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Tue 08:51 
Tue 08:50 BREAKING: I will be filling in for Simon on True Brit! Radio this week! Tune in to 90.3 or stream via KFAIweb at 23:59 on Friday (aka midnight Saturday) for two hours of .... Andrew Weatherall and Mark Hollis, mostly, probably - but I'll try to be upbeat about it!
Mon 11:20 OK, so buying Kraftwerk tix tomorrow, New Order/Pet Shop Boys tix Wednesday, Tool tix Friday--I mean, never? ;-) (Umm who'd go to the Tool show with me? It's, like, the day before my birthday and everything)
Sun 22:07 Hey DJ (two nights in a row)
Sun 01:12 (It was on the way)
Sat 22:36 This playlist was like putting up the CRZ batsignal
Fri 23:08 Something's comin' over me
Fri 09:54 
One reward from my career style of never quitting a job is that the state decided they would give me 13+ years of "vacation leave accrual credit" for my Veritas service - the short version is I now earn 24+ days of vacay a year instead of 13 and God bless unions
Thu 14:02 
If I can't get a reaction out of you with this blast from the past, there's no hope for me. In fact, let's go ahead and troll Christian Chad Yo Bird Mason Ron Chuck & DJ SLT. :) Playlist in the comments if you MUST be spoilered!
18.2 23:42 
Well I don't start for another 9 hours but I see they already posted for my directs... a week ago? Geez, thanks, guys :) Looks like there are two spots to fill and the posting closes 2/21 (THIS FRIDAY) - to find the posting, head to, click on "Search for Jobs Now" and enter into the search box the keywords "Knowledge Management Specialist ITS3 38911" - no, I couldn't figure out a better way to get you there, sorry.
18.2 15:38 
18.2 15:10 
Finally spent my gift certificate from KFAI
18.2 14:04 
So my doppelgängers are, like, anybody with hair and glasses but here are the ones I most recently remember people actively using on me - what I'm saying is this challenge can suck it
18.2 00:35 This is a long shot - well, medium long shot - but is anybody else staying up late tonight? (Preferably folks in the Central Time zone)
17.2 22:06 What's that noise
16.2 22:27 Hey DJ
15.2 22:12 Let's get assorted!!
15.2 11:57 When it comes to Valentine's Day, I never learn...but I'm always a genius on the 15th!
15.2 04:08 
Enduring my final hellish commute Thursday evening, I was struck with how my iPod's shuffling was attempting to keep up my mood and THEN I thought "hey, I bet I could stick this on Mixcloud and see if anybody else liked this stuff, too" - so here we are. It starts with a longish Kraftwerk cover from the "Trans-Slovenian Express 2" compilation, includes a former member of Kraftwerk in Wolfgang Flür's Yamo, one of my all-time favourite Banco de Gaia versions and closes strong with a well-loved Depeche Mode remix. It's an actually kinda breezy 40 minutes when you're not driving home in stop'n'go traffic while you're listening to it!
14.2 13:50 
Oh right, also, HSVD
14.2 10:47 
I know I've been going on and on about leaving this job but you need to know I haven't voluntarily resigned from a job since 1997... so yeah it's KIND of a deal. This is the third job where I've worn this tie on the last day because I'm nothing without routine. Anyway...who wants to get day drunk?
13.2 14:51 
My gift to you on this Valentine's Day is something Mason did
13.2 11:46 
#tbt (Well, almost) Turning this one in tomorrow!! This has been the slowest week everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
12.2 21:27 
Changed my cover photo
12.2 10:45 
MarketWatch headline: UnitedHealth surges toward record as Bernie Sanders's New Hampshire win is seen as bolstering Trump's re-election chances

Me: Two more days, two more days...
11.2 21:45 THE FORCE IS WITH US or something
11.2 13:39 Finally, FINALLY gonna see The Rise of Skywalker at Showplace ICON in St Louis Park. You want in? It's $6 Tuesday (hey when'd it stop being $5 Tuesday) and we're doing the 9.45 showing. Currently, zero tickets have been presold for this show and it's just me and Andy...and YOU? Hit me up
11.2 10:23 
Fired up my Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist for the first time since 2018 - strangely relieved to see they still think I like shitty covers and "The Order of Death"
10.2 19:56 
If I don't select something quiet, our hostess will be drowned out
9.2 10:47 
Ahahahahaha someone wasted some money on LinkedIn ads
9.2 10:17 
9.2 03:10 
(circa 25½ hours ago)
7.2 13:06 Pretty sure this is my next time doing the vinyl selecting thing, if you need something to do before Dark Energy!
6.2 14:19 
A Redditor notes that of the 21 players who checked in for the T'wolves during the 2018-9 season, only KAT and Okogie are still there at this point in the 2019-20 season. Oh and Coach I guess, huh? One thing both teams DO have in common is I won't pay one thin dime to attend a single one of their home games
5.2 18:45 
Updated my cover photo
5.2 15:50 
One thing I'll miss about this building are the regular dog visits
4.2 08:38 
Changed my cover photo
2.2 12:37 
Still don't know what to do with my hair (video from four years ago)
1.2 14:05 
Shorts weather!
1.2 00:49 Maybe the anti-drone
31.1 22:05 
Professional (video)
31.1 21:06 58 minutes pass without a call into the studio line, but as soon as I'm doing the legal ID the phone can't ring quick enough - of course, they hang up before I'm off the mic. I bet it was my heckler named SLT.
31.1 19:08 
My office for the next five hours, watching the simulcast of DRONE NOT DRONES: The 7th Annual 28-hour Drone - tune in and hear me talk at the top of every hour!
30.1 16:43 SO HAPPY
30.1 06:26 I've been waiting for this since BEFORE it was announced! (Before creating the Facebook event, Mason totally no-sold me asking why he was on the Dusty's calendar) Let's let the smooth just wash over us - or is that just Grain Belt? See you in somewhere around ten hours!
29.1 12:23 Today's listening - a perfect mood setter. When's the next episode? Thanks Yo Ritchie for the recommendation!
28.1 21:45 "Their Law" probably isn't in the book
27.1 19:39 It'll take a little longer than 24 seconds, but read this
27.1 10:08 I did watch Episode 1 of "Star Trek: Picard" before bed last night. My spoiler-free hot take is that I think it's gonna be VERY interesting
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