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8.9 08:15 
Going in, I knew two MAYBE three things about this film:
1. Peter Falk
2. One of Allison's favourite movies
3. Nick Cave ???

This was one of those films I never would have seen on my own so I'm glad I have friends who get me out to stuff like this. I'm told I can skip the Nic Cage version but I'm now strangely curious?

11.6 00:14 
Great doc - 50 years somehow compressed into 2.5 hours. Of course, I wanted more. Maybe two too many superfluous "celebrities" (see if you can figure out who I'm referring to!) (★★★★½)
26.5 02:52 
Attended an honest to God birthday party last night and this was her choice for us to sit through. It was a good movie to drink beer to... thus, a perfect choice. Turning on the captioning definitely made it much better because sometimes you're not sure if the music you're hearing is dramatic, tense or mysterious. I really have no idea exactly how little plot I experienced nor why Amorous Boy and his Boy Family had no names. Was this the last thing Angela Lansbury had to do for the money before "Murder, She Wrote?" So many questions, so few answers. Spectacular special effects for 1984 but if I'd seen this when I was 13, I would surely have had some nightmares...and then been very disappointed I didn't see any actual R-rated stuff I would have HOPED to have seen at 13. Anyway, good birthday party. I may be ready to be social again after all.
21.5 03:49 
THE CLAW (2021) - Hard to believe it took eight years from my Kickstarter pledge for this thing to finally get finished and edited and make a festival debut, but it's still sweet to see my name in the credits near the top of the thanks. I hope it becomes more available way sooner. Probably not for everybody but if you know who Baron von Raschke is - or even just who Jim Raschke is - or like pre-WWF wrestling, you would find something to enjoy. (★★★½)
20.3 04:04 
DePalma + Travolta + Lithgow + Franz + 1981 = how did I not know this movie existed before tonight? I mean....I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's GOOD...but we all gotta be completists in our own way. SO ANALOG! (★★)
14.3 01:26 
6.3 05:05 
Kick ass
28.2 03:56 
Watched Reservoir Dogs
15.2 09:41 
Get this - Criterion Blu-rays look FANTASTIC
13.2 06:47 
I knew it would depress the fuck out of me and I still watched it. Sigh.
24.1 06:47 
Watched Source Code
19.1 03:47 
Somehow I've never seen this movie. I also apparently did high school COMPLETELY wrong and am glad I didn't find out until over 30 years after I'd finished.
19.1 03:46 
(It was better with a companion)
18.1 04:40 
What can I tell ya? It's no Skatetown, U.S.A. (½)
17.1 07:35 
What a truly baffling specimen. Whoever managed to get this out on an official Blu-ray after 40 years deserves sainthood - I suppose. Ya know, nobody should ever have to watch this alone, if only so every six or seven minutes you have someone to turn to and question every choice you've ever made in your life up until this moment. Of course, these are the COVID times, so I'm watching this alone - all that energy has been channeled into this thoroughly mediocre paragraph. Dorothy Stratten was murdered. Thank you, good night. (★)
15.1 01:24 
Well.....I wasn't BORED, but I was also very relieved it was only 15 minutes. I probably should have watched this a month ago but really, Christmas never ends during quarantine. (★)
31.12 22:01 
Thank you, VICE!
25.12 16:33 
I mean of course I'm'a watch it if it's on and nothing else is on
20.12 00:52 
A friend messaged me the Facebook page for this movie with the single word: "Why???" So....I guess I watched this on a dare. AND! I still can't answer his question. (★½)
30.11 09:13 
DVR'd so I could fast forward through all the ads
26.11 22:43 
No football, might as well let BBC America stretch a 2h55' movie out to four hours (PROBABLY won't spend 4h30 watching Part II, but stay tuned!)
26.9.20 04:15 
Watched You Don't Nomi
4.7.20 05:51 
Watched The Fifth Element
1.7.20 11:19 
Watched Kill Bill: Vol. 2
20.6.20 02:56 
Watched Ready Player One
13.6.20 23:55 
Watched Kill Bill: Vol. 1
13.6.20 00:31 
edited? for IFC
13.6.20 00:25 
(Edited for AXS TV)
8.6.20 01:15 
Watched Casino
24.5.20 01:53 
Watched Showgirls
24.5.20 01:53 
Watched Pulp Fiction