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Sun 17:34 
Despite endless stories of supply chain issues, the Frito-Lay company still manages to deliver brand new exciting ways for a slurry of reconstituted dried potato to be pressed through an expeller and extruded in pasta shape. Here, then, are RUFFLES® RIDGE TWISTS™ potato snacks, available in BBQ and Double Cheddar varietals. Striking while the iron is hot, both bags tout a partnership with the WNBA (final game of the season was back in the middle of August) with the BBQ bag prominently featuring Las Vegas Aces power forward A'ja Wilson, while the cheddar bag features - um - I guess they couldn't afford another player. Having more familiarity with cheddar in the Rufflesverse, I opted to try those first.

Hey, they're pretty good! I was worried they'd just be a new form of thick Pringles but they had a pretty pleasant and hefty crunch along with obviously plenty of surface area for the "cheese" to stick to - much more than ended up stuck to my fingers. I was well into the bag before it occurred to me you might want to see them, so I snapped another photo. I will cynically note the bag contains even less/fewer product than the original ruffled chips (5½ ounces) combined with a suggested retail price at an insane-even-accounting-for-inflation $5.59 - of course I waited until I could get a "sale" price of 2 for $7. I would probably buy them again on sale. We'll see how exciting I find the A'ja Wilson flavour some other day.
Sat 21:17 Hey DJ - Congrats on 5 years!!!!! (Protagonist Kitchen & Bar)
Sat 13:48 
Fresh off a triumphant appearance at Dusty's last night, I return to KFAI's airwaves Saturday at 5PM CDT with yet another curated playlist of music that came out this week along with your requests from 1948 and later - we also extend my mom's birthday a few days and I'm sure she will make an appearance in the Discord where we'll all continue to marvel at her ability to actually use Discord. ALSO a Chicago artist will be at Caydence in a week and sent me a single that isn't even out yet - who are they?* TUNE IN at 90.3 FM and if you hear static, you may need to stream us from KFAI dot ORG. (📷: Yo Ritchie)

*(They're wht.rbbt.obj tumbles into the Twin Cities with Natalie Fideler & M.A.Y.)
Fri 22:29 
Hey DJ (it me)
(Dusty's Bar - NE MPLS)
Fri 08:24 Had a fun nightmare last night where I had gone to some enormous local record store and found some really great stuff at outstanding prices but so many hours had gone by in the process that the next time I checked the time it was minutes before my show was supposed to start (why had I gone to a record store on a Saturday? I guess I thought I wouldn't be there that long) so not only did I not collect all my purchases - it seems that staff had been following me moving or refiling everything I was setting aside BUT I also couldn't figure out how to dial the correct digits on my phone to call Lynval and beg him to stay late until I could get in - after a seemingly endless look at the wrong numbers continuously being input into the phone and then deleted, I finally woke up whereupon I thought to myself: "is THIS what constitutes a nightmare for me these days?" So yeah, gonna take a late night DJ shift over at Dusty's tonight with Miguel...I will PROBABLY be early.
Thu 17:28 
See you tomorrow!

(Shared from Dusty's Bar - NE MPLS)
This Friday, September 24th in DBGB KFAI Radio presents~Vinyl Voices💥10pm🪩
Wed 15:04 
These look weird. I'm intrigued but not enough to spend $5.19 at a Five Below
(Five Below)
Wed 14:23 
Super easy to get a sexy new bivalent booster shot at ze Mall! (Pfizer this time)
(Mall of America)
Wed 12:49 
Visited the Centennial Office Building for a full morning for the first time in a pandy. Don't you hate pants?
(Saint Paul, Minnesota)
20.9 15:05 
BREAKING NEWS: Gonna play some records in the big green booth at Dusty's Bar - NE MPLS Friday night with Miguel Vargas representing KFAI Vinyl Voices! We'll kick it off around 10 and go until close.
17.9 21:59 EARLY but also my third night in a row at Mort's - on my honour I DON'T live here (Mortimers)
17.9 17:09 
What's funny is sometimes people ask me if I'm still on the radio. HEY! I'm on the radio right now! 90.3 / / wow what a thumbnail

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Radio on Mixcloud Live)
Broadcast live to your community of fans and tune in direct to creators from every genre
17.9 03:10 
Let me speak on John Henry a bit. In fact, I'm certain I've done this exact same speech before years ago, but it bears repeating. This man was one of the first folks I met in my Minneapolis life as part of a small cadre of Staraoke regulars, and one of the first people who I would leave home to see perform, first as one third to one half of MC/VL, then later as part of Nightosaur, and now with PALS. (There were a few RYKYGNYZYR shows in there, too.) We can go long amounts of time without reconnecting but every time we are in the same room, it's always as if no time at all has passed. One of the greatest nights of my life was going to Hamline University to hear him perform a reading as part of his masters and then hitting up the Clown Lounge and having more shots than I'd ever had in my life. He never fails to have an interesting thing to discuss and encourages debate in a way that keeps my mind going just because I want him to be as surprised by what I say as h!
ow surprised I can be from what he says. I love this man like a brother because he IS my brother, and I know the feeling is mutual because we tell each other every time we meet. (Beer you can see.) And in well over 15 years of knowing him, I can't say I'm sure we'd ever been in a photo together before tonight. Action!

Anyway, if you know him, you already know I'm telling the truth because you probably feel the same way about him. If you DON'T know him, he is super easy to meet if you ever see him. Feel free to drop my name if you think it'd help.
16.9 21:14 Here to see some pals - and some PALS (Mortimers)
16.9 14:40 
A festive Friday means I finally cracked open one of my two cans of Pepsi Maple Syrup and GUESS WHAT it's EXACTLY how you think it'd taste - it's Pepsi. The "maple" component isn't pronounced as you drink it but lingers heavily as an aftertaste. It's perfectly fine and they do not need to sell this ever. There are way better ways to have full sugar soda than this but it was fun to try and paired well with my really cheap chicken patty/mayo/black pepper/hamburger bun sandwiches. Putting pancakes on the can was dumb!
13.9 23:39 
Well it took many months and a few hundos in deck lids, tiny screws and screwplates along with some cartridge moves but I have finally completed my big upgrade of the Dollar Bin Studio by replacing my stalwart Crosleys with even older, much heavier Technics and I'm happy to say everything's working flawlessly. Before and after photos, you say? Of course - here they are!
11.9 23:25 Hey DJ (Dusty's Bar - NE MPLS)
11.9 19:39 I know I've started to think / about leaving tonight / although nothing seems right (First Avenue & 7th St Entry)
11.9 17:00 
My 2022 brain: Hey remember that column about the Braves you read in the paper 32 years ago? That sure was funny. "Dale Murphy is always on deck." Ahahahahaha. Wonder if they ever put that one on the ol' Internet.

(Shared from TBS: Is It Short for Those Braves Stink?)
My cable company makes me nuts.
10.9 16:20 
Doing a little radio - no, wait.
Doing MAXIMUM RADIO starting at the top of the hour!
KFAI Weekend on Demand
KFAI•org & 90.3
8.9 13:17 Happy Birthday to my dear old, old, old, old, OLD dad! (I haven't called him yet.)
6.9 19:09 Showcase! (Sociable Cider Works)
6.9 17:24 
Summer's over, baby - if you needed any other proof, here now is this year's VOO DEW. Kinda colourless but not transparent, the "white" helps suggest a Fresca-esque citrus which isn't as tart and grapefruit-y as Fresca proper AND there's something else in there that's more in my nose than on my tongue - it smells like some of the better Slurpee flavours I've had but I can't pin it down to any particular hint of fruit. Definitely tasty and I'll get through all 12 cans without a pause. Later I'll use the Internet to tell me what it REALLY is. This is available in full sugar and zero sugar and I'll probably pick up a 20oz bottle at the Speedway/Holiday next chance I get to see if it's too much - I suspect it might be, but I still want ONE. For science.
6.9 13:52 Quick reminder that I have no child attending their first day of school today so later I'm posting a photo of a can of Mtn Dew instead
5.9 22:35 
Somehow I beat out last Wednesday, but fell about a thousand steps short of Opening Day. Gonna stop walking for a few days, I think
5.9 21:08 
And that'll about do it from the State Fair. Until 353 days from now, for the person behind me really trying to photo bomb my very last shot, I'm CRZ
5.9 21:07 
I did end up waiting 25 minutes for a slice of pickle pizza and yes it was mostly awesome (the crust was bunched up and a little undercooked at the thick end, but the toppings were delicious!). This end of the grounds not only had no network, but really sucked all the percents out of my battery while it was busy not finding the network, so it's a bit of a latergram on this one.
5.9 14:50 
Their siren song called to me - from Rio, it is B2wins
(Leinie Lodge Bandshell)
5.9 12:55 
This is as close as I'm getting to the Hmong sausage today, I'm afraid. I think I understand why people would wait in line for two hours...but I'M not!
(Minnesota State Fair)
5.9 12:00 
Last time, solo run, text me if you wanna! (Minnesota State Fair)
5.9 11:29 
Anybody need one of these?
5.9 10:56 
Changed my cover photo
4.9 00:14 
Technically, it won't be released until Friday the 9th but I guess the vinyl gods were pleased because it was in my PO Box this morning SO I am now playing this VERY sexy double gold vinyl compilation of Charles Stepney's home recordings called "Step on Step" which I encourage you to either buy a copy of your own from Intl Anthem's Bandcamp site and/or stream it Friday when it appears on your favourite streaming platform.
3.9 16:23 
Music and ME on your radio at the top of the hour! 90.3 locally, kfai dot org globally. No live video this week so hop onto the Discord server to find me instead. Here's a photo of Seed Art Jeff Goldblum for engagement. (I'm PRETTY sure that's Jeff Goldblum.)
2.9 21:04 Hey DJ (Protagonist Kitchen & Bar)
2.9 14:28 
I think it was Adam Black who first hepped me to the Coke x Marshmello collab resulting in this "watermelon/strawberry" Coke - they don't say "a great soda for when you're Alone" but they totally should have! First of all, two bucks for a 12 oz can of Coke is NUTS. They can't have paid Marshmello THAT much, could they? Strawberry was always the Freestyle flavour I regretted while I was trying them all, but I'm happy to say that putting watermelon ahead of it helps a lot. It still SMELLS strawberry...y, but the taste is much more muted. It's better than the other Cokes I've tried this summer and is also the lovely brown you expect from a cola and not the weird pink/red/brown the Starlight and Dreamworld have been. I should note I've only tried the sugar version but I'm sure I'll get to that Zero Sugar can some time during the three day weekend. Other friends have told me it's not as good as the sugar one but I'm usually pretty forgiving of Zero Sugar ones since!
they're usually my go-to.
1.9 21:18 
Oh good, Meta changed the desktop version of Messenger dot com and GO FIGURE it is not an improvement
31.8 23:32 
Not bad. I think I have a blister
31.8 11:49 
LET'S GO wait yes I'm already here here I go (Minnesota State Fair)
29.8 23:59 
Sydney maaaaaay have had a point about goth swaying
29.8 19:46 You know what they say: Monday is the gothiest night of the week (The Hook and Ladder Theater & Lounge)
29.8 16:22 Okay, so my toilet situation - (checks to make sure you're still reading) - on Sunday I found a pond in the bathroom. Originally I thought the crazy rain found some way to leak in but eventually I learned that there was a tank leak around some screws and their, maybe? Foamy things that were supposed to keep water from dripping onto the floor and then all over the place. Years of me ignoring the directive to not put bleachy Clorox tablets in there finally did me in and the screws have been halved - the screw head are currently in my sink but might as well be in the trash - I'm sure there's a way to extract what's left behind of the screws with other tools....but maybe they're all so rusted as to be immovable forever. I guess I'm wondering if I call a professional, surely they could fix this and not just say "ya know you could just replace the entire toilet for the same amount of money" or would they? Or is this something I could ... y!
'know, spackle or caulk or am I dreaming? In the mean time, the water's shut off and a lot of sponge time has taken care of the remaining water in the tank which is no longer being diverted onto the floor. Oh, and it pains me to report that a giant stack of Kim's National Enquirers I didn't throw away 8 years ago have been lost. You probably wanted those, sorry about that. I still have a working commode so getting this one sorted isn't URGENT but it's probably something I should spend part of my property tax refund on (funny about that timing, ah ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA)
27.8 16:58 
On the radio by the time you read this (or days ago, if Zuckerberg's feeling mean, but there'll be an archived version below!)

90•3 and/or kfai•org

Took a selfie but hated it so no engagement for anybody, hooray

I WILL play the Britney Spears/Elton John collaboration tho
27.8 02:05 DJing brunch was a blast but I don't think I'll ever wake up that early on a Saturday ever again. (Note: I'm a liar; will somehow awaken at 9am later in preparation for hours of Pokémon GO FEST related activity)
26.8 20:00 
From Rochester (NY), it is Joywave (@joywave /
(The Fillmore Minneapolis)
26.8 19:43 
From Rochester, it's Tori and her concert partner Amber! Before they attempted their upgrade to the front row, we captured a moment while none of us were in jail
(The Fillmore Minneapolis)
25.8 23:49 
THIS, ladies and gentlemen - and all those to whom neither term applies - this is why I eat and drink whatever the heck I want when I'm on the Minnesota State Fair exercise plan.
25.8 22:24 
Got the band back together one last(?) time
(Eco Experience, Minnesota State Fair)
25.8 22:22 
1. This year's durag from the Eco Experience is PURPLE
2. Behold! How Jesse Ventura might have looked if he still had hair under his durag
(Minnesota State Fair)
25.8 12:53 
HOORAY I'M BACK BABY... first visit since 2019! So they still (Minnesota State Fair)
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