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BONUS: Somebody else stole their bit!
The Ranch Smells Like Cookies
Thu 15:23 IT'S TURKEY @ Prospect Park
21.11 20:07 
17.11 14:45 
@DublDownDrew I liked it once. Then they took out the chronological timeline. (Hey, sounds familiar!)
9.11 23:26 
In before it snows. Who the heck was Irene Dunne? (She was the first lady of Hollywood, dummy!)
3.11 14:25 
Here's to ya, America
30.10 01:51 
It's always Heartbreak with these guys
30.10 01:51 
(It now occurs to me I forgot to send last week's cover, so the previous observation makes no sense)
26.10 16:59 
Ooh...deep cut, Fresh Thyme liquor annex
20.10 22:50 
Official measurement at The KZiM Tower: 7" - that DEFINITELY makes it a record. A 45, in fact.
17.10 01:31 
Man, these are getting harder to find
1.10 16:29 
I probably missed a few issues but came back for a good'un
17.9 19:51 
5.9 19:12 
4.9 21:54 
Your Friday night heartbreak 💔
3.9 22:14 
My Pet Spider, Night 05: she's just chilling out tonight (so far)
2.9 22:26 Charlotte's Webs: Night 04
(I named her Charlotte)
(I decided she was a she) (video)
1.9 21:34 Orb weaver series, Web 03: FEAST
1.9 00:27 
The spider returned and did it all over again! I'm rooting for 'em
31.8 00:17 
Obsessed with this spider web
31.8 00:15 There's a HUGE spider web near my front door but I don't know if it'll survive any rain
29.8 19:29 
Oh no my car is so old the little gas cap holder-onner thing has snapped off
29.8 00:01 Now THAT'S how you grab the younger generations! @ Cub
15.8 20:34 
You can still get two back issues in addition to the new issue of Closer Weekly here! (I did not, but YOU can!)
15.8 20:33 
Melissa McCarthy, whippersnapper
8.8 20:25 
4.8 16:53 
Callback ♿ #greenyellow
3.8 17:32 
31.7 19:50 
I think I skipped a week; I'll check when I get home
20.7 16:56 
Was THIS your card?
17.7 02:07 
Breaking News!
15.7 16:47 Was THIS your card? @ Prospect Park
8.7 10:24 
Just remembered I forgot to post this over the holiday weekend
18.6 12:45 
14.6 01:59 
Not from the dollar bin ($1.99) #nowplaying #debbieharry #KZiM
12.6 16:38 
11.6 22:35 
I guess it can't all be Black Lives Matter...yeah but #blacklivesmatter
4.6 17:43 
8.5 16:53 
I never noticed before because I've never been in line here but the magazine selections definitely cater to a different crowd here
(Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets)
2.5 20:20 Never forget/make a wish #vw
2.5 20:20 
Never forget/make a wish #vw
29.4 18:42 
Sadly, social distancing prevented me from providing you an Instagram of this week's cover of Closer Weekly dominated by Doris Day, but here's last week's cover to tide you over
17.4 22:59 
I'm so tired of this
(Prospect Park, Minneapolis)
3.4 17:19 
Had another opportunity to share the cover of Closer Weekly with you - don't know about you, but I was not disappointed
31.3 18:46 Never did get a postcard from the president but this issue arrived today
28.3 03:16 Tonight I was reminded that I own this #nowplaying @metallica unkleofficial #KZiM
26.3 21:50 
Closer Magazine wasn't as exciting this trip (although I do want to learn more about Cheryl Ladd's new outlook on life - to the website!)
26.3 20:11 
Bringing home my new child
(Target Store West-St-Paul)
18.3 17:01 
RT @GovBillWeld: With deep gratitude to all who have stood with me during the past eleven months in our effort to bring better government to Washington, D.C., I am today suspending my candidacy for President of the United States. My full statement here:
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