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19.12 00:56 
TONIGHT, we embark upon "Project No Sleep," which may or may not involve me playing every record in this international parcel to nobody
5.12 14:09 We don't share enough, we know. Here's a hundred songs that allegedly dominated our Spotify activity in 2017.
18.11 14:04 
#KZiM #nowplaying #colourbox #4ad
12.10 17:23 Feeling nostalgic today, so let's post one why not!

The Orb
Towers of Dub (from "3Lux-3: A Journey Through Ambience" video compilation)

(should start at 1h12'50")
3.10 14:16 
Sooner or later... sooner or #latergram #nowplaying #magiciPod @petshopboys @classicpopmag
15.9 09:37 
Even now you and I are traveling through time #thejohnacquivivamix #trance #magiciPod
8.9 19:49 
Can't leave the garage for another 2:48 #jb #magiciPod
29.7 12:03 
DJ'd at Can Can Wonderland
21.7 20:34 
#nowplaying #magiciPod
16.7 19:37 
DJ'd at Acadia's Pop-up Patio for KFAI's Vinyl Voices
7.7 16:36 
It's been a very ambient quarter of a century
4.7 15:53 
Listened to Richard Fearless - Rex
4.7 15:47 
Listened to Richard Fearless - Sweet Venus
15.6 16:55 
I'm a little late on this, so let's call it a #tbt ;-)

Back when I was still well, my extended birthday ran all the way out to Monday, where we were allowed to take over the City Room at Grumpy's Downtown and throw a triple belated Gemini birthday party that saw something like 20 to 25 of you putting in at least brief cameo appearances and, by my count, at least 8 of us behind the turntables at one point or another, including some first timers! I don't know if I'm a proper teacher, but Allison and Kristen may be able to provide references. I think I played a whole 6 of my own selections, but here's everybody's stuff I remember (I THINK I handed both of Berni's off to Mark? If I forget anybody else's, hit me up and I'll make edits)

OK, typing it all out. I believe I may have spun:
Bjork - Human Behaviour (Wade)
Marvin Gaye - A Funky Space Reincarnation (Wade)
Michael Sembello - Maniac (Antonio)
Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It? (Antonio)
Dead or Alive - Brand New Lover (Antonio)
Dead or Alive - Lover Come Back to Me (7" Edit)
K-X-P - Labirynth
The Soft Moon - Alive
The Danse Society - Say It Again (Extended Danse Mix)
LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out (Marley '91 12" Remix)
Vincent Montana Orchestra - Ride Like the Wind
The Heyettes - The Fonz Song (Danielle)
Unknown Artist - Impressionist Track (Danielle)
John Travolta - Oh Gosh, I Don't Remember Which One We Played...ask Allison and edit this entry later (Danielle)
Steely Dan - Peg (Chris)

ANYWAY I was clearly in need of sleep, didn't get it, and that's why I've been sick since pretty much the time I got home....but except for some very notable absences I wish I'd had the power to change, and most people's necessary leaving before closing I ALSO wish I'd had the power to change, I don't think I would have had things go any other way.

Oh but if you're still holding out on photos, GIMME :)

After I live another 357 days, let's do it all again!

Thanks again to Allison for patiently but persistently not letting me just ignore all our birthdays until we'd come up with something for us to do together and thanks again to Mason for pretty much making it technically possible because Grumpy's and I combined DID NOT have enough equipment to make this happen (although it WAS amusing seeing everyone have to use my neon green cheapo cans). My story - and I'm sticking to it - is there's no way this would have happened without all three of us and I'm so grateful we were all adventurous enough to embark on this as partners in crime.

Thanks also to Dan, Ryan and Reiner for the support in getting Grumpy's to let us boost their business on a Monday where they hadn't already booked Dan. :)

All in all a fantastic way to close out a solid week of birthday-ing and the second time I turned 30. Should be another good decade!

If I forgot to tag you, either we're not Facebook friends (TATIANA) or my old brain has slipped and I need a swift kick in the shin. Holler!

(c. Monday night, quarter to 7)
23.5 11:18 
The #magiciPod is also still thinking about Twin Peaks #nowplaying #juleecruise
26.4 17:44 
19 hurr, 1 durr. I tried to limit it to artists I'd NOT seen in Minnesota but there are a few in this list. Presented in alphabetical order and I expect the correct guess in 15 minutes or less:

808 State
The Art of Noise
The Chemical Brothers
Depeche Mode
Sheila E.
Lo-Fidelity Allstars
Meat Beat Manifesto
The Orb
Gil Scott-Heron
Sneaker Pimps
The Time
21.4 21:13 
Whoa! They just keep coming tonight! #nowplaying #magiciPod
21.4 02:37 
Late nights with @ovisland - I'm still happy to hear you shuffled up
28.2 16:06 
Uh oh, two months without posting anything! Here's what lastfm says we've been enjoying lately...don't know if we believe them although we DO love the "electronic" music the most.
26.2 01:17 
Geez I haven't been home in 12 hours #nowplaying #magicipod
18.2.17 02:35 
Listened to Montana Orchestra - Ride Like The Wind
18.2.17 02:32 
Listened to First Choice - Doctor Love
18.2.17 02:22 
Listened to First Choice - Doctor Love (Disco Mix)
14.2.17 02:11 
Another night, another "no adapter needed" double set. If you can read my handwriting, here's what I played. Thanks to Dan for the opportunity and not minding too much when I gave up and just started playing for me (see if YOU can figure out when that happened!), thanks to Hideo and Dave for probably saying "no" before I was asked ;-), thanks to Ryan for sticking it out to the end, and thanks to the other people who were around. Dan let me stretch out after the crowd died down but I STILL think he may have played more records cos his were WAY shorter than mine. OH and thanks Mom and Dad Gary for the bitchin' new professional crate they gave me for Christmas which I used for the first time tonight.
14.2.17 01:22 
Is it a good or bad night when you didn't have to go to the SUPER extended @giorgiomoroder?
13.2.17 22:40 
There was only one logical opener
13.2.17 22:32 
DJ'd with Pittsburgh Dan at "Moonsault Monday" at Grumpy's Downtown
13.2.17 22:02 
 Hey DJ (it me!) - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
13.1.17 16:25 
I wasn't a teenager when you were a teenager.

Madonna - Madonna
Prince & The Revolution - Around the World in a Day
ABC - How to Be a Zillionaire!
The The - Infected
Run DMC - Raising Hell
Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell
Sting - Bring on the Night
Kraftwerk - Computerworld
The Family - The Family
Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet
5.1.17 03:36 
31.12.16 17:32 
OK so one thing I DO want to say before the year is up is how grateful and thankful I am that I was able to realize maybe the one real goal I had set for myself for 2016, which was to finally unpack every single slab of vinyl I boxed up in California back in 2004 and get them mostly sorted and into some IKEA storage (thanks Dan and Julie for letting me borrow the truck!). This was done by February despite a longish interlude/vacation to go to the Super Bowl (HEY Aaron REMEMBER WHEN WE WENT TO THE SUPER BOWL THAT WAS SO COOL) and it wasn't too long before I was given the great privilege of being asked to join KFAI Vinyl Voices to share small parts of my collection with boutique crowds at fine venues such as Turf Club, Harriet Brewing taproom, Day Block Brewing Company, Palmer's Bar and Clubhouse Jäger. I have been very fortunate to spin nine times in 2016 with a lot of fine partners and one Turf brunch where I did four hours solo - and maybe even more incredibly, on multiple separate occasions people have stopped me and asked stuff like "hey, did you DJ the Turf Club brunch?" and say some very kind things about my curation. Of course, I also immediately went back to BUYING a lot of records - shout out to Raoul at Flashlight Vinyl for making it so easy to drop a lot of money on a lot of reasonably priced 12" singles I never knew I needed - but now my thinking is not only "do I want to hear this in my house?" but also "how bad do I want to play this for other people to hear?" which is a really cool feeling. Thanks to the folks I DJ'd with for their patience and support - Sean Hansen, Amanda Moon, Dana Bogema. Thanks to YOU if you put up with my repeated spam invites and especially if you came out to hear some tunes. (Fortunately and unfortunately there are too many folks to tag here, but you know who you are and I hope I see you again!) Above all else I cannot thank enough MISTER Cruise Control on KFAI, Mason Butler for giving me opportunity after opportunity to ruin his and Vinyl Voices' reputation, but not once when we DJ'd together did he ask me to fade out early (although I did do that myself - once - too many kazoos), or to not play another breakdance track, or to not follow up Pop Will Eat Itself with Boris Badenough - and I even managed to (pleasantly!) surprise him a couple times, which gave me an indescribably great feeling. Also, this isn't related but I bought an enormous keyboard from him and Gretch in 2016 as well. ANYWAY. There will be more invites to more nights in 2017, if all goes well, and maybe by the end of THAT year I'll have settled on a DJ name. Thanks as always for readin' this far and for your support of me and The KZiM Archives as they ever expand!
31.12.16 02:23 
There's only one way I can close out the year, and it's with the 30th New Year's Eve with this song in our lives.

Thanks again for sticking with me through this project. It was a lot of fun to do, but I didn't do much of a job of connecting with you and/or stimulating any discussion or additional sharing. Facebook sure didn't help, of course, but it's mostly on me.

This page will stick around and I'll occasionally share stuff through it...that's the plan, anyway. We'll see what REALLY happens.

"...and a very Happy New Year from BBC One."

The JaMS
Burn the Bastards
30.12.16 16:23 
Be safe, everybody. Have a great weekend and a great 2017!

Drunk Driving
29.12.16 15:23 
You can feel it slipping away...

Radiohead vs. UNKLE
Everything In Its Right Place (UNKLE Sounds Edit)
28.12.16 14:23 
We're all living on Channel Z for at least a little while longer...

The B-52s
Channel Z
27.12.16 22:51 
Changed my cover photo
27.12.16 13:23 
These lyrics appeal to the hoarder in me.

Soft Cell
26.12.16 12:23 
Wow, it's all over this week. Went by too fast but couldn't come soon enough. Here's a classic from New Order assited by Shep Pettibone. Happy final Monday!

New Order
True Faith (The Morning Sun Extended Remix)
25.12.16 17:36 
25.12.16 17:06 
Wow...another Christmas death after thinking about James Brown earlier. And one more to add to the 2016 list. Bummer.

George Michael
A Different Corner
25.12.16 05:23 
Merry Christmas! James Brown died on Christmas (ten years ago today, in fact). That's sad but also means it'll be hard for me to forget. I hope you get everything you wanted today.

James Brown
Super Bad (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
24.12.16 14:23 
This is my favourite Christmas song - probably because it isn't one, but it really has that FEEL for me. The title translates to "Bells & Whistles" but they probably don't mean sleigh bells. Still...I hope it puts you in the same mood it puts me in whenever I hear it. I love Telex. Telex loves you.

Cloches et Sifflets
23.12.16 11:23 
Is it dubstep? I dunno, but I like to listen to it several times in a row. Have a great weekend!

Magnetic Man featuring Katy B.
22.12.16 10:23 
BAD II's "Kool-Aid" album is kinda weird - not quite "The Globe" but not quite where the original Big Audio Dynamite left off. A lot of tracks were reworked into "The Globe" but a lot of tracks were left in much superior form here. This was the closer and I love that vocoder bit so, so much.

Big Audio Dynamite II
When the Time Comes (Kool-Aid version)
21.12.16 09:23 
Remember when Depeche Mode invented ambient music? No, wait

Depeche Mode
Oberkorn (it's a small town) (Development Mix)
20.12.16 08:23 
Greatest non-waffles to come out of Belgian? YOUR CALL. They'll be back this weekend for a Christmas selection! Try to figure out what it could possibly be (unless you've seen me share it previous years, in which case keep it to yourself Mrs. Spoilers)

Raised by Snakes
19.12.16 07:23 
It's our last two weeks of the year and nothing but big time faves from me to take us out. We start this week with Kraftwerk's Karl Bartos' after-Kraftwerk project. Don't sleep on the "Esperanto" album - especially this single! B side in the comments later.

Happy Monday!

Elektric Music
18.12.16 06:23 
Stuck in the 1980s? Maybe this weekend we are.


Murray Head
One Night in Bangkok
17.12.16 14:23 
I gotta admit, I had no idea that there was a "censored" and "uncensored" video. I was more into the audio. Did you know Taco Ockerse released a SECOND album and I own it? Of course I do!

Puttin' on the Ritz
16.12.16 12:23 
Only three extended Fridays left in 2016. Where did the time go? Where? Where? Wheeeeeere?

Have a great weekend!

Soft Cell
Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go? (Extended)
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