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5.3.11 21:00  Welcome to the ZEDFEED™ stream - I'm stalking myself so you don't have to
4.7 15:36  Sadly, changes to their APIs (and because their figureheads suck) are preventing me from importing my Twitter and Facebook activity onto this page, so it's gonna look a whole lot less active than I really am online. This may not be a bad thing?
3.12.20 02:02 
@chigh Unrelated story just for you: As part of CRZnet I run a cron job that scrapes my scrobbles - very, very rarely the LastFM API returns *somebody else's scrobbles.* Just today I ended up grabbing 183 scrobbles of Taiwanese acts and Billie Joe Armstrong(?) I later had to delete.
11.9.20 22:25 
@thecubsfan Full disclosure, I had been using Zapier but they do not work with Facebook. (Facebook's making it hard for ANYBODY to work with them) So...depends what you want to integrate! I need things to send me emails which I can process and insert into, mostly
2.3.20 10:05 
Happy to report that is back with me! I have also changed my password and enabled every security measure @Namecheap support has made available, so I'll (hopefully) never again be surprised to find my domains "gone"
25.2.20 15:12 
Thanks y'all! RT @Namecheap: @CRZ Hi Christopher! Yep, they are. We located your ticket and prioritized it from our side. The team is checking the matter right now and they'll get back to you as soon as they have an update
25.2.20 14:51 
Oh boy - something hinky happened to yesterday (just ten days after I renewed it for another 9 years), as in it suddenly disappeared from my dashboard and live support said it "had been pushed to another acct"- hopefully @Namecheap Risk Management is ON IT
31.7.17 17:02 
Retiring badge (better late than never)
23.5.17 13:48 Whoa! Yesterday we logged our 100000th event into the Zedfeed!
22.1.16 13:13 Tried to optimize some of the slower queries that generate this page - hopefully this page (AND The W) render much faster with the reduced overhead - I should probably stop coding at a third grade level someday
18.1.16 22:33 
Obligated to share this every seven years (Weeee)
20.10.15 13:50 
Finally updated/fixed the broken link on my MSP Weather Forecasts page - now with three 7-day outlooks!
11.6.15 13:35 
#tbt Here's the yellowing index card where I put some handwriting samples I planned on converting into graphics for my World Wide Web site. That one in the upper right became the "CRZ" I incorporated into the title graphic on in 2001 and even today is the dominant graphic on my home page. I never throw anything away (but I'm trying to change). (photo)
10.9.14 12:22 
Ooh, I added Swarm stickers to my Foursquare feed! Aren't I clever?
5.6.14 01:28 
I think it worked! Although, on this site, it is meaningless! #ResetTheNet
3.5.14 14:14 
Vine in!
3.5.14 14:14 
Qik out (RIP Qik)
20.8.12 16:12 
Finally removed Digg - RIP Digg
7.7.12 02:05 Changed my "[+]" links to "[+]/[–]" links without messing up the spacing. I AM AWESOME
24.1.12 13:29 
Charming - autocorrected "John Osborn" to "Joan Osborne"
4.8.11 11:53 
Foursquare collection is hopefully fixed - I was totally unaware that they had shut down v1 and I had to learn OAuth AGAIN (what is it with these dudes and their OAuth? I ASK YOU)
23.6.11 13:35 
Looking at SECONDARY tags, there are thirteen over 20: iTunes is #1 (2301) followed by "no tag" (1529), VW (368), Grooveshark (366), WWE (268), Symantec (263), Minneapolis (125), NASCAR (123), San Jose Sharks (122), Minnesota Timberwolves (74), Craig Ferguson (64), Minneapolis/St Paul weather (54) and YouTube (28).
23.6.11 13:31 
Quick analytics: of the 6000+ "events" logged, more than half (3095) have a primary tag for - Twitter is second with 1123. Rounding out the top 10: GetGlue (888), Foursquare (291), Dr Pepper (101), VYou (96), The W (78), SYMC daily quote (76), coffee (67) and Qik (53). Tumblr (50) is the only other primary tag with over 20 events.
23.6.11 13:29 
Who says I don't have a life? I've logged over 6000 "events" at since March 5! #ironynotlostonme
14.5.11 21:17 
Even if the autopsy results later prove them right, "journalists" shouldn't presume...and then extrapolate:
23.4.11 19:40 
THINGS ONLY CRZ CARES ABOUT: How Google's Snapshot of looks when you search for "CRZ" (today, anyway) (edited screengrab)
21.4.11 15:23 
Don't worry, everybody! is still up! (Mashable: Amazon Server Troubles Take Down Reddit, Foursquare & HootSuite)
15.4.11 16:08 The ZEDFEEDâ„¢ code has been live for just about six weeks - any likes/dislikes/suggestions? Email me (link above, and to the left) or drop a tweet @CRZ!
22.3.11 21:33 Currently (mostly) automated: Foursquare checkins, Twitter tweets, scrobbles, SYMC daily closing quote, (now) GetGlue checkins, GetGlue stickers - man was I getting tired of manually adding GetGlue stuff
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