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15.11 00:36 
I'm afraid of Big Sur.

Hell, I'm still on Mojave.
18.10.15 14:55 
RIP my MacBook Pro's keyboard, once and for all. (2008-2015)

So, I don't know if you want to offer any advice or not, but I'm listening! Over here I'm still on Snow Leopard (MacOS X 10.6.8) - how much would I hate life if I bit the bullet and bought a brand new MacBook Pro with whatever garish O/S they're serving up these days? Would I be better off going to eBay for another ancient laptop at probably 1/6th the cost? All I mostly do is web browsering, text terminaling and Photoshop Elementsery and I like iTunes 10 almost as much as I hate iTunes 12 (for example). On the other hand, everything would probably feel way faster on a processor that isn't 7 years old...

(I'm using a Bluetooth keyboard with the laptop for now, if you're curious, but I knew this was always a stopgap measure.)
30.8.15 19:41 
"defaults write -g NSScrollAnimationEnabled -bool false" is my jam
11.3.15 12:32 
@grumpymartian Ha! This is on my work (Windows 7) laptop - I'm still on Snow Leopard as long as I can get away with it
22.10.13 14:34 
Hmmm, I'm still on Snow Leopard - wonder if I should give in to Mavericks, or if it will totally hose my laptop
25.7.12 11:39 
But I'm still getting used to Snow Leopard!
20.7.11 15:31 
I....still haven't installed Snow Leopard, actually. Sorry.
23.6.11 00:31 
My old PowerBook G4 now has its THIRD internal hard drive - this one's a 160G Samsung ($50 from eBay) and I'm puttin' NOTHIN' on it but OS X
31.3.10 02:52 
Last chance! MacUpdate Spring Bundle. 10 Top Mac Apps worth $400 for only $49.99. PLUS I just got AppDelete for free!