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Mon 17:42 
Well, I'd rather be with you, honestly - but there's probably no other place I'd rather be alone to celebrate my V Day than with a big bowl of phở I apparently didn't have at all in 2020
(Pho 79 Restaurant)
Mon 16:55 
Sat 13:14 
It's Saturday! I got a big stack of requests and a big stack of brand new - as always, there'll be something you remember, something you've never heard, something you'll want to hear again and just maybe something you'll NEVER want to hear again. That's how we roll 5PM on KFAI and livestreaming my beard one last time on Mixcloud Live!
Sat 01:43 
On this, my final Friday/Saturday before I'm at full vaxx, I couldn't help but take one final opportunity to go deep into the pantry and make my brother furious at me
Fri 14:40 
3.5 22:29 SODA AND/OR POP UPDATE: Just drank the last can of "Coca-Cola Life" in America (probably)
1.5 15:36 
The off brand spaghetti rings have made their way to my hood
1.5 15:35 
Cloudy with a chance of turkeys - street I took this one, I found a third with them in the street, a female...also the first time I recall seeing a turkey take a crap (sorry I missed THAT video)
(Prospect Park)
1.5 14:13 
It's 84 degrees WHAT assuming I don't die on the walk over to the station, catch me on KFAI between 5 and 7 (CDT)! I recommend using a radio tuned to 90.3 while lying in a hammock with an iced glass of your preferred Saturday liquid but will settle for hiding in a bedroom on your laptop with open tabs to and our Discord chat while you conquer Pokémon Snap on your Switch
30.4 17:17 
The battle rages on
(Prospect Park)
29.4 18:13 
Turkey Update
(Prospect Park)
29.4 16:46 
In case you've forgotten, I believe survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse and will do what I can to deplatform predators, including keeping them off my playlists and encouraging other KFAI hosts to keep them off theirs. As live events come back, we all play a role in making our spaces and our "scene" safe for all. This event may provide some tools for your toolbox. I won't be able to attend but I hope you can...then you can tell me what I missed and school me, too. Afterwards, if you want, you can catch the second hour of my show live (yeah, I just HAD to sneak in a tiny bit of self-promotion) Even if you are unable to attend, please Share and let others know!

(Shared from Bystander Intervention Training: Actions you can take to reduce and prevent sexual misconduct — MN Music Summit)
This hands on workshop will give you both tools and practice to take action when you observe or experience someone whose behavior is uncomfortable, harassing, harmful or illegal. You will leave equipped with some specific strategies you can use to help create safer, harassment free spaces in the mus
26.4 16:40 
Hugs coming exactly 336 hours Also, WTF Freed is just chilling nearby, how about that
(CVS Pharmacy)
26.4 11:39 
Well, well, well... what have we here
24.4 16:54 
Hey! Me and my beard are on the air for two hours with new music, your requests, and people who died this week :( hit me up at or 90.3!

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Broadcast live to your community of fans and tune in direct to creators from every genre
23.4 21:20 
Just enjoy these final Fridays alone with my beard before I go completely insane
22.4 18:49 
20.4 12:49 
I don't usually do these kinda things but I saw Britta's and it was fun so I figured eh what the heck, I'll do one for me. I may have overloaded on 80s movies and turned this into an age test but how quickly can YOU score a bingo against my board?
20.4 09:34 
Temporary profile photo
19.4 15:42 

(Shared from Christopher's cover photo)
19.4 12:55 
13 years ago today Kim & I picked up Jaime and we all toodled out to Myth to see Kraftwerk - I wasn't on Instagram then, though, so I have no photo to share with you. (I believe I was in the last six months of rocking my Sidekick - did that thing even have a camera?)
19.4 12:51 
What a super long, strange three years. I guess I can make that status public now. :)
18.4 03:55 
The algorithm thought I would be interested in this ad
17.4 15:35 
Lynval's live on Mixcloud right now! I'm tagging in at 5 with Weekend on Demand. or 90.3 if all you got is a local radio

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Broadcast live to your community of fans and tune in direct to creators from every genre
16.4 17:01 
15.4 16:55 
Today in sewer repair, an ongoing series
15.4 16:14 
Ooooh Adri Yo Ozgur

(Shared from Genesis - Mama (NERO Edit) • NERO)
14.4 17:21 
Serious rooting going on
14.4 12:32 Gems, we are (well that's what I heard) (Friendiversary video with Adriana)
13.4 05:23 If you also have insomnia - or are up early - CVS has a whole bunch of Johnson & Johnson one-shot appts for Wednesday/TOMORROW **locally** (and at least one Pfizer two-shot in St Paul if you're picky) if you log on RIGHT NOW to and get the appointment process rolling
12.4 18:09 Happy Birthday, Moon! See you....................? I'll try to dress up.
11.4 19:15 
Also tasty
11.4 01:34 God... this feels like a lifetime ago
9.4 17:08 
They grow up so fast
9.4 17:05 
Well, it was a good year
9.4 16:10 
As our final Fridays at home before the vaxx kick in pass us by, you have one more shot (see what I did there) to keep yourself quarantined and catch me guest hosting True Brit! Radio TONIGHT at midnight CDT! Ron will be stumped, I will debut at least four brand new singles of British and/or Spandau Ballet interest and I'm sure to play one or two requests as well. 90.3 / KFAIorg / KFAIorg/LIVE!
7.4 17:36 
Well it took me 11 years but I finally used my last free "Ziggy" address label from the Leukemia Society
4.4 18:33 
I have tasted the future
(Holiday Gas Station, Jordan Mm)
4.4 17:25 
It's always the last one
(Minneopa State Park - Bison Drive)
4.4 15:04 
F off rona, I've joined the Pfizer pfamily
(CVS Pharmacy)
3.4 20:16 
Two things I forgot to mention during tonight's show:
1. To commemorate The Orb's 30th Anniversary of "Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld," I dug out this 28 year old shirt - here's an also-commemorative kitchen selfie
2. I'm guest hosting "True Brit! Radio" next weekend, when I'll surely play something Orb-related THEN, too
3.4 14:48 
I don't know if you've heard, but today is 4/3/21. Since it only comes once a century, I just might do something with that on KFAI starting at 5.
3.4 00:04 
Believe (more) survivors. Deplatform abusers.

(Shared from Har Mar Superstar faces further accusations, fallout from supporters)
Another woman said singer Sean Tillmann assaulted her at his home as Minnesota companies cut ties with him.
2.4 11:57 Last month I hit my personal best FICO score - NOW how sexy am I?
1.4 01:26 Got Pfizer appts! Sunday (happy Easter!) and 3 Sundays after - two round trips to the Mankato CVS (56001) but should be a nice Sunday drive or two - thanks to my guardian angel for steering me south!
31.3 12:25 
Hmmmm. <checks calendar> Hmmmmm.
31.3 10:12 
28.3 19:00 
These were actually pretty good for Spicy Bugles 2000
28.3 07:48 
For those keeping score, my 3000th overall spin on KFAI turned out to be Yo Ritchie's request of Dum Dum Girls' "Bedroom Eyes" - my 1000th spin on Weekend on Demand turned out to ALSO be a request - Chris from Lake Harriet's text request for "Respect" by Aretha Franklin.
27.3 20:03 
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