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17.5 08:40 
Kris put it on. Still no skateboarding. Didn't any of these kids skateboard? I must be remembering my youth wrong.
17.5 08:40 
Started on the plane, ended at home
14.5 09:18 
Pretty good! Needed any skateboarding at all
8.5 07:05 
I was drunk and did not pay attention as I'm not into roasts and Tom actually did put me to sleep.... but I watched ENOUGH of it and figured it was probably a "movie" on L for some reason so here's my log. I do recall laughing a few times. I had no idea who most of the comedians were because I'm a senior citizen. I like Drew Bledsoe. Shout out to Pat Barker!
3.5 15:52 
This was terrible!

Kris liked it way more. He likes a lot of nonsense! (★)

27.4 14:18 
Kris put it on. Damn, it's 25?
23.4 18:10 
Kris made me watch it - still not sure why. This wasn't very good!
23.4 18:09 
Plane film!
23.4 18:08 
Watched it again on the plane! (★★★★)
15.3 04:36 
Hallie couldn't BELIEVE I, an alleged proper Minnesotan, had never seen this film. She said a lot of other stuff about it, too. So I done watched it.
Ya know, friends, I feel like our next conversation is going to be very awkward! (★½)
22.2 02:45 
So when I was told this was the Trash Film Debauchery selection of the month at Trylon, I cracked that I probably already owned this - then was shocked to find that indeed, I DID own it. (It's part of a 10 film collection called WOMEN WHO KICK BUTT that I surely paid ten bucks for at Best Buy a lifetime ago and probably never watched up to ten of the films)

Anyway, oh God it's so awful on so many levels. This would have been great to see in a full Trylon and not alone at home on the ol' DVD player. I definitely have friends who will want to watch this and it will be my mission to try to dissaude them and probably fail. Once you learn about this film, you can't escape its pull. (½)

22.2 01:26 
Somehow I've gone this far without ever having seen this OR being spoilered about it.

I wasn't ready!

(seen at Parkway) (★★★★)

27.12 01:49 
Having no idea what it was about going in other than I was probably gonna enjoy it because Michael Mann, my expectations were met and surpassed. What can I tell ya, I love me some Michael Mann. I laughed a couple times and my jaw dropped a couple times. Turns out I like Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz, whoda thunk? I would have had no problem if it had been longer. EASILY worth the $5.50 Tuesday rate although I think my Showplace ICON put it in its smallest, quietest theatre and I do wonder how it might have been on a huge screen with some bigger sound, but I can't fault them as I believe they filled nine seats for this 9:15 showing. I'M still happy, though, and isn't that all that REALLY matters? (★★★★)
25.12 04:32 
Plane movie! Wow, was she great.
24.11 05:33 
I LOVE me some "Internet" movies created just before most of the peeps had any clue what the Internet was about
23.11 05:08 
Still good
11.11 00:33 
Somehow I went almost 40 years without having seen this movie start to finish. Talking Heads are a rare artist I have always been pretty unenthused about so I knew hardly any of the songs. Good enough excuse to consume a large Riverview popcorn and Cherry Coke and later, Ad briefly fell asleep against my shoulder.
22.10 03:36 
Definitely not "The Venture Bros."

So much cussin'!

17.10 02:23 
Caught at the Fitz with "live score" by Claudio Simonetti's Goblin. Good music!

But dog, this film made ABSOLUTELY ZERO SENSE.

Just totally bananas.

I have so many questions. (★★)

22.9 12:18 Oh dear
10.9 03:13 
Adult Swim's playing it again so I guess I'm watching it again. It's still good!
3.9 23:15 
Adult Swim is airing it (AGAIN, as they premiered it two days ago - I watched it then, too, but forgot to log it). I prefer it without commercials! But it's been perfect hotel room fare for me both times it's been on. I'm still sad this'll be it.

(Somehow I've had the Metalocalypse movie on my hard drive for almost a week and haven't watched it. I'll try to get it seen before IT makes its TV debut with commercials.)

23.8 01:11 
Pretty matter-of-fact and almost exclusively focusing on 1982-1986, which - I mean, that's the Wham! time, that's fine - but like so many music documentaries I end up watching, even with an amazing amount of sound from the two principals this one just seemed to barely scratch the surface. I know Netflix only gave them 90 minutes, and I didn't give Netflix a dime so I can't be mad at anybody. I AM glad I had already read Andrew Ridgeley's book and could fill in some gaps on my own. I wonder if Shirlie has a book.
1.8 00:57 
It was fine. (★★★)
26.7 00:23 
Wow. Holy shit. Wow. (★★★★)
25.7 03:15 
Watched The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart
12.7 23:26 
Watched Drop Dead Gorgeous
7.5.23 22:34 
Started it at Kat's last week, finished it tonight. Didn't make me suddenly want Netflix
3.5.23 12:32 
Wow, Delta's in-flight entertainment system sucks ass - out at least the ghost constantly operating my console
3.5.23 12:30 
Plane film! I did fall asleep this time
28.4.23 12:02 
Kris' pick - some of it holds up (I am being kind)
14.4.23 04:38 
Kris demanded I finally sit through it, so I done did. What can I tell ya? I wasn't seduced by "improv Will Ferrell" then and I'm still not now.
13.4.23 00:18 
Plane film! It did not put me to sleep!
12.4.23 20:18 
Plane film! Just as tragic as I'd figured it'd be. (★★½)
3.3.23 04:57 
Acquired this for a friend and figured I needed to watch it too. It was good! It did NOT make me feel like I needed to watch "The Witches of Breastwick" again.
2.3.23 17:00 
A friend put it on as background - it was better than I thought it would be! I don't know why I'm surprised as I generally enjoy Julian Barratt stuff. I would enjoy watching it again when I'm actually paying attention and not simultaneously super buzzed off Hamm's
29.12.22 23:40 
Maybe not the best film to watch alone but definitely not a bad film to watch with a packed Parkway Theatre crowd primed by a Simon Husbands performance prior to the showing
27.12.22 03:58 
Roadshow 70mm edition, watched seven years ago tonight (★★★★½)
25.12.22 03:28 
It was on again so I watched it again. Way too much crammed in there but that's probably exactly what they were going for. Just as weirdly entertaining even tho I knew what was going to happen this time. Still wish Letterboxd correctly listed it under "The Fireplace." (★★)
19.12.22 16:25 
Managed to evade this one until now. Good golly, this plot had more holes than a cheesecloth and left me with so many unanswered questions I probably didn't want answered anyway. I'm sure the sequels clear everything up but I will be nowhere near ANY of them
12.12.22 02:50 
Truly, they were..... an Adult Swim Yule Log (★★)
27.11.22 03:14 
Distressing lack of Pharrell Williams, but it's nice to feel mostly caught up (I will probably not seek out the "mini-movies")
26.11.22 05:06 
2 was better
25.11.22 06:59 
Wow, I've learned so much about British succession
25.11.22 04:45 

(features "Happy (from Despicable Me 2)")

25.11.22 03:01 
Now it's truly a holiday weekend. I finally watched this thing!
8.11.22 02:32 
Well....I'm glad I stole it (★★)
14.10.22 07:15 
Hoo boy (★½)
13.7.22 04:50 
Today I was reminded - repeatedly - that I don't watch "Bob's Burgers" for the musical numbers. (★★)
7.7.22 23:33 
Watched my Criterion Blu-ray with the (Mann, Caan) commentary track on for the first time. RIP Jimmy.
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