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17.1.23 19:29 
RT @TonyKhan: Sadly, Jamin Pugh has passed away. Known to fans as Jay Briscoe, he was a star in ROH for over 20 years, from the first show until today.
Jay and his brother Mark dominated ROH, reigning as champions to this day. We'll do whatever we can to support his family.
Rest In Peace Jamin
4.5.22 21:00 
Oh wow match ended at the top of the hour, what are the odds #AEW
4.5.22 20:59 
Only 50 minutes left in the time limit! #AEW #ROH
4.5.22 20:40 
You know how when there's an indy show at your local high school they always have the principal get in a good shot on the heel in the main event helping the face win? Starting to think that's NOT the big plan for Coach Harbaugh in the ROH Women's unification match tonight #AEW
6.4.22 20:41 
FTR have some lovely Whiskey Bravo Victor trunks #AEW
6.4.22 20:38 
Hell yeah Bobby Cruise #ROH #AEWDynamite
2.3.22 19:08 
Tony Khan: It was 21 years ago...
Rob Feinstein: lol I'll pretend u said 18
12.11.15 15:03 
Oh, right, ROH is in Hopkins Saturday. (I'm not going... @Kingofages? @RyanFnPollard?)
4.1.15 02:59 
@thecubsfan I'll go if you and @tapemachines go
10.6.13 20:34 
Bryan Danielson met Tyler Black thrice in first 12 ROH on HDNet mains:
10.7.12 00:27 
Why not? RT @rohcary: Why bother...
27.9.11 21:03 
I'm the Guru of Ring of Honor Wrestling!
25.9.11 19:21 
RT @realkevinkelly: @crz I agree. Prazak is terrific. HD is in the works #onestepatatime
25.9.11 19:16 
@realkevinkelly No offense to you and @McGuinnessNigel but there's gotta be some room on the show for @DavePrazak's headset. (Also, HD)
24.9.11 21:03 
Aw, geez, @ringofhonor isn't airing in High Definition? To quote @BookerT5x, "You gotta be kidding me!" (cc: @realkevinkelly)
24.9.11 12:15 
RT @realkevinkelly: Looking for Ring of Honor on SBG Networks?
24.9.11 12:13 
Don't forget! New @ringofhonor TV premieres TONIGHT - in our market, that's @thecwtwincities at 9PM, but check your local listings! #findroh
28.6.11 17:05 
RT @rohcary: I love the new logo
21.5.11 18:24 
As is usually the case, to people who follow such things what's most interesting about the #FindROH press release is what/who ISN'T included
11.5.10 03:36 
I hope @ROHonHDNet and @Lagana won't mind that I went on a bit of a rant...since I'm still watching!
24.4.10 16:44 
RT @Lagana: Watched Richards/Edwards for TV title flying to Chicago. Go out of your way to see this on Monday on @rohonhdnet and @HDNet.
30.3.10 19:55 
#TNA iMPACT! 1 hour earlier next Monday; that's good - 24 also earlier + @ROHonHDNet back from break in same timeslot; that's bad
15.3.10 19:42 
The Kyle O'Reilly/Tony Kozina match on @ROHonHDNet did NOT end with someone running out and squashing both of them! OH MY GOD GREATEST EVER
23.2.10 23:49 
Also, this @ROHonHDNet description doesn't seem quite right: "Tyler Black & Austin Aries meet Austin Aries and Kenny King in tag."
4.1.10 19:51 
You people have missed a perfectly fine episode of ROH on HDNet!
30.11.09 19:18 
Ring of Honor, I wish I could quit (watching) you.