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Fun fact about me: I visited the Mall of America Wahlburgers exactly one time five years ago and have never been back

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Tue 15:39 
How wacky was the three day weekend? Only just now, Tuesday afternoon, did I figure out that back on Sunday and Monday when this dash indicator I'd never seen before lit up, my car was trying to tell me that I'd forgotten to screw the fuel cap back onto the... you know... the gas hole. Amazingly, I managed to drive all the way out to the party and then later back home without losing the thing because the plastic bit that secured it to the car broke years ago, but when the fuel cell door closed on its own (but didn't latch) soon after I pulled out of the Holiday it trapped it, unattached, inside its compartment. It might be time to put me in a home.
Tue 09:53 
Getting an invite to the pool party means I can just dump this stuff on other people without me eating an entire bag/package of chips/cookies - not that I don't mind doing that either, but better to share the experience.
Sun 03:08 
I've hung out with Emma three out of the past seven (eight?) nights, but never thought to grab the selfie until Electric Feel. Back on Thursday at the Turf, she said, in front of me, to somebody else, something to the effect of "Zim's the only person on this planet I don't have anything bad to say about," to which I immediately responded "I can't WAIT to disappoint you." Oh, I also want to say hi to her mom while I'm here and reassure her that nobody's corrupted anybody as far as I know...just good hangs.
Sun 03:03 
Trying to take selfies in America as well, so from Electric Feel, here's Andy, who obviously received the memo and wore the "samo" colour as me tonight - it sure was nice of the lighting to erase most of my chins!
Sat 17:08 
Live radio! RIGHT NOW! Maybe I even am gonna play the request you made in person to me last week and totally forgot making! Only one way to find out! 90.3 / kfai dot org / kfai dot org slash live!
Sat 11:35 
My feet hurt. May have overdone it last night. (And Thursday night. And, heck, probably also Wednesday night.) Anyway, gonna try to stay off my feet as long as I can but after doin' a radio it's off to the VFW for Electric Feel and another four hours of - well, I still don't know if what I do can be called "dancing" but I better figure it out before my feet fall off. Come out to Electric Feel! But not because I'll be there cos I'm gonna complain about my feet all night.
Fri 21:55 Zuck may fear the Disco Devils but we're STILL not violating the Community Standards (Beast Barbecue)
Fri 13:51 
Lotta people asking me when I'm gonna eat the S'mores Oreos but since I already had them two years ago, I'm passing this year.
Thu 16:03 
Here they are! The Old Bay Goldfish seem to have already came and went - I checked their spot in the Target last night and it was like they had never existed. Now that I've actually cracked them open and tried them....I mean they're OKAY but you could probably just as easily sprinkle Old Bay on regular goldfish and get the same thing. The scent is unmistakeable and completely pulverizes any of the cheesiness of the originals. (EDIT: As I peruse the ingredient list, maybe there ISN'T any cheese on these and it's just Old Bay? Makes sense I guess) I think I'm happy sticking to getting my goldfish Flavor Blasted with Xtra Cheddar...which will work out fine because they said "limited edition" and by God they MEANT it. And no, I did not dip them in the Old Bay hot sauce.
Wed 21:46 
I didn't buy these.
(Target Store St-Paul-Midway)
Wed 21:26 
This bus got MOOD LIGHTING so.... here's a photo of my junk
(Ayd Mill Rd)
23.5 21:29 CALLBACKS: Just "enjoyed" another spoonful of the Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream, which now makes....I think three spoonfuls have been taken out of this pint. It's back in the freezer again.
23.5 13:59 
Keep trying, fellows! SOME day I'll join, I'm sure. BUT NOT TODAY

(no, it's not my birthday for another - oh shit, two weeks?)
22.5 20:27 
As part of their continuing "we're really lazy, let's just use potato chip flavours" series, here now are ULTIMATE CHEDDAR DORITOS which are really just Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles orange blasted onto the ol' standard corn tortilla chips you know and love and secretly wish were Nacho Cheese (fun fact: in Britain they're called TANGY CHEESE because I have no earthly idea) because, yes, all of this just doesn't work as well when it's NOT on a rrridged potato chip. I passed on these the first time I saw them figuring they'd be kinda boring - and then Bonita said almost exactly that, which didn't motivate me - but Target had them and they were on "sale" and I was like "gotta catch 'em all" so here we are eating junk food on a Monday but don't worry, a big bowl o' kale is coming right up to balance that out.
22.5 02:54 
So much great new music! Not as much old DJ!
Give me two hours and you'll hear all this:

(​N) Robb Scott & Leee John - Gotta Get Over You
(​N) TEKE::TEKE - Doppelganger
(​N) A Certain Ratio - 1982
(​N) (R) BA Johnston - I Love You As Much As The Toronto Argos Suck
(R) The Yardbirds - I'm a Man
(R) The Replacements - Talent Show
(​N) IAMX - Radical Self-Love
(​N) Dave Matthews Band - Break Free
(​N) Ben Folds - Back to Anonymous
(​N) Sandie Shaw & Howard Jones - Puppet On A String
(​N) Fcukers - Devils Cut
(​N) OSees - Intercepted Message
(​N) Kaukolampi - The Mask of Sanity
(​N) LØLØ - omg
(​N) Matthew Herbert x London Contemporary Orchestra - The Rider (Not the Horse)
(R) Ofra Haza - Galbi (The Sehoog Mix)
(R) Jackie Wilson - (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher
(R) Billy Joel - I Go To Extremes
(​N) (R) Miesha and the Spanks - So Mad
(​N) (R) Therapy? - Poundland of Hope and Glory
(​N) (R) Landowner - Witch Museum
(​N) Dream Wife - Who Do You Wanna Be?
(​N) Kylie Minogue - Padam Padam
(​N) (R) Noa Kirel - Unicorn
(​N) Bully - Change Your Mind
(​N) The Circling Sun - Bones

(Shared from
21.5 17:16 
Thanks to Kelsey for buying me some weird French Pokémon candy! They're pretty much giant weird Sour Patch Kids shaped like Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Eevee.
20.5 22:00 Ride on Time (Mortimers)
20.5 17:08 
Golly I'm on the radio AGAIN RIGHT NOW
90.3 / kfai dot org /

(Shared from KFAI - Fresh Air Radio on Mixcloud Live)
Broadcast live to your community of fans and tune in direct to creators from every genre
20.5 04:03 "Oh! That's PERFECT!" I thought to myself. "I wonder if I'll remember this long enough to text it to myself knowing I will surely soon pass out and totally forget it by the time I'm next awakened..."

Me, fifteen minutes later: "Boy, those rosemary Triscuits really ARE incredible-- oh shiiiiiiiiiiit, what was I thinking about earlier again? .............crap."
19.5 14:56 
Hahahaha thanks Cruise Control it never gets old
19.5 12:51 Because Kimberly tweeted about it, I have now listened to the entire BRAND NEW DAVE MATTHEWS BAND ALBUM which I didn't know existed an hour ago and....I have already immediately forgotten just about everything about it and have concerns I may have caused irreparable harm to my carefully curated Spotify algorithm by not listening to it in a "Private Session" BUT I'll still try to pick out a track for play on the air tomorrow now how's THAT for a tease
16.5 18:31 
16.5 14:35 
LOVE her! (I mean IIII love her, I'm not commanding YOU to love her - although...yeah go ahead)

(Shared from omg - LØLØ (Official Music Video))
►WORLD PREMIERE: FRI, MAY 12 @ 10AM PT►Pre-Save "omg" here:►'debbie downer' Vinyl/Merch: LØLØ...
16.5 12:37 
OH BOY I was selected to be amongst a very small select group of dumbasses who answer survey questions! For added value, I captured them all to show anybody who's curious. I wonder if Zuck will supress this?!?!?! Commentary attached to each of these 18 photos. Happy Tuesday afternoon where you're so bored you actually check this "content" out! I'll try to eat something weird and post about THAT soon.
15.5 16:06 
New profile photo
14.5 21:16 Hey DJs (Dusty's Bar - NE MPLS)
14.5 15:37 
"CRZ," I hear you not asking me, "do you think Frito-Lay will ever stop dreaming of new Doritos flavours?" BEHOLD! Here now are "tangy ketchup" and "hot mustard" - are they just getting lazier, or is it refreshing to finally see something a little simpler? Individual reviews in the comments!
13.5 22:26 
Temporarily changed my profile photo
13.5 16:04 
We're an hour away from ME on your RADIO (or more likely, web or app stream) with another two hours of new new music and your requests! I've got brand new tracks from Killer Mike, The Pretenders (really?!), Dolly Parton, Thundercat & Tame Impala, The Remainder, Queens of the Stone Age, new remixes of Depeche Mode and Snoh Aalegra, I'll tell you what Mike Doughty's up to, I'll read the weather over some London Elektricity and AT LEAST thirteen requests before 7PM!

90.3 on your radio
kfai•org on your web
KFAI Community Radio on your app place
Probably some live video, check the comments later


Kale salad with ranch and tabasco for engagement and for your own personal disgust
12.5 23:06 Fridays I'm in Dusty's Bar (Dusty's Bar - NE MPLS)
12.5 19:17 
Summer is here! Not sure I wanted to invest in a 12 pack and because it was readily available in the checkout freezer, I picked up a sample of this year's Mtn Dew SUMMER FREEZE - they're not allowed to call the flavour "Bomb Pop" but it's totally Bomb Pop. Smells accurate! Tastes....well, is it really so different in taste OR colour from previous summer varietals "Liberty Brew" or "DEW-S-A?" Probably... not so much. Pepsico MAY be getting lazy! The usual staggering amount of caffeine accompanies these, with an even higher amount in the Zero Sugar version I'll totally be sucking down all summer because once again there's just toooooo much "sugar" (high fructose corn syrup) in the regular version. Oh, and of course it pairs well with Señor Tapatío's Birria (background, microwaving). (Thanks to Steve for telling me about these first.)
11.5 22:15 
Target acquired (no pun intended)
(Target Store Roseville-T1)
11.5 17:35 
Thirst trap of the day
11.5 13:07
11.5 09:26 
Golly, I did a Vinyl Voices set SEVEN years ago at Day Block! I think it was just me, Sean and Mason.... and some pretty strong beers and MAYBE there was a pizza? Good to see I was already lazily playing nine minute tracks and taking it easy...

Set One
Prince & The Revolution - 17 Days (the rain will come down, then U will have 2 choose. If U believe look 2 the dawn and U shall never lose.)
D Train - You're the One for Me
Heatwave - The Groove Line
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Don't Leave Me This Way
Phyllis Nelson - I Like You
Ashford & Simpson - Found a Cure
Maynard Ferguson - Theme From "Star Trek"
Apollo 100 - Joy (Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring)

Set Two
Miike Snow - Paddling Out
Underworld - Two Months Off
808 State - Cubik (Pan American Excursion)
M.I.A. - Galang
GusGus - Purple
New Order - True Faith (The Morning Sun Extended Remix)
INXS - Burn For You
10.5 17:56 
Holy geez, Bleep INTERNATIONAL OVERNIGHTed me my Telex box set through FedEx after DPD decided not to deliver it to my PO box and just return it the first time...AND they threw in three of their own 12" singles on top! Service above and beyond, I kinda hope they didn't spend more on postage than the profit they should have gotten out of my order but also I did preorder this back in October, so hooray. I am NOT spending any more money on records for .... for a while. Prrrrrrrrrrrrobably. Anyway, Bleep: good people, takin' care of frequent purchasers. And I finally have a complete set of Telex on vinyl (but will still keep an eye out for the originals!)
10.5 15:30 
Determined to put the kibosh on this sinus infection once and for all, I went in search of the hottest ramen in the house and found this rather large and pricy (for ramen) thing I bought a while back. I think it was the illustration of this trustworthy looking fellow of indeterminate heritage and ancestry who has no name so I'm calling him "Señor Tapatío" (or perhaps "Señor Birilla") that drew me to the purchase, along with the promise that it'd be picante. It WAS picante! But not super spicy - I've had way hotter, but those that have been way hotter definitely weren't as tasty. (Probably should have taken a photo of the final product but you know what cup noodles look like and I WAS STARVING.) Bonus was it DID fix my nose! Downside is now I gotta remember where I bought this (I think it was probably the Roseville Walmart) and pony up for more. Sometimes you gotta fly first class and sometimes you gotta spend $1.68 on a ramen.
10.5 10:09 Did Charlize Theron ever find true love? Asking for me
9.5 19:10 
9.5 15:00 
Minnesota* people! If it's been over a month and you haven't taken one last opportunity to score eight more free COVID tests before they stop being free, take a minute to click on and put in one last order!

*and Wisconsin and Washington, I guess?

(EDITED to add live photo from my bathroom)
8.5 17:02 
Hooray, hooray! My super exclusive The Orb "Prism" bundle came today!
8.5 16:17 
Think I heard this guy earlier
6.5 15:18 
After three Saturdays gone, I'm back on the air pretty soon! No, I don't have a new accent but this sinus infection has made me sound EXTRA nasally, you'll hate it. I'm bringing lots of new music including tracks from acts I saw live during my trip! If you're new to how this works and not local enough to pull down 90.3 on your radio, you can listen to the show from the stream at - we also have an app (search on "KFAI Community Radio" from Google Play or the App Store) and if our cameras are working, I will be streaming out live video - which is way less exciting than it sounds - from Mixcloud Live. It all kicks off at 5PM in Minnesota and 11PM in Southampton and goes two hours. Let me know you're listening for a shout out! Cake photo from last night for engagement.
5.5 20:02 
Happy 45th birthday, KFAI! For you, I'm not above putting a hat on a hat.
(The Hook and Ladder Theater & Lounge)
5.5 14:40 
Bound and determined to finally take some selfies with Kris while I stayed over - I didn't say GOOD selfies because we still haven't figured that bit out yet - I am late on thanking him for drawing the short straw and thus having to put up with me for the longest amount of time during my trip. He did manage to get me to one WWII museum along with two pretty good shows AND a bonus performance at The Joiners, too damn much walking in Southampton, London and Portsmouth, fine dining at foreign versions of Taco Bell and McDonald's; bulk dining at Cosmo, what can best be described as the UK version of a Golden Corral (under great protest as he has a strict moral code usually preventing buffet attendance), letting me drag him to record store after record store where he would inevitably buy a record or two despite not currently owning a working turntable, always letting me look down every aisle in the Sainsbury's or Lidl or Iceland or whatever, and on and on. He once again!
introduced me to many sexy mf'ers, all of whom were very accepting of me right off the bat - I COULD take partial credit for that, but this isn't that kind of post. Most importantly, he and his two flatmates greeted me with open arms and an open flat and were very forgiving when I occasionally failed to keep it as quiet as I should have. Having a full jar of Nescafé crystals for me upon arrival was the most brilliant move I've ever experienced from a "tea only" guy and I was so continually grateful every morning I was able to enjoy a cup. Proud of us for managing to stay awake for most of three NASCAR Cup races together and several NHL and NBA Playoff games separately. I know there's more to say and it'll all leak out eventually - or it'll wait until the next time he's back here (probably sooner than we think). Thanks again to my Bri-ish bro-her - I love you - see you in a few shakes.
5.5 08:49 
The Foursquare erasure begins 😥
4.5 20:35 
As just tweeted out by the DVDVR account about 45 minutes ago, beloved icon DEAN~! (Dean Rasmussen) has passed away. He was just 57. Probably the last decent guy to get his head above the swirling vortex of a hellhole that was before we all had to give up on Usenet and embrace the World Wide Web; at times, the only guy to even hint at still having fun watching. He wrote like nobody it wasn't too long until everybody else tried to write like he did. He was always very nice and supportive to almost everybody online - he would even encourage me to design more DVDVR covers while my sense of graphic design was largely nonexistent. I really wanted to find an old photo or video of him performing with his band while wearing a lucha mask, but this was where I landed. He leaves behind a beautiful family who will need your help - gofundme link below. Rest in Peace, DEAN~!
4.5 14:26 
Picking up my mail and how cool is it to have WACKY CANADIAN CANDY waiting for me! Thanks James!
4.5 11:00 
Spotify is killing off Heardle for good tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I lost a good chunk of stats once they'd taken it over but this is probably an accurate reflection of how well I generally do with these - I either get it in superhuman time or not at all. Turns out that yes I'm terribly bad about identifying music after (a certain year) despite pretending to pay attention to the current stuff as a voice on the radio...

Anyway, last chance to look at your stats - it's gone on the 5th! Show me yours IF YOU DARE
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