must have been pity as I guess I was the only person to fly solo in the upper tier (I did see some tables for 3 amongst the couples). None of THAT mattered, either. One of the big reasons Howard Jones resonated with me and endured with me was the fact that Kelli Frankman was a super fan way before I even knew who he was, and I'm pretty sure she infected me, and I mean that in the best possible way because it's always given me a chance to think about her every time I hear him or use him as my "go to" artist at karaoke. I am now going on three years and change that I have promised her an email, so tagging her in this post will PROBABLY not balance the scales, but we have all the time in the world to fix that, right? So where was I? Ah yes. Kim and I went to see Howard perform his first two albums in their entirety back in 2012 at the Varsity Theatre and for a variety of reasons I wouldn't be able to pick a favourite between that night and this night, not the least of which is that 2012 me and 2015 me are obviously in entirely different headspaces and I [the remainder of this sentence has been redacted, buy me a beer and I'll tell it to you]. Funny thing is some of the stories, obviously well rehearsed, were similar to some of the stories I heard three years ago...which is totally fine as it makes them much more believable. Sometimes, like with Joe Jackson last week, you can lose yourself in how good a "piano" player they still are and how well-suited their songs are for such a sparse arrangement, but unlike Joe, Howard's voice sounds EXACTLY the same as it did as if I pulled out one of my four "Things Can Only Get Better" 12 inch singles and put it on the turntable I still haven't hooked up. No pitch-shifting key changes, no problem. It's extraordinary. Maybe there's something to the vegetarian lifestyle...naaaah. Anyway, I'm ALSO sure that part of my enjoyment of the night was Fine Line including a $20 bar tab as part of my "reserved" ticket, because I don't often have three Surly Furious pints at a show (especially a Tuesday show), but I'm sure it helped me summon the courage to stand in line, get a photo, get an autograph AND blurt out "thankyoufortheshowtonight, thankyoufortheshowthreeyearsago, thankyouforputtingyoursheetmusicuponyourwebsite, thankyouforbasicallythirtyyearsofmusic - whew, I'll be MUCH more relaxed if I see you after the NEXT time you come back here" which I think got a larf. In my mind, it will always have gotten a laugh. And I shook his hand, and he called me Chris, and oh and when he was singing he'd encourage us to sing along with him so I SANG WITH HOWARD JONES and really, what a great way to set $75 on fire. I do wish you were there sharing it with me....which is probably why I ended up immediately sitting down to try to share it with you HERE, now. And finally, the Wolves lost at home, AGAIN, so I guess I didn't miss much there...but I suppose I'm lucky I bought this ticket before the schedule came out, because I might have missed this show using the Wolves game as an excuse... Oh and FINALLY finally, while walking the 0.8 miles back to my customary parking spot alongside 333 7th St, passing by one of the open patios, a comely lass said "man, you have some great hair," to which I naturally replied "hey, thanks! also nice." Swing and a miss. But at least I didn't break my stride. THANKS FOR READING - GOOD NIGHT, MOM
4.11.15 01:05 
I'm just loopy enough to let the truth slip out: My life, this CRZ life, is a very carefully choreographed series of unintended consequences. G'night Facebook
1.11.15 13:41 
Tonight: Whale in the Thames, Icehouse
Monday: Timberwolves vs. Blazers, Target Center, possibly followed by CLAPS, 7th St. Entry
Tuesday: Triviasco!, Clubhouse Jäger
Wednesday: Joe Jackson, Fitzgerald Theater (St. Paul)
Thursday: Timberwolves vs. Heat, Target Center, possibly followed by Infernal Singalong Machine, Grumpy's DT
Friday: RuDeGiRL, Triple Rock
Saturday: coma
23.10.15 11:44 
Changed my profile photo
15.10.15 12:38 
#tbt By my senior year, the braces were finally off, the contact lenses were in, a massive tetracycline prescription was given to downgrade my terrible, terrible acne to just average acne, I got my first real job at Pizza Hut, caught mono and dropped to 110 pounds, so needless to say I took a lot of fabulous photos. Or at least I think I did. This was definitely not one of them; it looks like I just came in from PE (and may have!). Principal "Fles" was busy putting his mark all over the high school including this terrible refreshed logo. We got out just in time. 1988 (6th in a series of 6 - thanks for living through all six of these with me)
10.10.15 00:22 
Gather round, kids, and try hard not to roll your eyes as I share with you yet another example of how it's all interconnected with karma fueling all that bullshit and so forth.

I had debated all week whether or not I really wanted to go to First Ave to catch FFS but I think I was finally swung by the very visible anticipation by several folks whose opinions I greatly admire here on Thefacebook (you know who you are; you probably won't read this status update unless I trick you by tagging you; I am not tagging you this time) - it read a lot like how *I* felt earlier this week for That Other Show I Attended (CALLBACK!), so I felt like I should probably do that thing.

What I hadn't anticipated was how into this WNBA Final I'd been getting, thanks in part to the free tickets I kept scoring, to the point where now I really NEED the Lynx to win this Championship and will feel pretty crushed if they don't. Game 3 was tonight, somewhere in Indiana (I think), and on ESPN2, and I ended up watching all of it. (Catch the last 1.7 seconds if you can. It was all over the Internet by the time I left the house.) So I was pretty much missing Jake (no big loss) and opening act The Intelligence (were they good? I will have to look them up later), but that was fine because all I was really interested in was the Main Event.

THEN I found that it was going to be streamed live via Yahoo! and AGAIN questioned if I should go, given that I could stay home and see it for free, probably on TV thanks to Roku magic...but that sounded like a different kind of pain to set up, and I wasn't swayed from the potential thrill of Being There.

What FINALLY came to pass was, around 9:15 as I was ready to jet, I figured out that I'd left my phone at work. Again, in my highly regimented, routine-filled life, the thought of attending a show without it was unfathomable - would I really have been there if I hadn't checked in and posted a photo? - SO I detoured to Roseville back to the office to grab it. I then hustled down 35W and parked in my usual spot on 7th because, even as I was running late, I still felt compelled to park half a mile away so I would get another mile of walking in tonight. Routine.

I'm getting somewhere with all this, and it's First Avenue. I made it into line at 9:57, knowing that a Yahoo! stream meant they were probably going to be pretty prompt with their 10PM start. In line for the box office, the man in front of me casually asked "hey, you need a ticket?" In fact, I DID need a ticket. It turns out he was on the list with a +1 but had come alone, but he wanted to help a brother out. So I got in gratis, thanks to ending up in the right place at the right time. If the game had gone to overtime, if I hadn't left my phone at work, if I hadn't parked as far off as I had...well, now maybe you're starting to see what I'm trying to explain about how it all works out, and how it happens a lot more than you'd think....or maybe just for me? You tell me.

(I didn't want to burn ALL my karma tonight, so I did buy him the largest bottle of beer I saw in the First Avenue cooler, and got myself a Stag tallboy - that + the tip still ended up, like, less than half the price of a ticket. The first notes hit as I put in my order.)

I made it to the upper level with a prime spot to gawk at Ron Mael for the entire set. It was a good show! More importantly, everyone I ran into there seemed to also really enjoy the show. Also more importantly, I knew I'd be typing this thing later...for YOU! And ME!

AND I got home before midnight! Now, if I can just go to bed early so I can drag my ass out of bed in time for the charity walk...

(Oh, I busted my budget with a FFS T-shirt. No regrets!)
8.10.15 12:38 
#tbt By this time in my high school career, I was in the Key Club so I got into all the dances for free (for "moving tables" in the forum) and I was also manager/stats for the Varsity basketball team (demoted from the scorebook to tracking assists and/or rebounds - I didn't know how good I had it with the sophomore team!), where I ended up earing an honorary letter...which no doubt thrilled all the real athletes who cared about that stuff. It also got me into basketball games for free, so I'm pretty sure that's why there's no sticker on THIS one. I know several of you are keeping track of this stuff on my behalf. ;-) Basically, my high school career seems to boil down to "hair, glasses and braces." 1987 (5th in a series of 6)
5.10.15 13:40 
Saturday I walked to cure Parkinson's Disease! YOUR five bucks will make the difference between success and failure (maybe)! Please consider clicking on this text to make a donation!
1.10.15 10:33 
#tbt This was another replacement in front of the office crepe paper flag after I lost my wallet - very fortunately, the last one I've lost to this day (although I've tried very hard to lose my entire man purse several times in Florida this week). 1986 (4th in a series of 6)
24.9.15 11:02 
#tbt and damn, did this kid have some spectacular hair or WHAT? 1985 (3rd in a series of 6)
17.9.15 16:42 
I may be in an airport but I can still bring the #tbt - I'm still trying to figure out what I used for an ID the other two quarters this school year... 1984 (2nd in a series of 6)
10.9.15 10:31 
I never throw anything away. Recently I found a cache of student ID so guess what my #tbt photos are gonna be for the next few weeks? Here's baby (well, tween) Chris as a Somerset love of rugby shirts already established, but not yet having learned the magic of the lapel pin. 1983 (1st in a series of 6 - watch me grow)
3.9.15 02:16 
Please indulge me as I write out a rather longish yet COMPLETELY TRUE story which will add to the ways I have tried to explain to you outsiders just how my life works.

If you've paid me any attention at all today (yesterday) on the most social of media, you know that about 24 hours ago I allowed Timehop to inspire me to wear the same shirt I originally shared back four years ago, so today I grabbed a vintage 1999-ish "WCW Monday Jericho"/"Jericholics Anonymous" from the closet and wore it publicly all day.

It ALSO happened to be good and cloudy most of the day which set the temperature about 10 degrees cooler than was forecasted which further inspired me to go ahead and walk to Acadia for Joel's Infernal Singalong Machine (pushing me over 100 lifetime miles on MapMyWalk!), where the crowd dissipated much more quickly than normal and allowed me to select five songs instead of my normal two or three - you didn't ask, but you didn't really ask for ANY of this, so they were: "It Doesn't Have to Be" by Erasure, "The Boys of Summer" by Don Henley, "Steam" by Peter Gabriel, "Sail On" by The Commodores, "Old and Wise" by The Alan Parsons Project and "Bring the Noise" by Anthrax & Public Enemy - holy crap, that's SIX songs! What a night!

But that's not why I'm here. What FINALLY happened was a guy walked across the Acadia to not only compliment me on my karaoke style but more importantly for my awesome vintage pro rasslin' shirt. At this point, I noticed HIS shirt - a Bullet Club T-shirt - and remarked that I had seen a dude in a Bullet Club shirt in the Acadia before AND made a point to tweet about it to the hundreds of my Twitter followers who still expect occasional wrestling content from me there. He said that it was probably him and I had to agree - how many people would you expect to see in the Acadia in a Bullet Club shirt? But because I saw an opportunity to blow a mind - okay, impress only slightly - I offered that in one web search I could find the very tweet...and proceeed to do so. (I mean, I have only tweeted "Bullet Club" once in my life as far as I know. For those of you who DON'T follow me for the wrestling, the Bullet Club is a faction in New Japan Pro Wrestling.)

Here's what I tweeted, which turns out was back on June 17: "I'm proud I didn't mark out in front of the guy in the Bullet Club T at the Acadia, yet regret not learning how he obtained a Bullet Club T" - and, wouldn't you know it, here was the same guy and now I COULD ask him if he had gone to or not? I actually didn't remember the website name - but he did! But he actually purchased it at a Ring of Honor event in Hopkins - he's been to the last three ROH shows in Hopkins, making him at least the second person I'm aware of to actually go out to Hopkins to catch ROH. I told him about how I'd seen ROH at the St. Paul armory eons ago.

He's actually at the Acadia often as he does videography next door at KFAI for - let's see if I remember this right - "Live from Studio 5!" (I did need to check the Internet to confirm the name). He doesn't sing, though. I did coax him onto stage to help in the "all hands" version of (ugh) "Don't Stop Believin'" which closed out the night (after one last additional song which I've already forgotten). It's also an intersection with Mason which places me half a step closer to volunteering some time to KFAI, which I really need to do and haven't and To Be Continued, I'm sure...

Somewhere in here he thought we should probably commemorate the moment where his T-shirt and mine were in close proximity, resulting in a photo I tweeted and a promise that "this was way more momentous than 140 characters - it demands a FACEBOOK STATUS" and... you know, here we are at 670 words and counting.

I think it was Amy who once challenged me on how I believed there wasn't really such a thing as coincidence. I hope this is the sort of story that helps demonstrate how a seed I planted four years ago and another seed I planted back in June bore the kind of strange fruit of interconnectedness that I seem to experience way more regularly than most - or maybe, just happen to notice way more regularly than most.

So the bottom line is now that photographic evidence exists that we have occupied close space, I've followed Ryan Pollard on Twitter, where he doesn't tweet much, and asked for his Facebook friendship here, where I'm sure he'll accept, and I hope experiencing all this in real life has been even half as cool for him as it has been for me tonight. Also, we'll probably NEVER see each other again...which is ALSO a crazy way my life works! (Just kidding...I think.)

(Footnotes to follow - 888 words, including these - and those - says TextWrangler)

PS Sorry I didn't Periscope "Sail On" as I had planned
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