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14.6.23 14:09 
Speaking of weird Oreos, on this day I tried the period ones
13.6.23 22:07 
Cotton Candy Oreos! (Did not buy!) Hey Jamez they still got the blackout cake ones but probably not worth a special trip
26.5.23 13:51 
Lotta people asking me when I'm gonna eat the S'mores Oreos but since I already had them two years ago, I'm passing this year.
14.2.23 21:07 
I think we all knew it was only a matter of meta
(Target Store Richfield)
27.11.22 23:02 
All right, I've sat on these long enough - time to crack open and sample this year's holiday Oreo, based on my faaaaaaaavourite homemade cooky as a kid, the tasty and fun to say SNICKERDOODLES. As it is in its OG form, the cinnamon has a prominent starring role and they hit the proportions just right. I always wonder how non-chocolate Oreos will hit but the cinnamon takes it from tasting like some of their more graham-like recent selections. The use of big fat sugar crystals (see: red and green flecks in the crème) adds a welcome textural element to a the traditional crunchy/creamy usual Oreoness. These will probably go faster than is advisable. THERE WILL BE NO VIDEO.
21.4.22 00:37 
Last one - I have always regarded "Oreo Thins" as an abomination, and the existence of this ridiculous varietal only reinforces my belief that I am correct
26.5.21 12:22 
Last night I returned to close encounters of the social kind by heading to Kelsey's (I guess no longer) new place for a birthday party/outdoor movie night for Clovis, making a rare Minnesota appearance along with Chris. I figured this was a great opportunity to get a lotta Oreos out of my house so I subjected party guests to the sampler platter. I also bought three more from Cub because I love trying one or two cookies and then dumping them all at somebody else's place. There were some "vintage" ones in here - the fireworks Oreo no longer popped; I think they were the oldest (freshness date in 2018, don't tell) - the love Oreo sparked debate about whether they were stale or just full of weird, quite florally fragrant filling which altered our perceptions. The new ones were S'mores (great! Think they've been out before), Java Chip (better than expected!) and fake Nutella (very disappointing! I had high hopes and the cooky and filling just didn't work for me). T!
here's still one stranger out there who will revisit my old YouTube videos and every few months will demand I record a new one. I'm thinking about becoming an OnlyFans creator because they seem way too oddly into whatever I'm doing to trigger his fetish. No shame in that, of course - especially if I can make a buck off it. These Oreos could pay for themselves! Anyway, please don't dip your Oreo in the hummus, thank you.
22.3.21 23:43 
Tried 'em. I reckon they'll take at least six months to finish