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27.6 16:22 
Passed on trying to get a selfie with the governor at the Stassen Building but at least I DID get to smirk with a mouthful of sugar cookie at the lieutenant governor as she was hustled out #rowr #shehasahusband #iworepantsforthis (Minnesota State Capitol)
18.6 17:52 
2023's latest innovation space for foods what taste like other foods is Jack Link deciding to team up with fellow Frito-Lay stablemates...umm, bring you new exciting tastes in dried meat. These have actually been around for months and more than one of you has been after me thinking this is something I'd be interested in, and you're right, but it took some intense messages from cousin Adam to finally get me to pay real cash to pick them up.

First, on the right, Jack Link's Flamin' Hot beef jerky. This annoys me right off the bat because Flaimin' Hot WHAT? Flamin' Hot Mtn Dew? Well, all that this is is another way to say "only kinda spicy." I don't even think the heat rose to the level of flamin' in any way. Maybe Minnesota spicy?

The Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos beef jerky, on the other hand, were complicated and delicious, just like your favourite purple baggéd Doritos. I'd definitely spring for them again.

One thing I didn't notice on these bags is that you're supposed to refrigerate them after opening. I always find it hard to believe one doesn't just eat the entire bag all at once...these're pretty small as far as serving size. Also, they're so heavily dried and preserved I have to think that's some lawyer talking.

These are also available as meat sticks! I bought them, too, but haven't cracked them open yet.
13.6 12:58 
Hey Minnesotans, you can get 8 more free rona tests if you haven't placed an order for June yet - I'll try to remind you just after July 1st, too :)
30.5 15:48 
Minnesota's making marijuana legal on a Tuesday. That's gonna make it a REALLY long weekend for some folks! 9.5 15:00 
Minnesota* people! If it's been over a month and you haven't taken one last opportunity to score eight more free COVID tests before they stop being free, take a minute to click on and put in one last order!

*and Wisconsin and Washington, I guess?

(EDITED to add live photo from my bathroom)
5.4.23 19:14 
Minnesota: We could do worse

Hey, I just accidentally developed a new state motto, too! RT
@d_feldman: It's just a mess.

Anyway I decided to make my own modest proposal. It includes the loon on a pond (much better symbol of the state), a reference to our amazing science an technology industries, a tree that actually grows here, and a brand new state motto IN ENGLISH.

Enjoy! 25.3.23 02:01 
Oh good, it's 2am helicopter season. AGAIN. RT @policeoverhead: Minnesota State Patrol aircraft #N118SP (a B407) was seen near Como Park, St. Paul, MN at approximately 06:36 UTC squawking 354 #MSP 24.2.23 11:39 
Happy Shen Yun Weekend to all Minnesotans who celebrate (and/or, more likely, celebrate Shen Yun ads finally ending) 20.2.23 01:55 
Three day weekend for everybody but the pigs flying noisy helicopter N119SP 17.1.23 11:35 
Not a bad day, I got to QRT both senators in the same minute (and have surely been placed on somebody's list as a result) 17.1.23 11:33 RT @SenTinaSmith: Minnesotans have a clear advantage in today’s @NYTGames crossword! 20.11.22 18:30 
Hooray the Vikings game is over and they can finally switch Minnesota TV to a competitive....err, 14 point game 17.11.22 08:07 
RT @GovTimWalz: Here in Minnesota, we stand with and value our trans neighbors. 9.11.22 13:42 
Hmm, I wonder how they'll weasel out of legalising marijuana THIS time RT @FlipMNSenate: The Senate DFL Caucus is thrilled to announce that we have FLIPPED THE MN SENATE! Minnesota's voters made it abundantly clear that they want to end the gridlock and move Minnesota forward. We celebrate this victory and are ready to get to work! #flipMNsenate 4.11.22 14:17 
I hope, after @keithellison is re-elected, he returns to Moon Palace for, like, a hundred new photos posing with the Antifa handbook 28.10.22 15:40 
Frank texted me back! It was WAY too long and I didn't read it. I suspect I failed to change his mind. 28.10.22 14:28 
Geez, wonder which 2008 Ron Paul voter list Martha's campaign bought 28.10.22 09:54 
@BullyCreative You can take the boy out of WCCO, but taking WCCO out of the boy... 25.10.22 11:30 
And now the all clear has been sent out as the suspect is in custody. As you were, everybody! 25.10.22 11:22 
New alert tightens up the "Shelter in Place" area to 36/Snelling to Larpenteur/Victoria in Roseville 25.10.22 11:05 
@melvincarter3 Thanks for a quick update! 25.10.22 11:04 
RT @melvincarter3: If you received an emergency alert notice on your phone today, the incident occurred in Roseville near Har Mar Mall & notice inadvertently went out wider than intended. More information forthcoming from City of Roseville. RT @wxminnesota: ***CIVIL DANGER WARNING***

All of Ramsey County including Downtown St Paul

Shelter in place - Homicide suspect at large described at 17year old white male

#MNwx #Minneapolis #EmergencyAlert
25.10.22 11:02 
The homicide was in Roseville near Har Mar Mall - yeeeeeeeaaaaah probably overkill to text me and everybody else all the way over here 25.10.22 10:59 
But guys, fix that typo, please, I get really obsessive about that kinda stuff 25.10.22 10:58 
Guess it's legit - it's on - but this seems like a needlessly large area to blanket with alerts to me. Fortunately I'm no longer walking home! 25.10.22 10:53 
I'm just saying I'd find this more believable WITHOUT the typo 13.10.22 17:14 
HAHAHAHA he even said the thing on TV, Reggie's the man RT @ReggieWilsonTV: Hockey night in Minnesota.

You know the vibes.
#StateofHockey #MNWild 25.8.22 23:49 
THIS, ladies and gentlemen - and all those to whom neither term applies - this is why I eat and drink whatever the heck I want when I'm on the Minnesota State Fair exercise plan.
9.8.22 22:56 
Note to every candidate's proxies who texted me repeatedly before the primary: glad your guy lost, losers! 9.8.22 20:04 
I keep refreshing but there are no results, c'mon guys it's been almost five minutes 9.8.22 15:07 
Hey, you there - the Minnesotan.

Have you voted today?
Or are you gonna? You have until 8.
5.8.22 13:43 
Whoa! The police HAVEN'T found the guy who fired his pistol in the Mall of America? 15.7.22 15:24 
RT @mnhealth: News Release: Minnesota joining other states to roll out 988 mental health crisis lifeline on July 16 24.6.22 14:25 
Stolen from Ollie, but maybe you know me and don't know him.

I will now throw my hat in the ring and offer to host a vacation to Minnesota to any of my out-of-state female friends who find themselves needing one. I can offer a place to stay and transportation to whatever scenic sites one may wish to explore.
14.6.22 21:36 
Made it to the big Malört "Welcome to Minnesota" party and I may already have regrets (Mortimers) 10.5.22 19:28 
@FiddleElphier No no I'm NOT running. NOT 10.5.22 19:10 
All these choices are terrible but I always said I'd only run for governor as a Republican so you wouldn't have to vote for the pillow man in the primary and fortunately I don't see him here

(Check that, I remember ALSO saying I'd run for governor if it would get me
@verified) RT @JohnCroman: For the record, here's the slate of gubernatorial candidates on this weekend's Minnesota GOP convention endorsement ballot. The official candidate filing period runs from May 17 to May 31, so technically many others could still file to run in the August primary. 20.4.22 18:58 
Wow! Big if true. Have you thought about talking to the governor about how to make this happen for the state? RT @GovTimWalz: It's time to legalize adult-use cannabis and expunge cannabis convictions in Minnesota. 29.3.22 17:37 
Four more free tests by mail for Minnesotans "for a limited time" so go ahead and just click right now

(Shared from Order Your Free At-Home Rapid Tests / COVID-19 Updates and Information - State of Minnesota)
Order Your Free At-Home Rapid Tests
29.3.22 17:34 
RT @GovTimWalz: Minnesotans, we’re making it even easier to get a COVID test.
Order your free at-home test online starting today: 19.3.22 14:44 
RT @HennepinSheriff: The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office offers free Opioid education and Naloxone training classes. The next class is Tuesday, March 22 at 5:00 pm and it is available in-person and virtually.

Register for class by clicking on the link: 10.3.22 15:29 
@swampynomo Don't get me started on our gubernatorial candidates 10.3.22 15:06 
Hey remember when our county sheriff got suuuuper drunk, drove about a hundred twenty-[Delta]eight, crashed his SUV, lied to the responders while reaching for his gun belt AND didn't resign or even lose his license? Good times 10.3.22 14:53 
*I* am asking that the State Patrol park the helicopters they already use every f'in night for unnecessary surveillance and trauma to our neighborhoods and return the money to the state RT @mollypeonies: The MN State Patrol is seeking $45 million for more helicopters. The hearing is today. 24.2.22 00:22 
RT @GovTimWalz: Here in Minnesota, we stand with and value our trans youth. 14.2.22 20:01 
@OOWrestling Well, it's the men right now, but I guess they're also cute in their own Minnesotan way 4.2.22 16:31 
To be fair, Walz also wanted Hutch to resign and Hutch responded by reaching for some more Delta 8 gummies, so maybe I won't hold my breath on that RT @MNReformer: NEW: Gov. Walz calls for further limits on no-knock warrants after police kill Amir Locke in predawn raid via @mnreformer 3.2.22 11:33 
RT @entertain_mn: A leader in the Twin Cities reggae scene for three decades, Jamaican singer Lynval Jackson is providing a much-needed warmup to Minnesotans now with his band's new weekly Bunker's gig & this weekend's annual Bob Marley tributes. 9.1.22 07:52 
.@paulinaporizkov Call me - Minnesota's closer than you might think (although yes, is as cold as you think - but my house is warm?) 8.12.21 12:59 
23 minutes from the emailed press release from the DPS/State Patrol to Sheriff Hutch's mea culpa here on the tweetie Older entries Mastodon