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Sat 17:27 
Weekend on Demand is on Mixcloud Live! Use our shortcut: and be prepared to see my face!

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Sat 15:52 
We're all walking today
Sat 14:34 
In 30 minutes on KFAI: Caribbean Jam!
Two hours after that: Weekend on Demand with ME!
I'll probably try the live stream again because radio translates very well to the computer screen...
Fri 05:20 It's that rare* time when I'm absolutely dying to eat more delicious food but I am also STILL too full to consider eating anything until I've gone to sleep and had some digestion action

*how rare is that really during quarantine times of fatness
Thu 19:55 

Let's play a fun game! See those three containers of cranberries? Try to guess which one is from LAST year's turkey dinner and has been in my fridge for slightly over one year (Fear not...I've decided to throw it out and eat a new one)
Thu 15:13 Why, it's like our videos are mirror images of each other (because we only have the one photo together ;-) )! (Video - friendiversary with Jack Daw)
Thu 15:09 
Today I wish you only the finest (or whatever this is) Happy Thanksgiving!!
Tue 18:11 If you only see one person IN person all month, make sure it's Rissy Bird <3 thanks for the Lu's takeout and threatening to fall asleep to Lester Holt's Biden interview - that's real life
Mon 20:55 
Who wants to see a giant steak???
Mon 16:28 
So as you know I've been doing a little radio show for 21 now, a Spotify playlist of OVER 300 songs (about 20h28' !) from 2020/"2021" that I've spun as part of that broadcast experience. Most of them are even ON Spotify and not just on my hard drive! But not all of them! Get shufflin'!

(Shared from WOD 2020, a playlist by crz. on Spotify)
Weekend on Demand&#x27;s new new from 2020
Mon 12:36 Five years? It only feels like a thousand (Friendiversary video with Kris Head)
Mon 10:10 Here's the new hotness! Please consider installing this app and sharing the link and contributing to a relatively passive form of contact tracing new for our state - the governor and commissioner of MN IT Services (my uberbosses) will have a press conference on this at 1230.

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21.11 22:12 
21.11 21:58 Facebook sent me a nag for not changing my profile photo for six months, so.....I still haven't changed it
21.11 17:15 
Here, try this:
21.11 16:48 
I'm on the air in 15 minutes and - just maybe - there'll be................... live video on Mixcloud? WE'LL "SEE"
kfai•org / 90•3 / ????????
21.11 01:34 
I'd probably look prettier if I smiled
19.11 16:48 
I'm barely safe in my own home
18.11 20:59 
Oh shit, Rubio's back? Do I now have to make good on what I'd figured was an idle threat many years back to only return to membership status if they brought him back? (Answer: hell no, we're still in COVID times)
18.11 16:30 
15.11 23:09 
Well this was just delightful. Hat tip with a chef's kiss to Jason Hollis
15.11 16:53 
NOW he's dead
14.11 17:08 
I'm on the air! 90.3 /
14.11 14:38 Happy Diwali!
दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं!
தீபாவளி நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்!
12.11 18:42 
Clearly, Google Rewards is messing with me
12.11 17:57 
Hey fuck Derrick May

(Shared from Multiple women report sexual assault and harassment by Derrick May)
  Multiple women report sexual assault and harassment by Derrick May A DJ Mag investigation reveals multiple women with reports of sexual assault and harassment against Detroit DJ and producer Derrick May. Please be aware that this report contains details of sexual assault Ellie Flynn Thursday, Nov...
12.11 17:16 
#tbt Tomorrow it's eight months of avoiding karaoke....and everything else (circa 12 years ago)

(Shared from Christopher)
At Staraoke - and FEELING IT
12.11 17:09 Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy I miss running into this dude (Friendiversary video with Matt Benson)
10.11 13:16 Howard Jones (right) with his longtime close personal friend CRZ (left).
7.11 12:19 
Changed my cover photo
3.11 11:41 
No line! Voter 368 (10151)
(Pratt Elementary)
2.11 15:27 
Albert Raley and Darlene Raley />R19 Boddie and Eric Stoneham (C.U.P.) />*Jason Stanek and Taylor Motari
*Frederick Michael Carl Frederickson and Todd William Larson />Debroah (sic) Ann Rouse and Sheila Cannon />*Andrew Palmiscno and Kyle Palmiscno
Mark Charles and Adrian Wallace />Brian Carroll and Amar Patel (American Solidarity) />Michael Laboch and Raechelle Pope
Kasey Wells and Rachel Wells />*Ryan J. Gilmer and Brent S. Duncan,nm3681364 />Don Blankenship and William Alan Mohr (Constitution) />Mary Ruth Caro Simmons and Sherne Dow />*Patrick Whitcomb and Jason Horine
Darlo (sic) Hunter and Dawn Neptune Adams (Progressive) />Katherine Forbes (Kate Forbes) and Heath King
Barbara Bellar and Kendra Ann Bryant
Shawn Howard and Alyssa Howard />Marcus E Sykes and James Edward Mcfadden />Tom Hoefling and Andy Prior (Life, Liberty, Constitution) />Demetra Wysinger and Cedric D. Jefferson

*only registered in Minnesota

I'm sure I've put so many URLs in here that there's no WAY you'll ever be allowed to see it, but Facebook's all about voter suppression, right? Heh

Note: some of these are surely ineligible as you're not supposed to nominate a Pres AND Veep residing in the same state - we anxiously await all court challenges
2.11 14:24 

(Shared from KFC® Limited-Edition 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog by Enviro-Log® -
Free 2-day shipping. Buy KFC® Limited-Edition 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog by Enviro-Log® at
2.11 12:00 
My fellow Americans, I want YOU to VOTE!
No matter what!
No matter who!

Believe it or not, you can still cast a ballot for president without voting for Trump OR Biden!

This cycle, in the state of Minnesota, there are nine choices for President and Vice President of the United States. Here are the other seven, in the order listed at the MN Secretary of State's site, along with my best guess at their websites:
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente and Darcy Richardson (Independence/Alliance) />Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker (Green) />Kanye West and Michelle Tidball (Independent) />Brock Pierce and Karla Ballard (Independent) />Gloria La Riva and Leonard Peltier (Socialism and Liberation) />Alyson Kennedy and Malcolm Jarrett (Socialist Workers) />Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy "Spike" Cohen (Libertarian) />FYI: There's a space to write in other folks but unless they've registered as write-in votes for Minnesota, those votes aren't counted. I have no knowledge of any registered write-in candidates.
31.10 20:30 
If it's still Halloween where you are and you need two hours of offbeat spookiness, I got you. If it's no longer Halloween where you's still good!
31.10 15:01 
Caribbean Jam starts NOW on KFAI! Then at 5, I bring to you... HALLOWEEN ON DEMAND!
31.10 14:27 
These photos are excellently cropped

(Shared from Friendversary Video with Chuck)
29.10 16:13 I did mean to ask what Halloween songs you felt didn't get enough radio play but the truth is I already have a full two hours of stuff collected for Saturday's show and any awesome requests you make will just end up bumping something - not that I'm not averse to bumping my choices for yours, but...well Halloween's a Saturday only once every five or six years, innit, it's not like I can play bumped songs on November 7. ON THE OTHER HAND.......
28.10 09:22 
Hmm, another one for Nikki - although unusually, he chose a status of "Divorced" rather than "Widowed - emigrating to Los Angeles from Romaina, his username is hans.ramsey.somenumber but his profile name is "Thomas Lucas"
27.10 16:39 
Must be Halloween week, we're all full of sequels
27.10 09:51 Today's Facebook bug of the day: trying to view On This Day on the laptop and it's forcing the mobile site view (?!) on me, which is almost as bad as forcing its new Facebook view on me. Why this company is unreasonably determined to have their service be completely unusable by Election Day is a mystery to me as it seems like an unwise fiscal move, but they're probably playing 4D chess or something
26.10 16:40 
The sequel
26.10 10:40 Facebook appears to have reverted to chronological order for me - very strange seeing all the people they'd algorithm'd out once again!
24.10 14:50 
WEEKLY PLUG: Back to "normal" at Weekend on Demand - later today I got all kinds of new tunes including tracks from Hot Chip, Greta Van Fleet, Eivør, Felix da Housecat, Demi Lovato, Hawksley Workman, Sloan, Mark Pritchard and Johnny Manure & the Super Spreaders - and yes I'm playing a buncha requests as well.

Radio: 90•3 / Stream: kfai•org / Time: 5 to 7 CDT (tune in early for Caribbean Jam!)
23.10 19:39 
Last night of the drive! Thanks to everyone who has supported so far, and it's not too late to sneak in five bucks of your own!
22.10 17:19 
(Prospect Park)
22.10 10:11 
22.10 09:49 #tbt #recycled See you in 2026!
21.10 09:24 
Changed my cover photo
20.10 15:39 
When they zig, you zag
(Prince - Sometimes It Snows in April)
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