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5.5.23 14:40 
Bound and determined to finally take some selfies with Kris while I stayed over - I didn't say GOOD selfies because we still haven't figured that bit out yet - I am late on thanking him for drawing the short straw and thus having to put up with me for the longest amount of time during my trip. He did manage to get me to one WWII museum along with two pretty good shows AND a bonus performance at The Joiners, too damn much walking in Southampton, London and Portsmouth, fine dining at foreign versions of Taco Bell and McDonald's; bulk dining at Cosmo, what can best be described as the UK version of a Golden Corral (under great protest as he has a strict moral code usually preventing buffet attendance), letting me drag him to record store after record store where he would inevitably buy a record or two despite not currently owning a working turntable, always letting me look down every aisle in the Sainsbury's or Lidl or Iceland or whatever, and on and on. He once again!
introduced me to many sexy mf'ers, all of whom were very accepting of me right off the bat - I COULD take partial credit for that, but this isn't that kind of post. Most importantly, he and his two flatmates greeted me with open arms and an open flat and were very forgiving when I occasionally failed to keep it as quiet as I should have. Having a full jar of Nescafé crystals for me upon arrival was the most brilliant move I've ever experienced from a "tea only" guy and I was so continually grateful every morning I was able to enjoy a cup. Proud of us for managing to stay awake for most of three NASCAR Cup races together and several NHL and NBA Playoff games separately. I know there's more to say and it'll all leak out eventually - or it'll wait until the next time he's back here (probably sooner than we think). Thanks again to my Bri-ish bro-her - I love you - see you in a few shakes.
9.4.23 19:00 
Boy am I tired of hearing that lady sing about how she's got a heart like a truck #NASCAR
20.2.23 05:54 
(I did find the questionably legal YouTube copy of the entire race, so I guess I can sleep in now)
20.2.23 04:53 
Come on, FS2 - you're my only hope
20.2.23 04:52 
Wow, FS1 is really working SO hard to make sure my DVR can't capture the last 10 laps of the Xfinity race
19.2.23 17:39 
Looks like ol' Noah Gragson got #SQUAREDUP am I right
19.2.23 17:38 
Oh wow they completely missed showing us the big wreck live? I am surprise! (hums "Fox Sports Theme")
19.2.23 17:36 
Boy, FOX sure loves their useless camera angles - ooh yeah daddy let's look at that pavementcam again #NASCAR
19.2.23 16:05 
19.2.23 15:59 
@JayJayDean @NASCARONFOX Now hold on, let's let the rest of these ads play out. (Billionaires do not buy $4.99 wigs online btw)
17.2.23 20:52 
Dear @Google - @craftsman on line one
16.2.23 16:46 
NASCAR welcoming back @tapemachines properly RT @bobpockrass: WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair to be an honorary race official for the Daytona 500.
7.2.23 17:25 
@ryderfakin I don't even think they DO that anymore! I'll have to recheck some day
7.2.23 16:46 
@ryderfakin A couple good points, a couple wtf utter crap points, do people get paid to write this? Why didn't I get paid to write this? (We both know why)
7.2.23 11:11 
@NateWittkamp @bobpockrass Yeah, just saw the latest FRM tweet. Thanks!!
7.2.23 10:15 
@bobpockrass FRM's tweet said Zane's in the 38 for five races, so doesn't that give Todd 31 races? And they both run Daytona.
5.2.23 21:39 
Good ol' NASCAR - the race ran so long FOX had to rush away and totally miss showing the podium "moment" of Truex getting his gold medal
12.11.22 22:37 
Boy I miss NASCAR RT @NFL: Rodgers vs. Prescott…Enough Said!

#DALvsGB -- Sunday at 4:25 pm ET on FOX
: Stream on NFL+
23.10.22 13:30 
I was gonna stick around to figure out how the Pack would find a way to lose to these guys but

Hey, NASCAR's on
16.10.22 14:00 
Hey NASCAR's on
9.10.22 18:49 
I know it's hours after the checkers, but did NBC ever show us Bell's pass for the lead? Ever? @NASCARonNBC
1.10.22 14:06 
Holy cats, can the FS1 crew be any dumber? The caution was out LONG before they were at the line
25.9.22 19:09 
Boy this race is kind of a fiasco, huh #NASCARPlayoffs
9.9.22 19:43 
FOX isn't any better tonight, completely ignoring the choose cone on their 1 to go shot
9.9.22 19:39 
Welp, NASCAR's two for two on not needing to throw yellows, so at least they're consistent
9.9.22 16:01 
@tapemachines And we're sure the "sources" aren't just some NASCAR fans pulling a rib on ol' Shams
4.9.22 21:48 
Nice of the NASCAR race to end in time for me to catch the Rick & Morty premiere #TelevisionIsVeryImportantToMe
21.8.22 14:18 
@DaleJr RT @DaleJr: I hope I never hear the words “lightning clock” again. @NASCAR
21.8.22 14:16 
RT @DaleJr: I hope I never hear the words “lightning clock” again. @NASCAR
7.8.22 17:37 
But NASCAR's on RT @IanColdwater: Hey Minneapolis! Go outside, it's pretty out
7.8.22 14:34 
Great cause, but that typo makes me twitch. Good thing they don't try to cash the big cheques RT @bobpockrass: Erik Jones presents a check for $20,000 to the Melanoma Research Foundation. His father died from melanoma in 2016.
1.8.22 09:20 
@bobpockrass @NASCARONFOX Bob, anybody taken back to R&D this week? I didn't see you mention any last night
24.7.22 14:56 
Coca-Cola's gotta be, like, a bazillion dollar company. WHY DO THEY ONLY HAVE THE SAME AD AIRING OVER AND OVER DURING THIS NASCAR RACE
26.6.22 21:01 
26.6.22 16:54 
I think they should race through it. Somebody getting struck by lightning would get hella ratings @NASCARonNBC
2.6.22 12:49 
#tbt A decade ago, I took ownership of 24 cans of boiled peanuts by being the sole entrant in a "create a video about NASCAR's David Ragan and his sponsor, Margaret Holmes Peanut Patch boiled peanuts" contest, where I spent most of my 60 seconds talking about his teammate David Gilliland instead. Needless to say, this is EXTREMELY niche content but as CRZ fans, I know how you are here for it. I think I still have 20 unopened cans in the basement if you're dying for some boiled peanuts (which I am sure do not need a freshness date).

(Shared from Christopher)
29.5.22 23:09 
(The Coke 600 was pretty good except I dislike the guy who won it, thanks for asking)
29.5.22 19:03 
Bowyer: Wow Larson's car is still on fire!
Me: Wow! Can I see it?
@NASCARONFOX: MAYBE after the ad break
29.5.22 16:12 
@tapemachines Bro the Coke 600 bro
13.5.22 00:02 
@tapemachines Come back to NASCAR bubba
2.5.22 11:07 
Hey NASCAR's on, make sure your DVR is recording FS1
18.4.22 08:48 
@tapemachines You used to LOVE NASCAR
17.4.22 19:09 
After many of you encouraged me to pick up a bag, and as Jesus himself wrote in the Bible, there is no more proper celebration of His resurrection on this fine snowy Sunday than taking in the NASCAR dirt race while enjoying a bag of Lime & Jalapeño Ruffles Presented By Noted Non-NBA Playoff Participant (And Los Angeles Laker) Anthony Davis.

You taste the lime! You taste the jalapeño! What more could you ask? I think these are fine flavours but I'm not sure it's a proper POTATO chip flavour. I am a big fan of the jalapeño Fritos Scoops (and now want to squirt a lime on them) and of course tortilla chips intro'd this varietal to the masses, but potato? Might need a sour cream based dip to truly complete the experience, but I didn't plan that far ahead. Still and all in all... another fine Ruffle from the NBA expert snack designers.
9.4.22 19:45 
UPDATE: I have successfully completed the "don't open your bag of Fritos until the green flag" challenge #NASCAR #raindelay
8.4.22 21:36 
#NASCAR #endless #endless #endless
8.4.22 21:28 
Oh for the love of Mike Joy #NASCAR
8.4.22 19:12 
Well, the NASCAR is back on - enjoy your Butch show! #SmackDown
3.4.22 18:30 
NASCAR was pretty good! Now to attempt to get through four hours of WrestleMania without falling asleep halfway through, like I did last night
2.4.22 13:52 
@ryderfakin I woke up to watch NASCAR instead of NXT, so
27.3.22 18:10 
I wonder if Undertaker is still watching this race @NASCARONFOX
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