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Thu 13:25 
#tbt Facebook says it's our 10th Friendiversary (aka "10th anniversary of Arzu giving up on Myspace" probably) but the accompanying video didn't have THIS photo and I couldn't figure out how to edit it so you get this instead of the video. Happy days, Arzu! (c. three summers ago)
Tue 21:22 
"No, I'll be late - yeah....yeah, I'm listening to orchestral arrangements of Coke commercials - hello?" (YouTube: It's the Real Thing · The Ivor Raymonde Orchestra)
Tue 15:44 Happy Friendiversary, Jaco!!
Tue 15:38 I decided to do this again but replace almost all of the stuff that could be edited so it's completely different but still great. ENJOY

(If you're STILL not in it, we gotta RESOLVE to take some more selfies that we're also tagged in, I guess)
Tue 15:02 
Guess it's time to mention that in 2019, I will be presenting and curating a brand new web show of my own for! I'm calling it Dollar Bin and it's going to be 100%!s(MISSING)tuff I've picked up for a buck or under, mostly from around the Twin Cities. You will probably be able recognise a lot of the artists I play, but there's a good chance the actual songs (or remixes, heh heh heh) may be unfamiliar to you. I hope there'll be at least one track during that "about an hour" that you will really enjoy and/or be inspired to take as a jumping off point to discover other music and artists. It'll be eclectic, for sure - you know me - but I'm aiming for a "good" eclectic. Except, of course, when I'm knowingly playing something awful but which I feel you need to hear. ;-) SO! Here's a teaser for Episode 001 - all will be revealed when this show drops in just THREE weeks! Thanks to KFAI and especially Mason Butler for their continued encouragement!
Mon 18:13 
Deep Cuts From The Pantry — a Continuing Series
Mon 14:24 Not bad, for a year of suck
7.12 16:40 Geez I haven't had alcohol for over 72 hours. Is this a diet?
6.12 16:45 
I only listened to Spotify for four months this year, so...
I think three of those Top Songs are from the GusGus album I never got around to buying, and that Clan of Xymox track just ended up in my "Discover Weekly" playlist the most
6.12 16:05 
I'm in shock. RIP Pete Shelley. If you've never heard "XL1," this was the coolest way to do it.
6.12 15:53 
Ray Seville: he's back at it
6.12 13:58 
#tbt Another visit done, another batch of stories and memories earned, another terribly lit selfie. Just like we like it! (c. 1am Monday)
5.12 20:21 
Found a bug
You're welcome, Facebook
4.12 01:53 
Hey, did you know Julius De Roma made a contribution in the 2018 cycle as well? I didn't, until I spotted this $100 contribution to the primary campaign for "Citizens To Elect Little," the campaign arm of California Senatorial candidate Patrick Little, a David Duke endorsed neo-Nazi who wasn't even allowed into the GOP state convention due to his white supremacist and anti-Semitic views. But that's the kinda guy Julius wants to be seen supporting. And you still want to hold your weekly night at Club Jäger? Links in comments...
3.12 14:31 
Look, if it's only middle aged white guys like me worried about David Duke campaign contributor Julius De Roma continuing to try to make money off people of color and LGBTQ folks - people he sure doesn't seem to care for personally - by finding willing accomplices to book events at the venue he owns, Clubhouse Jäger, I guess I could STFU already. But I get the impression that other people DO care. It's bad enough that 89.9 KMOJ "THE PEOPLES STATION" continue to be totally cool with their underwriting manager "Producing" NYT LYF every Friday night as long as everybody's making money, but now there comes word of another weekly night coming next month and sooner or later there might come a critical mass of pissed off people who might feel like they can't let this stuff slide.
3.12 13:06 
Believe it or not...I passed on the dollar cinnamon bun
2.12 11:57 And we'll hit one more tonight. Come find us!
2.12 03:49 
Darkness is my greatest ally when it comes to selfies - but Marin is a close second
30.11 21:44 I've already heard three songs I love! Don't be much later!
30.11 16:53 Gross. Keep making that CLUBHOUSE BAR MONEY
29.11 14:30 
#tbt Doing one of those things I like to do with Christian at Bryant-Lake Bowl & Theater, circa two weeks ago (Christian is getting arrested in the background) (📷: Yo Ritchie)
29.11 03:13 The highest praise I received tonight was from Vivian, who said something similar if not totally exact to "You're like an asshole with a purpose"
28.11 14:54 
Kris brought these home! I guess Nabisco got tired if me raving about "Essential Everyday Winter Peppermint sandwich cookies" and finally came through. (Yes, they're delicious)
27.11 11:48 
27.11 00:13 
Awwwwww, just got shouted out by Mason on Cruise Control - time travelling is so confusing sometimes
26.11 15:12 
This ad buy seems like a complete waste of money, as much as I'd like a drinking fountain in my home
24.11 21:15 USA just aired "It's a Wonderful Life" commercial free, so I did my civil duty and sat through it. Although they still don't include the "lost ending..."
23.11 19:49 
Tonight's fifty cent soundtrack comes from Fly Vintage & Vinyl - they're open tomorrow at 11 and I left a LOT of good cheap vinyl behind for YOU! #nowplaying #PGandE #vinyl #DollarBin
23.11 14:12 Hell yeah I'm in shorts! I also managed to mulch all the leaves before it started raining so ... what I'm saying is I have earned this nap
23.11 10:03 Ah yes, this almost looks like his video ;-)
23.11 03:36 DEAD MOUSE UPDATE: As expected, we achieved Level DeadMau5 some time Thanksgiving night after we'd left. This one had actually found some of Kris' biscuits the night before, alerting us of its presence (and causing the sacrifice of the rest of the package of biscuits) so earlier on Thanksgiving I studiously cleaned all the dishes and put all the food out of reach so there'd be nothing for it except hot death at the hands of my super awesome trap despite all the wonderful smells.
22.11 16:24 I made too much food again. C'mon over
21.11 22:56 Who ARE all these assholes anyway? (Looks in mirror) Ah yes.
21.11 18:03 
What ho, lads, let's adjourn to the parquet pitch and spectaculate the latest ball-of-the-basket match as Facebook directs
20.11 16:31 
#SWASS alert #nowplaying #magiciPod
20.11 08:01 
Facebook is kinda down so I'm changing this to confuse you
19.11 18:38 Why do they wanna charge me a convenience fee to pay online instantly? Shouldn't they pay ME to not have to wait for - and deal with - my handwritten mailed paper cheque that'll take days to arrive? Well....your choice, stupid corporation. You'll see my money in 3 to 5 business days and I'll save my two bucks (minus the cost of this FOREVER stamp and that envelope from a box I probably bought 20 years ago) THIS HAS BEEN LARRY KING WITH "KING'S THINGS"
19.11 15:24 
OK, not a bad LinkedIn Monday now
17.11 22:45 Don't worry, everybody! I may look ridiculous but I'm warm!
17.11 18:23 
Good to know
(this status applicable for two hours)
16.11 15:25 DEAD MOUSE UPDATE: After three nights of no activity, disposed of mouse #4 this morning. I've refreshed the peanut butter just to be safe.
16.11 04:04 
Every Friday afternoon, Ray Seville, who on social media identifies himself as the Underwriting Manager of KMOJ, sneaks out a post containing a flyer for the Friday night he and his Ray Seville Productions present at "The Clubhouse Bar," which not coincidentally shares an address with Clubhouse Jäger - because it is Clubhouse Jäger, a bar which (as far as I still know) remains owned by that guy who once donated to the David Duke campaign.

Now, you know me, just another middle-aged white guy, this really *my* business to express any outrage at all about the obvious incongruity of what appears to be continued support of a racist property owner by the patrons of a weekly night catering to a demographic of folks I'm pretty sure said owner wouldn't really like having around when they're not lining his pockets (and, who knows, maybe not even then)?

....yeah? Yeah. I'm thinking it should be all of our business.

But this status is probably all you'll get out of me and really, I guess I'm "just asking questions" at this point. It does make me think I still need more racial diversity in my friend group, too, so I could just talk to them about this instead of posting it out here.

Still, at the very least and from my high horse... this feels like a bad look for "the People's Station."
15.11 15:51 It only took me 20 minutes to cancel my CenturyLink PrismTV! Maybe I should have done that several bills ago.
14.11 03:44 
Good times! If you can read my handwriting.... we should probably hang out more.
13.11 18:01 HEY DJ: Short notice but I'm spinning with Christian Fritz TONIGHT at Bryant-Lake Bowl from 9 to 1! See what kind of crate I can pack in a panic in two hours and enjoy sweet, sweet happy hour deals from 10PM!
12.11 18:18 
Video - Who's next? It's the sequel to Santa's Slay (sorta) and/or a Dodge commercial I just saw for the first time (YouTube: Dodge - Upgrade)
12.11 17:17 Jered Threatin > Connor Mack
Come at me
(Stereogum: LA Metalhead Faked An Online Fanbase To Book A UK Tour No One Attended)
12.11 14:18 
Video - My - and your - new favourite song (B.O.S.E. - Batman (The Original Swing))
12.11 10:52 Well, there you go. What's that thing I always say? "There are no coincidences!" (Friendaversary with Linette)
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