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Tue 08:25 
Oh man #slashwrestling is old enough to booze it up legally...I better take it out tonight
Mon 08:40 Hare we are
Sun 15:42 
DANG is it allowed to thunder this much without giving me some rain and cooling this shit down?
Sun 13:17 
¯_(ツ)_/¯ (📷/✂️: Allison)
5.7 13:13 
Aw, my mom used emojis! (Neither of my parents' names start with "B" so maybe that's some elite text speak I'm not hip to)
4.7 21:39 
4.7 17:40 
Guys, I'm VERY proud of this show (once you get past the first minute of dead air) - if I counted correctly, I managed to debut NINE new tracks AND include FIFTEEN requests amongst the *28* tracks crammed into these two hours! A little something for everyone to enjoy - and also a little something for everyone to cringe at, probably. Also, I occasionally break up the music with talkin'. IT'S RADIO!! Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and contributions to help make this one possible!
4.7 14:46 
LIVE on the air in 15 minutes!
90.3 FM
What did I do with your request?
4.7 00:02 
Temporary profile photo
3.7 16:32 
Okay, NOW I'm legit.
2.7 23:22 
Well, call me subtle and bring on the stubble. Here's a before be continued. I just couldn't do it. Yet. I'm also trying to figure who I'm trying to look like NOW. I'm pleased so far with the parts of my face I've exposed, so there's that. Besides I'm now sure I could always be Rick Rubin by Christmas. Finally, I don't recommend you wear a black T when you shave off white hairs...
2.7 19:01 JUST IN: I will be putting on LIVE RADIO on the freshest of air (that is, KFAI) THIS Saturday, the 4th of July, from 3 to 5 PM CDT! I would LOVE to play YOUR request (so long as it suitable for air)! If you request it NOW, I will be WAY more likely to have it Saturday than if you call it in THEN! Offbeat, unusual, selections one usually does not hear on the radio will be greatly welcomed - although I can't speak for our listening audience, definitely by me! So GIMME BOTH BARRELS and then I hope you'll tune in to 90.3 or stream from KFAI dot org! Don't make me use any more exclamation points!
2.7 15:10 
#tbt I heard you liked photos of me well here's a photo of me. What did I say about this five years ago?

"Another fine all yellow ensemble for #tbt, but this time not with a banana, but rather with a legal pad AND a box of Wheat Thins AND someone found a coat hanger for good measure. Peak yellow. Peak Zimmerman.

This looks to be in the political library at UCR which can only mean it was during our big Model UN weekend. (I actually know this because I found this photo in a big stack of OTHER Model UN photos, another of which you'll see on another Thursday...)"

(c. I have no idea - let's say "spring time, early 1990s")
1.7 23:30 
This beard's had a good run but it's July and it's gotta go. (📷: LaLa, more than six feet away)
1.7 11:49 I got a raise!

Happy New
[Fiscal] Year!
29.6 11:55 Re-copied and pasted (thanks Ilona)

Copied and pasted - thank you

Chicken pox is a virus. Lots of people have had it, and probably don't think about it much once the initial illness has passed. But it stays in your body and lives there forever, and maybe when you're older, you have debilitatingly painful outbreaks of shingles. You don't just get over this virus in a few weeks, never to have another health effect. We know this because it's been around for years, and has been studied medically for years.

Herpes is also a virus. And once someone has it, it stays in your body and lives there forever, and anytime they get a little run down or stressed-out they're going to have an outbreak. Maybe every time you have a big event coming up (school pictures, job interview, big date) you're going to get a cold sore. For the rest of your life. You don't just get over it in a few weeks. We know this because it's been around for years, and been studied medically for years.

HIV is a virus. It attacks the immune system, and makes the carrier far more vulnerable to other illnesses. It has a list of symptoms and negative health impacts that goes on and on. It was decades before viable treatments were developed that allowed people to live with a reasonable quality of life. Once you have it, it lives in your body forever and there is no cure. Over time, that takes a toll on the body, putting people living with HIV at greater risk for health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, diabetes, bone disease, liver disease, cognitive disorders, and some types of cancer. We know this because it has been around for years, and had been studied medically for years.

Now with COVID-19, we have a novel virus that spreads rapidly and easily. The full spectrum of symptoms and health effects is only just beginning to be cataloged, much less understood.
So far the symptoms may include:
Acute respiratory distress
Lung damage (potentially permanent)
Loss of taste (a neurological symptom)
Sore throat
Difficulty breathing
Mental confusion
Nausea or vomiting
Loss of appetite
Strokes have also been reported in some people who have COVID-19 (even in the relatively young)
Swollen eyes
Blood clots
Liver damage
Kidney damage
COVID toes (weird, right?)

People testing positive for COVID-19 have been documented to be sick even after 60 days. Many people are sick for weeks, get better, and then experience a rapid and sudden flare up and get sick all over again. A man in Seattle was hospitalized for 62 days, and while well enough to be released, still has a long road of recovery ahead of him. Not to mention a $1.1 million medical bill.

Then there is MIS-C. Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children is a condition where different body parts can become inflamed, including the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes, or gastrointestinal organs. Children with MIS-C may have a fever and various symptoms, including abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, neck pain, rash, bloodshot eyes, or feeling extra tired. While rare, it has caused deaths.

This disease has not been around for years. It has basically been 6 months. No one knows yet the long-term health effects, or how it may present itself years down the road for people who have been exposed. We literally *do not know* what we do not know.

For those in our society who suggest that people being cautious are cowards, for people who refuse to take even the simplest of precautions to protect themselves and those around them, I want to ask, without hyperbole and in all sincerity:
How dare you?

How dare you risk the lives of others so cavalierly. How dare you decide for others that they should welcome exposure as "getting it over with", when literally no one knows who will be the lucky "mild symptoms" case, and who may fall ill and die. Because while we know that some people are more susceptible to suffering a more serious case, we also know that 20 and 30 year olds have died, marathon runners and fitness nuts have died, children and infants have died.

How dare you behave as though you know more than medical experts, when those same experts acknowledge that there is so much we don't yet know, but with what we DO know, are smart enough to be scared of how easily this is spread, and recommend baseline precautions such as:
Frequent hand-washing
Physical distancing
Reduced social/public contact or interaction
Mask wearing
Covering your cough or sneeze
Avoiding touching your face
Sanitizing frequently touched surfaces

The more things we can all do to mitigate our risk of exposure, the better off we all are, in my opinion. Not only does it flatten the curve and allow health care providers to maintain levels of service that aren't immediately and catastrophically overwhelmed; it also reduces unnecessary suffering and deaths, and buys time for the scientific community to study the virus in order to come to a more full understanding of the breadth of its impacts in both the short and long term.

I reject the notion that it's "just a virus" and we'll all get it eventually. What a careless, lazy, heartless stance.
29.6 09:51 Spotify just played a Pampers ad at twice the volume of the music it had been playing and why would it even serve up a Pampers ad anyway hashtag happymonday
29.6 00:29 Video
28.6 10:22 Me this morning (stolen from Randy)
28.6 08:43 Lucky 13 (Friendiversary with Aaron)
27.6 13:38 
It's hot as balls but my new favourite shirt (and an order of clearance NASCAR caps) was in the PO Box so I walked a mile in my shoes thinking about how to do a better job of walking a mile in others'...
27.6 13:01 
Facebook is pretty cruel for serving me up 7-Eleven ads when the nearest one is in Madison yet I still wanna know this guy's secrets
26.6 14:23 
My council member makes his case for the current draft of the Charter Amendment seeking to transform the MPD into a Department of Public Safety. If you'd like to provide some feedback to the City, click over to .
26.6 13:23 Video
26.6 11:26 
A gut punch from Stockard Coffee/Sherwood/Somerset/Beyer-land: yesterday morning her family posted that Minda Saxton (who you might also know as Minda Saxton and/or Minda Saxton-Smith) suddenly passed away on Tuesday. Here's where we ended up on Mrs. Hill's class photo collage in fourth grade. We did the online friend thing on MySpace before Facebook and she made every reunion (and a couple memorable "night before the reunion" nights as well). Rest in peace and rest in power, Minda.
26.6 10:56 Finally received an unfriend for disagreeing with a Christ-y guy too many times about the police - how's YOUR weekend looking
26.6 09:50 
I skipped a week somehow - here's this year's Father's Day issue
26.6 09:41 
If you remember the Great Depression - which was, like, a little over 90 years ago - Closer Weekly is for YOU!
24.6 21:57 "We need time," said Kroll, adding, "everybody's got to take a breath."
24.6 17:26 
MAN I AM EXCITED to finally own a Sass vinyl LP!
24.6 12:49 
Andy broke the news to me that the last Fuddrucker's in Minnesota did not survive the pandemic, but if I wanted to participate in the auction for their fixtures, now was the time. I just don't have room for a Hobart or their enormous restroom mirror (or DO I.....hmm) but I must admit, the idea that I could have their "cheese warmer" in my kitchen carries appeal.....
23.6 12:26 
FOODS THAT SHOULD NOT EXIST - an occasional series
23.6 11:04 
Changed my cover photo
23.6 00:34 
Guess I'm walkin' again
22.6 13:26 
Oh dear... they ordained the wrong guy
21.6 19:44 Pretty shitty - and I have 22 mutual friends, apparently
20.6 23:42 
ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: A (possibly racist) stranger on Facebook called me a "kool aid drinking lib" today and I don't think he meant I was a libertarian
20.6 17:03 
Hey look who still plays this dumb game
20.6 13:58 
So much Rochester on the surface until you dig deep into the "Likes" which seem to originate a whole lot more Bangladesh and India than Rochester. Also, their username starts with "sagar.m" which is a bit of a departure from "Ellissa Phillips"
19.6 18:20 
Andy told me there was NEW DR PEPPER so I picked up a couple sale bottles at Speedway - it's...fine? Not very different from the regular stuff but just a hint of extra vanilla in the aftertaste. Of course I love all Dr Pepper so ten thumbs up
19.6 17:59 
19.6 13:12 
You think they'll moderate my comment?
19.6 10:33 
19.6 10:16 Stolen from Anna P's wall. It's too good for me to change any of it:

Happy Freedom Day. Juneteenth 2020

Liberation from slavery reached slaves on Texas plantations 155 years ago today.

It took another century! Another 100 years would pass before the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965, which directed the attny general to enforce the right to vote for a African Americans.

In 2020 we are still fighting to free Black Americans from systemic persecution by our own American police officers. When violent & murderous actions are undertaken by police against their BIPOC citizens, the crimes often go un-prosecuted or the officer’s actions are found to be protected under the law.

I will fight not only for equality but also against racism. I will always rail against the repression of the many by the few. I will be a part of Tear down white supremacy.
18.6 17:03 
Swarm says it's national sushi 🍣 day. But there will be no sushi for this boy on this day. 😭
18.6 11:22 
I played Pokémon Smile, the exciting game of tooth brushing. I think it didn't like:
•my electric toothbrush
•my facial hair
•my age probably being 40-45 years above their target

I still got this photo for my troubles, tho
16.6 18:00 Has it been four since the first tubing trip? Suddenly, I'm hungry for corn... waaaaaah
16.6 17:45 
I got my Partition LP!! SO PRETTY
16.6 14:36
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