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3.11 13:37 
Officially, I received 2 #1 ranked votes for mayor - up from 1 in 2017. I wonder who the other fellow was?
3.11 13:35 
I doubled my votes from 2017!
2.11 16:09 
What a silly question RT @funkomatic: @CRZ Did you vote for yourself?
2.11 03:14 
Only have two choices for Minneapolis mayor? Writing in me WILL count in the first round! (Then, I'll be eliminated and they move to your #2 and #3 ranked candidates.)

Rank CRZ
1.11 23:15 
Don't forget, Minneapolis friends - if you only found two people to rank for mayor, write-ins for CRZ count in the first round of voting! Rank me #1 and #dontrankfrey! Also vote #noyesyes
26.10 11:57 
Write in CRZ as your #1 ranked choice for Minneapolis Mayor! (Then be sure to find good #2 and #3 ranked choices because I'll surely be eliminated after one round of counting.)

Whatever you do, don't rank Frey!

(Shared from CRZ for Mayor)
Let the speculation end! It took me until the last day to file but yes, I have filed and yes, your write-in votes for me for mayor WILL count. May I suggest ranking me first for mayor as part of ensuring that you #dontrankFrey ?
26.10 11:12 
  THIS is the place - Minneapolis Elections & Voter Services (Minneapolis, MN)
27.7 16:22 RT @CRZ: Here's me and Gregg Iverson running for mayor of Minneapolis back in 2013.
We both look better these days!
27.7 16:19 
When I ran for mayor in 2013, I didn't wake up early enough and he beat me to first filing. Our paths crossed at an event at the American Legion Post 99, and he encouraged me to be a serial candidate. I didn't really follow through but that convo stuck with me.
27.7 16:16 
A little shocked to see that Gregg Iverson wasn't first in line to file for Minneapolis mayor this go round - I hope he's still alive - crap - no, he died in 2018 and it took me until now to find out: #mplsmayor
8.11.17 14:05 
Officially, I got one #1 vote - presumably my own (unless I spelled my name incorrectly). That's still ∞% more than the other write-in guy!
7.11.17 20:26 
@hansen9j Polls only closed 30 minutes ago! But... probably not
7.11.17 11:34 
I was voter #153 at my precinct this morning. Wrote myself in for mayor, of course - you can write me in too! @MSPvotes @VoteMpls
7.11.17 09:48 
 Time to vote! - Pratt Elementary School (Saint Paul, MN)
19.10.17 18:26 
@MSPvotes The Best Party
19.10.17 13:02 
@pyry Oh ja like a month ago
19.10.17 12:59 
Occasional reminder that any write-in #1 votes for me for #MayorMPLS will count, until I'm probably eliminated in the first round
15.9.17 09:16 
Happy to announce I have officially filed; your write-in vote for me for Minneapolis mayor WILL be counted. #CRZ4mayor #writeinCRZ @VoteMpls
15.9.17 09:10 
Officially filed... I'm (kinda) running for mayor again #CRZ4mayor #writeinCRZ
15.8.17 12:07 
Even after raising the filing fee 25x, somehow I suspect people will still complain that there are too many candidates for #MPLSmayor
10.7.17 18:29 
Guys the DFL convention could not have been SO bad as to justify this sudden surge in interest
5.11.16 12:17 
Three years ago, my time as candidate for mayor of Minneapolis ended and I posted this postmortem. It's not a BAD piece of writing but I do regret bashing light rail...I've come around on it since then. I'm still NOT planning to run again next year, but there's always a chance I'll get bored enough to try to collect 500 signatures...
18.10.16 13:52 
Interestingly, Facebook is now ready for you to endorse my mayoral run of 2016 #MPLS13
18.10.16 13:50 
Keep Minneapolis government out of the turkey business
(But also, keep turkeys out of my PP back yard, garage and a… RT
@PPPRnews: If elected, would you pardon each and every turkey for all eternity?
17.10.16 21:39 
Or me...
Oh, shit, am I one of the turkeys? RT
@PPPRNews: Reason to question legitimacy of this poll: no turkeys. Turkeys polling at 90% in Prospect Park
9.9.16 21:05 
But WHY???
9.8.16 10:39 
Here's me and Gregg Iverson running for mayor of Minneapolis back in 2013.
We both look better these days!
5.11.15 11:02 
#tbt Facebook would like me to tell you that two years ago, Minneapolis held a mayoral election where I eventually finished 21st out of 35. Currently, I still don't plan on running again in 2017, but I DO still think the new stadium is an abomination and a crime against Minneapolis taxypayers (although WWE is bringing WrestleMania to it, I think, so through no fault of my own my big campaign promise will eventually come true)
19.8.15 17:37 
Apparently, somehow I brought WrestleMania to Minneapolis despite not getting elected mayor - you're welcome, @StubbleMag!
31.1.15 22:15 
Shout out to @StubbleMag for recognizing me out on 7th Street earlier tonight, extending my 15 minutes of Minneapolis fame
4.11.14 16:18 
@StubbleMag I No Longer Want To Be Your Mayor (But Vote No on 1)
11.7.14 01:36 
So condescending!

Keep it up and I WILL run again!
(Link to Star Tribune: Raise the filing bar for political hobbyists in Minneapolis)
20.5.14 14:53 
What will be cheaper in summer 2017: Super Bowl tickets or filing fee to run for mayor of Minneapolis?
3.1.14 21:44 
Email spammers blissfully unaware that my campaign ended two months ago with the traditional November Election Day
2.1.14 12:54 
@Lord_Gow 194 votes before elimination - just over 1000 overall (~400 #2 ranks, ~400 #3 ranks) - 21st of 35, but just ahead of Jeff Wagner!
31.12.13 12:01 
I think what I'll remember most about 2013 are those 100 days when I believed I was running for mayor of Minneapolis #MPLSmayor
15.11.13 17:52 
@OpenTwinCities Cool, you used my photo!
9.11.13 00:57 

--no, just kidding.

(Is he kidding?)
7.11.13 22:24 
It's official! After 33 rounds (hey, I lasted halfway!), Betsy Hodges and Mark Andrew were left - Hodges was declared the winner with 38,870 votes (48.95%) to Andrew's 24,972 votes (31.44%). Exhausted ballots were 15,573 (19.61%). So I needed juuuuuuust about 38,680 more votes - if you're gonna fall short, fall WAY short.
7.11.13 20:47 
@zackstephenson Sorry I'm late. Did you already figure it out? We were the only two declared Libertarians in the race
7.11.13 19:04 
The Charter Commission wasted no time putting forward a proposal to increase the filing fee for mayor from $20 to $500. I ALSO wasted no time taking to to complain about it. (Link to Unelected Charter Commission Unanimously Approves Recommendation to Increase Mayoral Filing Fee to $500)
7.11.13 17:27 
By 1 vote, James Everett pips @akbformpls in their 11th and final swap - she'll be eliminated in Round 25 and he in R26. #MPLSmayor
7.11.13 17:05 
Interesting (only to me?) thing about RCV counting is that Ms. Bennett & Mr. Everett have changed places 10 times so far #MPLSmayor
7.11.13 12:59 
@swirlspice I can't disagree there, but if you ran for months/year, why not wait until you're mathematically eliminated? For your supporters
7.11.13 12:44 
I officially finished 21st out of 35.

Also, the MN Libertarian Party may have excommunicated me. I'm not sure.
7.11.13 12:29 
When Clark is eliminated, check the "exhausted" pile gain to see how we probably split the (massive) libertarian vote #MPLSmayor
7.11.13 12:27 
Interestingly (?), I have passed the largest number of votes in any round - 54 to the "blessed" LP candidate #MPLSmayor #tlot
7.11.13 12:22 
TWO DAYS AFTER ELECTION DAY: Round 17 is complete and I have officially been eliminated. I'm the 20th runner-up. My 194 votes have been transferred to other candidates, where applicable. (If you voted for any of the 20 people above me #1 but ranked me #2 or #3, I never got your vote - you should switched us and kept me alive one more round!)

I always said my main goal was to not finish last, so in that respect I have succeeded beyond expecations. ;-)

Thanks to everybody for sharing this experience with me!
7.11.13 12:22 
The people have spoken, and they have resoundingly said: "Who ARE you?" #MPLSmayor
7.11.13 12:07 
RT @OkadaToru: Look out @CRZ, @votempls is coming for you next ;-) #mplsmayor
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