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23.2 18:50 
Well this was a wonderful age test (which I passed) RT @TheAVClub: Kenny wasn’t like the other kids: An oral history of MTV’s Remote Control
25.9 18:49 
Oh wait, perhaps EVERYBODY'S albums are "undefined" - if I weren't convinced @MTV_Live weren't 100% robots I'd try harder to get someone's attention
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25.9 18:45 
I wanted to see what watching music video in 2020 was like, so I dialed up "MTV Live" and found that
1. They can't spell
@theweeknd correctly
2. They listed a null pointer for his album (probably because of above)

Cool video tho - trippy
2.5.20 10:55 
Aha! Right where I remembered it - thanks Ollie!
28.7.16 18:42 
RIP VH1 Classic - Hello MTV Classic
25.8.13 23:00 
It CAN'T be just coincidence that they put the roman numeral over the moon man's eyes to make him look extra dead, right? #latetweets
1.8.11 12:39 
Catching up on all my "anniversary" tweets - I can't get too excited about #MTV30 unless they're rerunning AMP episodes from 1997