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Sat 15:21 I may be the only person here wearing shorts and I'm a little surprised about that
Fri 23:06 
Did I ever show you this? It's so creepy. I mean, the original vid was kinda creepy to begin with, but THIS... #fridaynightfacebooking with Orbital (Vimeo: "The Box" Deep Dream Version)
Thu 16:29 
Y'all never told me I was a Shanghai fashion concern
Thu 03:00 
Very UNlikely I'll submit an answer to this poll, overlords
Thu 02:43 
Tuning in on the way home from Transmission and heard The Rope into Tones On happy! You know I'm streaming the entire show in the morning! Way to go Viv!!
Tue 22:00 
Some time between the primary and now, I turned into my ex-wife, as far as MoveOn knows.
Mon 15:54 Just performed a search and you will be relieved to know I'm still the only Christopher Robin Zimmerman on Thefacebook
8.10 02:31 
3.10 22:36 
Honestly I thought this was a joke, but I received this Notification, no lie... Smashy B is all "yo, I heard you might be broke soon... isn't this how you wanna DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE"
2.10 19:09 
It says something that earlier at Cub I thought this photo of Vicki Lawrence on the cover of Woman's World Weekly was actually Vickie Guerrero....SOMETHING....but I'm not sure what.
2.10 19:04 
Earlier today, we were drawn to another Volkswagen Pikachu
2.10 00:50 
Every place I enjoy closes. :( Thanks Raoul for all the crate fillers at reasonable prices (and, a couple times, a lot higher). I'll try to raid that vault one more time before the month is over.
1.10 23:44 
Sitting at the KFAI pledge phone for one more episode of "Cruise Control" if you have been waiting until RIGHT NOW (, 17 minutes from now) to pledge
28.9 14:24 
I THINK it went okay?
28.9 03:07 There are - well, not MANY emotions right now, just some really really powerful ONE emotion. It's difficult to explain how hard it's going to be. Grumpy's will be open a few more days but tonight was my last. Even before moving here in 2004, Grumpy's was the place where we sung songs and drank drinks, and I've never felt like a "regular" anywhere else - here OR there. I feel pretty lost right now - more so than usual. I know I have the interview of my life in less than ten hours and I will manage to comparmentalize between now and then, but.....there's so much I want to tell you, but it's all probably going to slip away. And to be honest, we're probably both better off. Still......God damn, it's gonna be so different [and not in a good way] without Grumpy's Downtown. I'm glad I got to share tonight with so many of you, and I am so remorseful that I missed out on the chance with so many MORE of you. As per usual...I still love you all.
27.9 02:36 I got a lot to say but what's most important to say is that I have a fairly important interview Friday at 1 and everything else is just gonna have to stay under embargo for now
25.9 15:43 
Anybody going to tonight's Twins game to get the Timberwolves mashup hat but they don't really want the hat and would just sell/give it to me? I currently don't like the Twins OR the Timberwolves enough to go myself, help me, I still sorta want that hat
24.9 23:28 
And, for once, no caffeine was necessary! Tune in and be ready to pledge!
23.9 00:55 
Woo hoo! Eight eggs later, only one to go to complete the Gen1 'dex!
22.9 22:30 Sweet JAP broke up about a month after we moved to Minneapolis, so I'm happy for this chance. Also this feels like a 15 year reunion with all the old faces appearing out of nowhere...that might include mine, who knows
21.9 15:11 
I'm drinking hot tea. Is summer over?
20.9 15:48 
Changed my profile photo
18.9 23:17 
Funny, John kinda completely forgot to mention the minstrel/blackface part! But here's the 1928 version of the opening cover track of "Arkansas." (YouTube: Emmett Miller - Any Time)
18.9 18:26 
I miss the globe - thanks, Facebook!
18.9 14:45 Shout out to the job board that took a look at my resumé and application history and STILL suggested I apply to be the frontman for a cruise ship rock band

(I didn't do it)

18.9 03:57 
Sheesh, rain usually HELPS me sleep! But gunshot cracks of thunder are almost always super unwelcome. SO. I'm gonna listen to "The Sicilian Defense" for the first time and see if that helps (because you only learn about lost Alan Parsons Project albums at 3.30 in the morning, but you can find them online by 3.31...)
18.9 03:24 
OK NOW I'm awake 🌩️
16.9 14:53 Mason and I kick the party off at 3!!
15.9 21:02 
Finally cracked this one open as game fuel (even if only 38mg caffeine) - VERDICT: Delicious! Would definitely buy again (and consume a little sooner than 2+ years) ...if they still even make the stuff these days...
15.9 19:56 
I put a batch of cold press in the fridge for tomorrow morning and feel like a super genius ☕☕☕
14.9 13:29 This is still true
12.9 14:49 
The process
12.9 13:45 Heeeeey more good news I'll be spinning this weekend at the West Bank Night Market at the KFAI Vinyl Voices turntables! Dunno which hours yet, but I will probably take a shift on both Saturday and Sunday. I hope to see your dancing face there too!
12.9 13:36 Last night, feeling like I needed to do SOMETHING after getting my TCF Bank rejection email, I dashed off an old writing exercise and pasted it in as a post to my LinkedIn account before leaving to go wallow in self-pity and accept hugs and pizza. My post - which I forgot to share here, sorry - got 8 Likes overnight, including an ex-coworker who was friends with ANOTHER ex-coworker, who ended up seeing the post and more importantly seeing my name. This reminded him of a company who was looking for a tech writer (but really more of a project coordinator-to-maybe-evolve-into-a-project manager) and this morning he messaged me saying he thought the folks with the budget should talk to me, I should talk to them and could I give him a resume? We just had a quick phone call where I got the inside skinny about the company and the new team they're starting and what their requirements might be. From what I've heard, I could definitely help them out. We'll see if it goes anywhere but ... I definitely wouldn't have been put in front of my friend if I hadn't made that LinkedIn post at that time so yeah maybe everything IS happening for a reason again. See you tonight?
11.9 02:36 
Selfie game was not strong, but the music was
10.9 23:04 Get here before Jamez starts!!
9.9 20:25 
Well THAT was a fun season
7.9 22:32 ON TIME and ready to rock at 11!
7.9 14:36 
"Nice" - everybody on Twitter
7.9 10:53 goes nothin'
6.9 14:41 
While I sit here at the board in KFAI's Studio 1 awaiting a very tardy show host, one quick reminder that YOU have 7 more days to access my VERY FIRST solo spin at KFAI! And now you can even get totally spoilered with the playlist, if that's how YOU listen to radio. ( shouldn't)
6.9 13:07 
Can't find it online so you get a photo of a Photo From the State Fair Monday!
5.9 23:49 
Changed my cover photo
5.9 19:48 
I know we've all been waiting for this shot for a long time (📷: Yo Ritchie)
3.9 21:29 
I don't REALLY want to hurt you
2.9 17:43 
Just me and a quarter million of my close personal friends
2.9 14:17 
Washed my hair
Goin' to the Fair
1.9 16:09 
Ugh - on the other hand, good time to hole up in the KFAI sorta-air-conditioned studio
1.9 13:31 
When everybody else wants to DJ more than you, you kick back and work on your crappy selfie game
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