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This request definitely feels more like one of Nikki's and I have no idea why he's trying to Friend me - "Gana Crezi Madjeri"
 12:27 Saturday brought another two hours of new new music and your requests! I started with Stabbing Westward's cover of The Cure's "Burn" and it just rolled along from there, including new tracks by The Shins, Fleet Foxes, Bob Mould, Rise Against, Jodie Harsh, Big Ooh, Vex Ruffin, Mike Shinoda, Æ MAK, Life Skills, Phoenix, Kylie Minogue, Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu, Pendulum, Vioator, Belle Mt. and The Resistance Revival Chorus....and, oh yeah, Vin Diesel. Give me two hours and a listen from the archive and let me know what you think!
Sun 17:22 
Last one! Whenever you get pizza chips, the obvious question is "do they taste like Keebler Pizzarias?" They don't, and I'm happy about that. Nice tomato/cheese/spice blend. Kettle cooking always enhances the wacky flavours and this one's no exception. Probably the best of the bunch ...or in a close tie with the cheesesteak chops, but honestly I don't really need to buy any of these ever again. (Part 5 of 5)
Sun 00:58 
So, again...when I think "chile relleno," and this is reinforced by the photo they've selected, that means: 1. Mildest, largest green "pepper" in the world, 2. Whole lotta cheese, 3. Whole lotta breading. Who thinks this translate to a great tater chip besides Lay's? Do they even think that? What I ended up with was something pretty weak in the tastes and just too damned close to plain ol' Sour Cream & Onion. What was the point? So....kinda disappointing crop this season. MAYBE the last bad will redeem them, but I have doubts. (Part 4 of 5)
Sat 14:55 
Coming up on KFAI at 3 - Caribbean Jam! Then at 5, ME! Will I play the Vin Diesel single? Yes. Will you see it coming? MAYBE
Fri 22:11 
Kimber messaged me a while back to tell me she had already tried these; I believe her verdict was that they were "weird" and that's really a pretty good review. They almost smelled like the pork had been BURNT...I didn't really get "street tacos" vibes from these. Pork but not much else. Jalapeno was in the ingredient list but nonexistent in the taste - these were not hot at all. I think I would have liked a little limón in there somewhere, especially if it had been simultaneously hotter. Maybe that's not proper carnitas, but that's how we did it at the night trucks in Modesto. Probably helped that these were the Wavy entry this year. I don't need to try them again,'s ironic that they were the hardest for me to find. (Part 3 of 5)
Fri 17:02 
I guess fall has arrived
Thu 12:31 Bonus #tbt of a more recent vintage - I miss brunch spins but I don't mind sleeping in
Thu 12:28 #tbt #recycled
Tue 10:04 
Updated my cover photo
Tue 09:52 
I didn't remember
(September on recorder)
Mon 22:24 
Did I remember
(Earth, Wind & Fire - September Shred)
21.9 16:17 
Every day for about a week treasure has been placed curbside at a house being cleared out on my block - today was 8-track day - I managed to restrain myself and leave them there this time (oh and cookie cutters)
20.9 18:41 
Well these were mighty fine. More cheesy than beefy, but hit all the right "cheesesteak" vibes. It might be from blasting my tongue with the heat of yesterday's chips, but today's almost came off as...more subtle than I'd like? Gimme more!! (Part 2 of 5)
20.9 03:17 
RIP to my camo Polo shorts (also, I wonder how long I've had this giant rrrrip in my butt walking around today)
19.9 20:27 
I'LL EAT THAT: I've been hanging onto these so long they're no longer available, if you believe the "ends 9/10/20" on the bag. This tastes like a good hot dry rub you'd put on your chicken. Delicious, nicely spicy, easy to eat the whole bag although the heat builds as you go. Homer GIF courtesy Kris (Part 1 of 5)
19.9 15:35 
WEEKLY PLUG: Forget that I'm on at 5, turn to KFAI (90•3/kfai•org) RIGHT NOW so you can catch the rest of Lynval's INCREDIBLE "tribute to Toots" special - I know today sucks and 2020 sucks but music can make you feel better and Toots & the Maytals are definitely lifting ME up right now - and then you can come back down with me at 5 ;-) but I'm starting off with Janelle Monáe so mmmmmmmaybe?
17.9 17:05 
We travel 150 miles to socially distance
(Ursa Minor Brewing)
17.9 11:12 #tbt #recycled Man, I was much cuter last week/a year earlier - oh well
16.9 18:24 
Sometimes you find yourself thinking "I wonder which name they were going for - and do they know there really aren't any women named Abraham out there?" Things might be different in Ghana, of course - I say Ghana because all their Likes seem to be tied to that particular country....but who can really read the mind of this "Abarham Abrish"
15.9 19:22 
I DIDN'T EAT THAT: Finally throwing out all my not-Top Ramen with freshness dates in years such as 2007 and 2005 (it's entirely possible I bought some of these before moving to Minnesota?!) RIP chicken+Creamora noodles, strange economy brand noodles and interesting imported delicacies I'll never know because I needed to eat white rice for the ten thousandth time
14.9 12:33 Happy Friendiversary! Sorry good ol' Facebook couldn't find any photos of us together. (Friendiversy video with Christian)
14.9 12:12 
(Krust - Constructive Ambiguity)
12.9 19:55 
I don't want to alarm you, but after broadcasting this show... Sean McPherson followed me on Twitter
12.9 15:40 
WEEKLY PLUG: I'm on the actual physical radio at 5! Maybe a few minutes before. KFAI 90.3 FM and streaming from kfai dot org!
11.9 20:53 
I'LL EAT THAT: Well..... they were okay. That's about the most I expected given I wasn't sure Dr Pepper should be anywhere near beans. I didn't really taste any Pepperness, but whatever it was wasn't BAD considering I'm usually not into "sweet" beans. Bonus: they're vegan! The more heat I applied, the better they got, so maybe you really gotta BROWN 'em. Aaron I'm ready to mail you two cans once you think the mail will get them to ya, thanks for the suggestion! #FridayNightBachelorChow #BeAPepper #FullOfBeans #hashtag
10.9 10:14 Turns out it's #tbt again so I'm ready to shamelessly recycle this series
7.9 18:30 
Hi, I'm Robert Reich. Here is a photo of me, Robert Reich, which proves I am Robert Reich. Please ignore the "sent by Nolan for MoveOn" notice at the end of this long-ass text. But also, can I have $3 a week for as long as I can get away with?
7.9 14:49 ЦООЛ
7.9 14:32 Hey nobody said anything about any rain today I wanna mow the lawn here
6.9 18:13 
A little decor upgrade "before and after" - only one thing could supplant the $2 Jesus I bought at Howard's yard sale four years ago and this was it. Thanks to Ian for the opportunity to proudly own AND display this Hap Mansfield original painting! (Don't worry, Jesus fans - there's always room for Jesus in my house)
5.9 20:37 I walked 28+ miles this week. I do not expect this to be a regular announcement
5.9 20:20 
Another fun time playing new music and your requests! New music from The Killers with k.d. lang, Seether, Blue Öyster Cult (thank you Sean), Phoenix, IDKHOW, Disclosure with Kelis, a new remix of Robyn, new CNCO, Declan McKenna, Mong Tong, Bob Moses, Hælos and Carw! ELEVEN requests! And one look out the window to see Andy. Here's the archive if you missed it or would like to hear it again!

(Shared from 09/05/2020 Weekend on Demand | KFAI - Minneapolis + St. Paul)
5.9 03:03 
Wow, what a fun time guest hosting True Brit! Radio - my third time and definitely my best, thanks in no small part to what I consider a successful AND epic-length "Stump Ron" segment (all I forgot to do was entrap him on air by asking if he'd finally accept my Facebook Friend request) along with a fun bunch in the Discord from whom I managed to coax an instant request and one VERY enthusiastic caller who called three times - twice to request I play "I'm Going Shopping" a second time :) If YOU missed any of it, or would like to relive it any time over the next 14 days, the archived version is right.......THERE! I'm back at KFAI and back on the air in...whoa, now just 14 hours!

(Shared from 09/05/2020 True Brit! | KFAI - Minneapolis + St. Paul)
5.9 02:44 Charlotte wasn't around when I left at 11ish. I saw her underneath the railing just now, but between the time I looked down to fire up the camera and looked back up, she had disappeared - gone back into hiding. I think she wants me to stop stalking her but is too polite to outright break up with me. This is the story of my life...
4.9 09:35 
BONUS RADIO CRZ! Tonight at midnight I'm guest hosting True Brit! Radio, where - yes - I will attempt to Stump Ron. I'll also share some of my favourite 1980s remixes along with some of the newer UK finds I've recently been playing on KFAI Weekend on Demand, which I'll be BACK at KFAI for 15 hours after I'm done!
3.9 17:18 
When you crave Oktoberfest but are also pissed off at Surly Brewing Company
(Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets)
3.9 08:47 
#tbt On This Day one year ago - maaaaaan I wish there coulda been a State Fair this year (📷: Clovis Cervine)
1.9 15:33 
The wind (or a bumblebee) took out the spider's web again, except for three pretty strong base strands. I'll check back at midnight as I can see this is the content you're here for. Here's a crappy video from this morning when it was still up
1.9 02:26 
So exactly how far DID I walk tonight? Was it:

A. 3.84 miles in 64:01
B. 4.04 miles in 64:04
C. 4.12 miles in 64:08
D. 4.56 miles in 64:54

Depends on whether you believe Samsung Health, MapMyWalk, Strava or Google Fit....which is weird because I think they all use the same GPS and step count from the phone (or maybe the phone AND the Pebble?)

Anyway, I might buy one of those Samsung Fit "watch" things at Costco next time I'm there and see if that makes things even more confusing...

Screen grabs for the academics follow in the comments...
31.8 09:56 
Hey hi! Guess what? I played TWENTY-FIVE REQUESTS (!!!!!) on Saturday, including at least one from everybody I tagged. I'm glad for the musical tastes represented here - yes, ALL of them - but if for whatever reason you aren't hearing what YOU wanted....well, I'm hoping you're ready with YOUR request for THIS Saturday!

(Shared from 08/29/2020 Weekend on Demand | KFAI - Minneapolis + St. Paul)
29.8 20:19 
Okay these may be the best "nacho cheese" chips I've ever sampled! GAME CHANGED
29.8 16:50 
Hey wanna know what happened to all the requests I begged you for Thursday night? Tune/stream into KFAI (90•3/kfai•org) in TEN MINUTES for TWO SOLID HOURS of YOURRRRRRRRRR PROGRAMMING! A very special "fifth Saturday" episode of KFAI Weekend on Demand is coming courtesy me - and YOU!
29.8 13:31 This is the best (and truest) joke about LaLa I've ever shared (so yeah gotta share it again)
27.8 21:26 Curfew's fun, isn't it?

What's something you'd like to hear that I'd be able to find tonight or tomorrow and play on Saturday? Preferably something you're NOT hearing on the radio already, although if it's something that used to be played and isn't now, I'm probably down. But for real, what's your favourite Zambian funk track?
27.8 12:04 
Sad reax only
27.8 04:48 

(Shared from 08/27/2020 After Hours | KFAI - Minneapolis + St. Paul)
26.8 16:18 Oh no one of the smoke alarms started chirping
26.8 08:29 
Changed my cover photo
26.8 08:24 Well NOW I miss him (Friendiversy video with Andy)
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