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Sat 13:35 Me: 2
Mice: 1
(stupid smart mouse)
Fri 21:45 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!
Wed 18:52 
"Family reunion," he said
Wed 15:30 Occurs to me that calling Cheez-It® snack crackers "Cheez-Its" probably dilutes their trademark, and I blame Steve for the thought
Tue 20:23 
No future shows, no posters on the wall
Tue 16:15 Man lookit all these arrows
Tue 14:52 
5 for 16
Tue 00:44 
Thank you Triple Rock Social Club
Mon 22:13 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!
Mon 18:52 We're almost seeing you there
Mon 08:48 Me: 2
Mice: 0
12.11 00:44 
Oh, you know, just chilling with a Stubby and the most enormous dog in Minneapolis
11.11 14:10 
On Thursday, the Wild meet the Predators at Xcel Energy Center. There are still some "FSN Family Pack" seats available, so I'm taking Head and somehow this'll be MY first hockey game in person. We've already got six people going but if YOU'D like to go, pretty much the rest of our row was still available on TicketMaster when I checked. After inconvenience fees, the $40 ticket comes to $48.62 but you do get a voucher for a hot dog, chips and regular pop. Hit me up for the link if you can't find it - we'll be way up in 224 row 7. (Yes, you may have a chance to win Triviasco with our entire team at the hockey game ;-) )
11.11 02:44 Unsolicited compliments I received tonight included "I love your glasses" and "I like your look" so I'm pretty sure that totally locks me into "regular" mode for The Assortment forever. Also, I may need to try harder putting together an outfit next month. The funny thing was I meant to put in some contacts but I forgot....

Also, super large thanks to Antonio and Jake for separately gifting me with just the right conversations at just the right times. This has been a really shitty week for me but coming out to Nomad may have made it the best way to get over it. Thanks Michael Todd Grey.
10.11 02:25 Me: 1
Mice: 0
8.11 14:05 
Officially, I got one #1 vote - presumably my own (unless I spelled my name incorrectly). That's still ∞% more than the other write-in guy!
5.11 20:30 
"But I look way better this way!"
5.11 01:08 
Worst sandwich ever
(with Kat Smart and Kris Head at Kitty Cat Klub for Dark Energy)
4.11 00:20 Ghibli, yo
3.11 20:48 When Art Attacks, We Attacks Back
2.11 14:59 
2.11 11:16 Saving this for might like it too!
1.11 20:34 This seemed like the one for her to see the T.Rock
1.11 17:07 
1.11 14:40 
Q: What does the lost Blues Brother have to do with the cutest witch in the place?
A: Dunno, but they're both in all these photos 🎃
30.10 18:50 This is a bad idea
29.10 15:10 
I don't even think these photos are of the same woman! Won't you join me in singing a "Harleigh Giovanna Aria"
24.10 15:23 Oh, man, this sucks. RIP Robert Guillame. :'(
23.10 18:35 
Video -
20.10 13:57 
Video - Quick gimmick adjustment for tonight's first home game - "See you tonight!" #twolves #AllEyesNorth
20.10 13:42 
Geez Facebook it's only been a few hours
19.10 22:39 
Life is unfair (Attending 90s Preservation Society at Byte)
19.10 15:28 
#tbt Hey! It's me, mightily failing to suck everything in, stuffed into an MLS San Jose Clash goalie shirt which I probably bought on clearance at Ross (Dress for Less!) just after they stopped being called that. The Earthquakes, I mean - Ross is still called Ross. Also, this may very well be the smallest shirt I own, so I'm not totally sure I've ever worn it before. I mean, it didn't fit 18 years ago, either. BUT. I wanted to find something "vintage" and dress up for the last go round of the The 90s Preservation Society at Byte, starting tonight at 8 (but of course, I won't make it until after Triviasco) so here's where I ended up. So the throwback isn't for old, old me - it's for my old, old jersey that appears to somehow have streaks of hot pink from the lettering bleeding out all over the white stripe it's living on. I still love this shirt. I'm sure it's worth A MILLION DOLLARS on eBay but I'd never sell it.
18.10 13:18 
A little preoccupied today
17.10 16:29 
17.10 16:23 
OH MY GOD SO GOOD - thanks Jeff and Lisa! (Attn: Catherine) (YouTube: CRZ eats a Japan Sake KitKat)
17.10 14:15 Geez, can we go 24 hours without some place I regularly visit announcing their closing PLEASE?
16.10 16:06 
★★★★ from sloslylove + friends - headphones suggested (SLODROSS: HH01)
16.10 15:41 
Changed my cover photo
16.10 13:58 damn, damn, damn
16.10 10:08 
It was the best of times
It was the worst of times
15.10 22:51 
If I can walk home after midnight without getting mugged, I have promised to eat this in front of a camera soon
15.10 21:30 Walking to Republic for Happy Hour AND trying out my new, most outrageous hi-viz compression leggings I've ever owned...which probably means THIS is the night I get run over, so we've all been warned
15.10 13:15 
I AM online, but "no job???" Thankfully, I still have a job. Sorry, "Cynthia Galena Jozwiak"
15.10 02:18 
Just occurred to me that I managed to go the whole day without seeing a single Zombie, for which I cannot feel more #blessed
14.10 17:11 
Even I have to say "enough is enough" sometimes...I didn't buy these
14.10 09:20 it me (the poke: 17 Japanese mascots getting stuck in things)
14.10 00:07 Just like you, I can't believe I was home before midnight on a Friday.
12.10 18:48 
Whoa half of this Halloween Kit Kat was solid orange "chocolate" (and quite tasty)
12.10 18:31 "Hold on tight; don't let go. Whenever you feel like you’re nearing the end of your rope, don’t slide off - tie a knot. Keep hanging. And remember... that there ain't nobody bad... like you." - The Electrifying Mojo
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