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19.5 04:28 
True story: back at the beginning of February I bought a semi-cheapo refurbished Macbook Pro which came with a 90 day return policy - would you believe its battery apparently managed to last for exactly 90 days PLUS one week before "disappearing?" Shady!

It's 4am and I shouldn't be thinking about taking this thing apart to check the connection,, really, I'm going to sleep RIGHT NOW, dammit, and I'm certainly NOT going to just lie awake thinking about this until it's time to log in to work and THEN fall asleep, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not....

(I'll probably eventually take it to the Apple Store and have a Genius look at it for me to see if it needs a new battery or to be resnugged to its logic board. It still works just fine with the power adapter for now, but it was always meant to be a "backup" and not really meant to be tethered to a power cable 100% of the time - and after looking at the iFixit instructions, no there's no way in hell I'm opening this thing up and fiddling about with its innards hehehe)
18.10 15:11 
OK, after seeing the $2500-6100 price tag for the new MacBook Pro, maybe I CAN afford $800 for another 2015 refurb
15.11.20 00:36 
I'm afraid of Big Sur.

Hell, I'm still on Mojave.
18.10.15 14:55 
RIP my MacBook Pro's keyboard, once and for all. (2008-2015)

So, I don't know if you want to offer any advice or not, but I'm listening! Over here I'm still on Snow Leopard (MacOS X 10.6.8) - how much would I hate life if I bit the bullet and bought a brand new MacBook Pro with whatever garish O/S they're serving up these days? Would I be better off going to eBay for another ancient laptop at probably 1/6th the cost? All I mostly do is web browsering, text terminaling and Photoshop Elementsery and I like iTunes 10 almost as much as I hate iTunes 12 (for example). On the other hand, everything would probably feel way faster on a processor that isn't 7 years old...

(I'm using a Bluetooth keyboard with the laptop for now, if you're curious, but I knew this was always a stopgap measure.)
30.8.15 19:41 
"defaults write -g NSScrollAnimationEnabled -bool false" is my jam
11.3.15 12:32 
@grumpymartian Ha! This is on my work (Windows 7) laptop - I'm still on Snow Leopard as long as I can get away with it
22.10.13 14:34 
Hmmm, I'm still on Snow Leopard - wonder if I should give in to Mavericks, or if it will totally hose my laptop
25.7.12 11:39 
But I'm still getting used to Snow Leopard!
20.7.11 15:31 
I....still haven't installed Snow Leopard, actually. Sorry.
23.6.11 00:31 
My old PowerBook G4 now has its THIRD internal hard drive - this one's a 160G Samsung ($50 from eBay) and I'm puttin' NOTHIN' on it but OS X
31.3.10 02:52 
Last chance! MacUpdate Spring Bundle. 10 Top Mac Apps worth $400 for only $49.99. PLUS I just got AppDelete for free!