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Thu 13:15 
RT @LucasBrownEyes: Soooooooo..... Tons of people are reporting @instagram has removed their #MMIW stories/posts

It SEEMS like Instagram t… RT
@msimmons444: Soooooooo..... Tons of people are reporting @instagram has removed their #MMIW stories/posts

It SEEMS like Instagram targeted MMIW Awareness Day.
Why would they do that? This isn’t the first time Facebook/Instagram targeted Natives btw

Anti-Native racism as a corporate policy?
3.5 18:34 
Count the dead!
28.4 20:08 
Was THIS your card?
(Prospect Park)
26.4 17:12 
Now it can be told
17.4 20:50 
Iconic Closer Weekly cover this week
27.3 19:54 
Where ARE they now? Are they even alive?
13.3 02:43 
The story they waited 50 years to tell
27.2 22:44 
This week's cover girl died in 1990 at the age of 82
13.2 02:38 
You voted?
6.2 20:30 Hey remember television @ Cub
23.1 19:54 
Bonus content - of course this makes me think of @ear_potatos for no particular reason
23.1 19:51 
Mamie Van Doren is STILL ALIVE?!
9.1 19:37 
"I'm still alive!" with bonus "the _____ only I knew"
2.1 19:58 
Queen Elizabeth's AMAZING SECRETS for staying young!
1.1 18:09 
I'm not sure I recall the last year this actually brought me GOOD luck, but tradition's tradition... better to not risk anything this early!
30.12 08:11 
Well, I only took 85 Instas this year and I bet half of 'em were the cover of Closer Weekly - my most popular photo was a Debbie Harry (Andy Warhol) 12" cover I spun in June to an audience of me. Next was a measurement from the October blizzard, an iPod grab from January when I still drove places and listened to my iPod, a playing card encounter ALSO from January, an action shot of that spider I tried to be friends with for a week in September, a trivia win at Dusty's in February, a Kenny G: Keepin' It Saxy game night with LaLa from January, my pandemic trip to the West St. Paul Target for a Nintendo Switch at the end of March and my Election Day Mtn Dew Liberty Brew toast in November. Not making the cut: the sole mirror selfie I took at Turf Club in January - if only we'd known.
26.12 21:03 
All the people who died, died
23.12 01:34 
...but no longer living for Christmas
15.12 22:10 
I can already see them pre-empting "The Love Boat"
1.12 17:39 
BONUS: Somebody else stole their bit!
1.12 17:37 
The Ranch Smells Like Cookies
26.11 15:23 IT'S TURKEY @ Prospect Park
21.11 20:07 
17.11 14:45 
@DublDownDrew I liked it once. Then they took out the chronological timeline. (Hey, sounds familiar!)
9.11 23:26 
In before it snows. Who the heck was Irene Dunne? (She was the first lady of Hollywood, dummy!)
3.11 14:25 
Here's to ya, America
30.10 01:51 
It's always Heartbreak with these guys
30.10 01:51 
(It now occurs to me I forgot to send last week's cover, so the previous observation makes no sense)
26.10 16:59 
Ooh...deep cut, Fresh Thyme liquor annex
20.10 22:50 
Official measurement at The KZiM Tower: 7" - that DEFINITELY makes it a record. A 45, in fact.
17.10 01:31 
Man, these are getting harder to find
1.10 16:29 
I probably missed a few issues but came back for a good'un
17.9 19:51 
5.9 19:12 
4.9 21:54 
Your Friday night heartbreak 💔
3.9 22:14 
My Pet Spider, Night 05: she's just chilling out tonight (so far)
2.9 22:26 Charlotte's Webs: Night 04
(I named her Charlotte)
(I decided she was a she) (video)
1.9 21:34 Orb weaver series, Web 03: FEAST
1.9 00:27 
The spider returned and did it all over again! I'm rooting for 'em
31.8 00:17 
Obsessed with this spider web
31.8 00:15 There's a HUGE spider web near my front door but I don't know if it'll survive any rain
29.8 19:29 
Oh no my car is so old the little gas cap holder-onner thing has snapped off
29.8 00:01 Now THAT'S how you grab the younger generations! @ Cub
15.8 20:34 
You can still get two back issues in addition to the new issue of Closer Weekly here! (I did not, but YOU can!)
15.8 20:33 
Melissa McCarthy, whippersnapper
8.8 20:25 
4.8 16:53 
Callback ♿ #greenyellow
3.8 17:32 
31.7 19:50 
I think I skipped a week; I'll check when I get home
20.7 16:56 
Was THIS your card?
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