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14.3 18:25 
      I must be out of my mind to try the CHIZZA - KFC (Roseville, MN)
7.12.20 16:09 
Wait wait wait wait wait. Wait.

The Lifetime/Kentucky Fried Chicken movie is really a "mini-movie" and airing during a 15 minute window?

I haven't been this disappointed since DJ Colonel Sanders only spun for 5 minutes at Ultra
7.12.20 12:11 
@TheFakeWill1 ...and fried chicken
7.12.20 12:03 
@tapemachines YOUR THOUGHTS RT @lifetimetv: Mark your calendars because Lifetime and @KFC have partnered for a Lifetime Original Mini-Movie you don't want to miss! "A Recipe For Seduction" starring @MarioLopezviva premieres Sunday at 12PM.
4.9.15 16:02 
@Markysparkly Actually now that you make me think about it, I only know about the one across the street from Har Mar Mall still in business
4.9.15 15:59 
@Markysparkly You could really piss off the folks running the KFC Buffet, I guess
17.8.15 21:00 
If the Popeye's lady bore Col. Sanders' child, do you think he or she would grow up rebellious and hate chicken and only eat sushi
17.8.15 20:59 
What percentage of the Popeye's lady/Col. Sanders erotic fanfic is racist, d'you suppose? Is it 100%?
29.9.14 22:55 
@Lord_Gow @TheKFV OCB doesn't do chicken skin right
29.9.14 21:59 
@TheKFV Good point - and when Popeyes has a buffet, I'll be with you 100%
29.9.14 21:32 
I wonder if, in my lifetime, @KFC will ever stop showing insultingly stupid ads that make me boycott going to KFC
23.6.14 20:15 
It SADDENS my heart that the dude flouring chicken at KFC didn't get the Popeyes gig he so richly deserved
9.2.14 15:49 
I mean...were there a whole lotta people who thought this godawful KFC ad WAS an actual blog? (modified screen grab)
9.2.14 03:31 
"Fictionalization. These are paid actors. Not an actual blog." We can only imagine why this disclaimer was suddenly necessary #KFCadsux
21.4.13 17:16 
So what if you DID eat the bones? You will live! You're not a cat!
14.4.10 16:54 
@JohnOrq I know, I know, @KFC_Colonel retweets you and not me. Stop throwing it in my face.
12.4.10 15:16 
et. And that's the end of that chapter - my Double Down experience is posted at - sorry, no photos
12.4.10 15:05 
OK, I ate it. AND! I haven't dropped dead y--
12.4.10 14:43 
Doubling down! (@ KFC)
12.4.10 09:08 
.@swampynomo Did you notice? At midnight, KFC's Double Down countdown clock turned into a #LOST episode
10.4.10 16:52 
Hey wait WHAT RT @Mike_Zeidler: @CRZ Uh, you may want to drive by your local KFC, I picked up a double down today.
9.4.10 13:14 
I see how it is...I tweet about the incredible (and carb friendly!) KFC Double Down...suddenly miracle weight loss fruit scammers follow me
9.4.10 12:58 
I know I just RT'd myself, but people... there's ONLY ONE BUSINESS DAY until we can have a KFC Double Down!!
9.4.10 12:57 
The KFC Double Down actually has LESS calories/fat/sodium than many other "fast food" sandwiches
3.4.10 00:18 
Get this - the @KFC_Colonel Double Down has LESS calories, fat AND sodium than MANY "fast food" sandwiches!
1.4.10 17:32 
Awesome. Finally, CONFIRMATION: I'll be first in line ( the restroom, shortly after ingestion)
21.3.10 14:09 
Did I just see the infamous KFC Double Down sandwich in a NASCAR promo? We can only hope that means it's finally going nationwide!