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Wed 02:00 
Changed back my profile photo
Tue 22:50 Weather's better
Tue 22:17 
Beard today, gone tomorrow - I think my phone did some kinda filtering to my big fat face but I've made up for it with hat hair - it was a good run, Sharks 🦈🦈🦈
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Tue 10:56 Really fun show last night! If you missed it, here's the archive available for the next 14.

Fun fact: This stream *almost* didn't make it as the live stream was down when I walked into KFAI. I knew just enough to enter "Engineering," plug in a password and click on a thing to get it started. Unfortunately this also means there's no document of Paul Dickinson's visit on Spin with Cyn :( but it's OK because this status is all about MEEEEEEEE

Tue 00:08 I'm on the radio RIGHT NOW (KFAI 90.3 or kfai dot org)
Mon 17:23 
Mon 12:18 Hey hey it sounds like I'll be LIVE on the radio TONIGHT! at midnight (CDT) attempting to fill in for Mason on Cruise Control. Tune or stream in, 90•3, kfai•org or wqnaradio•org and GET SMOOTH WITH ME
Sun 14:11 
Man, no fun - they're not even trying. Same ol' same ol'. "Ella Savchenko"
Sat 23:50 
Sat 22:47 I didn't change out of my yachting outfit, but it's not like I would have looked *much* different... ;-)
Sat 14:33 
Fri 20:45 
Please take advantage of this opportunity and fill out an application laying out what you'd do with an hour of KFAI air time! All voices needs to be heard...but especially yours! It costs you nothing but your precious time, and I'll even volunteer to work for you as your engineer, if you like. <3
Fri 16:10 
This latest crop of fake friend requests is pretty boring - they all have zero detail, they all want me to click on a tumblr (which is really just another link to....I'm assuming some other malware) - heck, even the emojis are the same. That's about all I have to say about "Adilynn Osborne"
Thu 21:44 We all feel better in the dark
15.5 20:44 
Time for the weekly look out the window (YouTube: Retro Weather Barry ZeVan 5/15/2019)
15.5 17:43 Ah, shoot, forgot* there was a KMOJ board meeting tonight at 6. Anybody else going?

*or chickened out, or somewhere in between
14.5 14:58 
Hey guys it's YOUR LAST CHANCE to listen to Dollar Bin 018* before it disappears forever - I'm listening to it again right now and am happy to say it's held up!

the KFAI archive
13.5 23:20 
I keep forgetting to post this but HEY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO MEEEEEEEEEE thanks James for the CanadiCandy!
13.5 21:15 CR+WSG up first!
12.5 22:18 Hey DJ
12.5 02:44 
Here are my project results from the World Collage Day 2019 with Twin Cities Collage Collective - a continuing series of me repurposing old Symantec business cards by blocking out everything except my name and mobile number, the only information still current and useful. (And then I went ahead and redacted my number on THIS graphic...oh well.) I did ten in two hours, largely letting whatever scraps had already been created on the table guide me. (Last year I mostly used front covers of Cosmopolitan magazines, which yielded slightly different results - I'll see if I can find THOSE, I won't ;-) ) The intention is that some day I'd give you one of THESE cards, but I think I've only done it once or twice so far. There's Symantec certification stuff on the back, too, so everything had to have work done on both sides - so here're fronts and backs! I enjoy collaging but can't seem to do it alone, so I'm glad for opportunities like these!
11.5 22:39 Is this bass?
11.5 22:10 
Changed my cover photo
11.5 13:19 Let's make some art later!
11.5 13:01 
At least this profile has some details! From Hudson but now living in Norway, yeah, totallly makes sense. Two different profile photos from the same day of two different women (sadly, neither was reverse image searchable). And under her Likes section is....Yasiel Puig? Well, I mean THAT checks out - *everybody* likes him. Presenting... "Emilia Simon"
10.5 17:54 
Imaginary woman in my head: Tonight's about trying new things!
9.5 18:05 
9.5 11:32 
Open the floodgates! No leads on the photo, and no other fun details to make fun of. Oh, she may be having some trouble with her top. Oh AND hiding your malware links in a TUMBLR?! There you go. Thanks, "Danica Waters"
8.5 13:18 Detective Pikachu
Showplace ICON
4 PM
8.5 12:53 
8.5 12:53 Woo hoo!
7.5 17:20 
KARE just mentioned my alma mater so I perked right up - good to see the Highlanders are still engaging in scholarly pursuits of note, such as determining that men are equally as bad about tearing down folks as women - wotta shock!
7.5 16:39 
Hooray, got one! It's been such a long time since I've had a proper fake friend request. This one is pretty lazy - one photo stolen from the Instagram of some Venezuelan who calls herself "Barbie Fitness," didn't change gender on the profile so it's still a he/him, one link to a "dating" profile. Weak effort, "Kikii," but I do appreciate your use of the one name Facebook hack
6.5 20:20 このパンク時間ですか?
5.5 15:05 
Changed my profile photo
5.5 14:48 These are usually pretty cheesy. This one is no exception! But shout out to Kenneth W. Garnier and Nola Wick because I can't believe I only made two new FB Friends in an entire month. (It's quality, not quantity!) Besides I already have one for May so I'll try to do better ;-)
2.5 17:15 
I'm still loving it (Retro Weather Barry ZeVan May 1, 2019)
2.5 15:16 
When targeted ads JUST miss
2.5 13:05 
🦈 Evergreen status 🦈
2.5 04:02 Here now are three things I left unsaid during Transmission last night:
1. Wow, you smell TERRIBLE
2. Wow, you have no ability to respect other people's boundaries
3. Hi, I'm Chris - what's your name?

I'm sure I'll get better about all these
1.5 01:34 
Oh by the way, while you're busy enjoying stuff you probably shouldn't be eating after midnight, head over to Walmart and grab some of these; they're ALSO quite tasty
1.5 01:30 
✅70% off
Thanks, Allison!!
30.4 21:02 
Oh, right. Anniversaries
29.4 18:24 Surprise! Just extracted a dead mouse from the basement. No idea how many days it's been there but it was definitely pretty dead and I definitely had laundry to do. What's funny is the peanut butter in that particular trap was probably well over a year old and probably also no longer peanut butter - but that's probably irresistible to shitty mice that break into my basement, so that's all good. Let's see if I can go another year plus without invasion! (The kitchen, of course, remains my main mouse killing zone - reloading the traps - vigilance!)
28.4 15:24 
Lotsa fun last night with Christian and a lotta records! Thanks for coming out if you were there, and man I wish you'd been there if you weren't. Ended up with way less disco than I'd planned ;-) Here's my terrible handwriting...I'll get it logged to lastFM soon. 12 out of 27 were a dollar; the brand is getting stronger!
27.4 21:08 IT'S ON
Christian's up now, I'm up next, and so forth until 1am!
27.4 19:04 Author, author!
27.4 15:18 
Feel free to share this everywhere
27.4 14:22 
I'm still banned from commenting on KMOJ's page but it's nice to see they've finally come clean about which People their Station is for.
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