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8.1.23 19:02 
Good work, everybody!
8.1.23 18:55
1.1.23 18:03 
@hansen9j @DustysNe Ooh, Saturday is just as likely since I'd surely be doin' the radio while it happens. Probably MORE likely since I also didn't know about the Hawks wrinkle
1.1.23 17:56 
I can now reveal that last week when I agreed to play records at @DustysNe with DJ Jeff Recommends on the night of Sunday the 8th - that moment was when I knew I had cursed the Packers/Lions game to get flexed
1.1.23 15:58 
1.1.23 15:40 
Goodness! #GoPackGo
29.12.22 17:13 
JUST IN: I've been invited to be the Special Guest of Downtown Jeff at his monthly vinyl residency at Dusty's! By accepting, I have probably also guaranteed that the Lions/Packers game will flex into the Sunday Night Football spot...but Dusty's has TVs and let's face it, you don't need to HEAR the game - you need to hear Australian punk 7" singles and ... I dunno, probably "Sandstorm" by Darude since I know EXACTLY where it is in this house. Event link is comment numero uno!
13.11.22 19:12 
@mumblecrunch Oh no, I totally agree with you. My expectations couldn't be much lower for the rest of the season
13.11.22 18:57 
Wow, I forgot what a win felt like. It feels pretty good! #GoPackGo
13.11.22 15:44 
At least this Vikings overtime game is taking a chunk out of me enduring the most overhyped Cowboys/Packers game in NFL on FOX history
2.10.22 18:24 
Don't these teams know I have a concert to get to
25.9.22 18:26 
Phew - now, back to this NASCAR lightning clock
25.9.22 16:12 
"Lazard puked" is now a trending topic
25.9.22 16:11 
Did FOX catch Lazard puking? Of course they did
19.1.22 08:03 
Listened to Green Bay Packers - G-Force
19.1.22 07:26 
This wasn't it

Bobby P. - Green Bay Packers
19.12.21 18:52 
@LegsWet History says Bucs, but you know me...I'm an optimist. Or maybe the wrong guy gets the rona at the wrong time
19.12.21 18:27 
3.11.21 11:47 
It's hard to pick between "turns out he's unvaccinated" and "shilling crypto on Twitter" when it comes to how A-Roj has disappointed me this week. I guess at least when he was shilling crypto on Twitter he was still gonna play on Sunday
28.10.21 22:33 
10.10.21 15:24 
Mason Crosby: automatic #GoPackGo
10.10.21 14:51 
Leave it to the Vikings to find every Minnesotan way for me not to see the end of the Packers game
26.9.21 22:31 
26.9.21 22:26 
Well at least they only need a field goal to win
26.9.21 22:25 
26.9.21 22:13 
Oooh they listened to me! #GoPackGo
26.9.21 22:05 
Way to run that clock down, A-Rod
12.9.21 17:26 
Whaaaaaaat I could have been watching Cleveland and Kansas City this whole time
12.9.21 17:16 
Boy watching the Packers isn't any fun
6.2.21 02:06 
Welp, haven't had a cigar for a decade. Stupid Packers. Stupid Buccaneers.

(Shared from Christopher)
3.1.21 18:02 
Okay, I feel a little more confident #GoPackGo
6.12.20 15:48 
6.12.20 15:45 
Okay, three more Arby's ads and THEN we'll join the Packers game in progress?
6.12.20 15:41 
I just feel like I could have been watching the Packers way earlier but Vikings gonna Vike
29.11.20 20:39 
Okay, I woke up from my unintentional nap - I see Green Bay has a huge lead they're ready to start blowing - let's see if my juju can counteract tape's juju
18.10.20 16:44 
All right let's check in on the Packers OH NO
8.10.20 22:33 
Why didn't the Bucs run the ball when it was 19-17? I guess it doesn't matter, Bears still have those timeouts they would have had to spend anyway. What I'm saying is #GoPackGo
19.1.20 18:54 
Boy this has been a rough half to watch
12.1.20 20:53 
Never doubted 'em. #GoPackGo
12.1.20 18:11 
I'm still trying to figure out how the ref can admit there was a fumble upon further review, yet still take away the timeout claiming an unsuccessful challenge #GoPackGo
12.1.20 17:57 
@MikePereira Doesn't the ruling of a fumble mean the Packers should keep their timeout?
9.9.18 22:31 
Yeah maybe talk about that Randall Cobb guy being pretty good too
9.9.18 22:12 
Oh shit, they scored too soon #GoPackGo
9.9.18 20:25 
Well THAT was a fun season
1.2.18 14:41 
#tbt The last time I smoked a victory cigar, for XLV. Hard to believe it's been seven years since the Packers won a Super Bowl (c. late in the evening, February 6, 2011)
15.10.17 20:22 
@DublDownDrew Probably keeps them exactly the same
15.10.17 14:28 
Well, let's just watch NASCAR for the rest of the game
8.10.17 18:32 
Never doubted 'em
8.10.17 17:55 
17.9.17 21:25 
Hmmmm, maybe I WILL stop watching this game and go to the pub
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