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Wed 16:14 
BY THE WAY #mspwx
23.12 02:46 
It's warmer now that it was when I took my post office walk. It's frickin' 45º's pert near 3am. Shorts weather! And by noon it's s'posed to start snowing a foot of snow? WEATHER, MAN. WEATHER MAN. #mspwx
13.12 22:04 
Did you use a typewriter to compose this tweet? RT @NWSTwinCities: And Eau Claire reports in with O.6 inches. #wiwx
22.10 10:11 
20.10 22:50 
Official measurement at The KZiM Tower: 7" - that DEFINITELY makes it a record. A 45, in fact.
17.10 15:39's drizzling. I think I'll drive
17.10 15:00 
Gonna walk to the station - it's 53º yet somehow it's supposed to drop ten degrees by the time I walk home. Maybe I should find the ol' fingerless gloves
25.9 17:02 
I guess fall has arrived
8.9 17:13 
Yes, in long sleeves for the post office walk. I have feelings #mspwx
14.8 19:57 
Oh shit tornado sirens #mspwx
14.8 19:32 
Ian Leonard out here showing off his geography skills - we get it, you know where every county is, sheesh
9.8 12:47 
Ooh weather #mspwx
5.7 15:42 
DANG is it allowed to thunder this much without giving me some rain and cooling this shit down?
1.7 13:00 
Tornado siren test time, everybody!
1.6 15:33 
Like clockwork - June 1 to October 1
14.4 15:13 
It's snowing again
12.4 18:14 
Sometimes it shows on Easter
9.2 10:17 
1.2 14:05 
Shorts weather!
12.10.19 10:38 
UPDATE: The first pair of jeans I tried on still fit, so that's a relief #reluctantpantsseason
9.10.19 15:05 
Speaking of real October problems, it's ALMOST too sunny for me to sit on the porch attempting to view the screen of my Chromebook - ahh THERE'S a cloud in the right place #mspwx
17.9.19 02:02 
I should not be 1. this sweaty 2. this late at night 3. this late in the year 4. by myself
16.7.19 15:54 
Radar is totally empty, except for the thunderstorm directly over my house. That's an interesting feeling--HOLY SHIT THAT'S LOUD how do I still have power?
15.7.19 12:12 
 Pretty. Pretty hot, I mean - Mississippi River Gorge Scenic Overlook (Saint Paul, MN)
29.6.19 12:05 
I'm too hot to care. I have resisted as long as I could. Yes....I've dragged the window AC unit from the attic to my bedroom window. Now... I just have to find the right way to break it to Kris that he can't sleep in my bed tonight
15.5.19 20:44 
Time for the weekly look out the window (YouTube: Retro Weather Barry ZeVan 5/15/2019)
11.4.19 14:47 
17.3.19 17:32 
Wow, so it was FIVE years until I unboxed and assembled this rake! Not that it did me any good, since I didn't also knock down my next door neighbour's cord-cutting deathsicles. Lessons learned
23.2.19 17:24 
I loooooooooooove that it was warm enough to sit on my porch for a while. So what if there's another blizzard a few hours away? At this point I'll take what I can get :)
12.2.19 02:01 
I don't wanna say the weather's been sucking, but since Sunday I've done all my laundry and watched 30 episodes of "Yu-Gi-Oh!"
4.2.19 18:59 
It's not that I'm afraid of ice; I'm just afraid of breaking both my ankles and my car
30.1.19 03:13 
My house being built in 1910 (if Hennepin County is to be believed) only half explains the super interesting noises I've heard it make tonight surrounded by -27ºF outdoor air
30.1.19 02:32 
We've hit the forecast low, but have we truly bottomed out yet? STAY TUNED #mspwx
29.1.19 21:45 
Here's an official reading from the KZiM Tower
29.1.19 21:40 
Below -20, the old transmitter goes offline
29.1.19 20:23 
I never thought I'D be the one saying this, but... don't feel that just because it's stupid cold you need to go do something stupid
21.9.18 15:11 
I'm drinking hot tea. Is summer over?
18.9.18 03:57 
Sheesh, rain usually HELPS me sleep! But gunshot cracks of thunder are almost always super unwelcome. SO. I'm gonna listen to "The Sicilian Defense" for the first time and see if that helps (because you only learn about lost Alan Parsons Project albums at 3.30 in the morning, but you can find them online by 3.31...)
18.9.18 03:24 
OK NOW I'm awake 🌩️
2.8.18 14:23 
 Gotta get my freebies (and some salad) but first... an extended stay in the refrigerated beer section - Cub Foods (Saint Louis Park, MN)
28.5.18 13:47 
I don't know how accurate these readings are but I'm definitely getting the F outta this house and into a lake STAT - c ya!
22.4.18 18:53 
@georgerosar Man it's shorts weather
16.4.18 11:38 
Update: NOPE
16.4.18 11:35 
Official measurement from the back steps. I'm ALMOST over it. Now, let's see if I can actually get to work or not...
14.4.18 17:14 
Nope. I just can't. I have just enough Chex to make another batch of Chex Mix, though, and I do have pizza rolls, so I should be OK. No beer but plenty of cocktail ingredients. Lots of NBA & NHL Playoffs. Several stacks of records I haven't listened to. Still, I hope our largely inept plow operator will have shown up to do the alley (while not leaving a wall of snow against my garage door in the process) by the time I feel like escaping for the Pokémon GO Community Day event tomorrow. Otherwise....I dunno, see ya Monday? Stay safe y'all
14.4.18 15:07 
Yes obviously I slept 12 hours in bed because I'm ready for the effing snow today, effing effbook
13.4.18 21:30 
Sorry I'm late....there's weather or something
13.4.18 17:58 
Gotta get "graupel" trending in Minneapolis #mspwx
8.4.18 08:25 
20.3.18 11:15 
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