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1.4 14:44 
Well, it was a good run, but I finally unfollowed Ron Paul. I also can't believe I held out this long
25.9 14:08 
Geez, he REALLY overreacted to that YouTube warning! (Glad he's still here.) RT @RonPaul: Message from Ron Paul: "I am doing fine. Thank you for your concern."
3.7.17 18:33 
(CAUTION: Rare "political" post by CRZ follows)
Say, that Ron Paul fellow still makes some interesting points on occasion
8.11.16 12:29 
RT @crz_ebooks: Back to work...and now, Ron Paul presents YOUR #RAW Sign of the Night: SAY NO TO FIAT CURRENCY
17.9.14 19:54 
Disappointed that Rep. Ellison voted against auditing the Fed...again...but not surprised
2.2.14 16:16 
@illustrousbeast Ah, well, a lot of folks rent space in that building. I haven't to the RP space since before '12 Conventions
2.2.14 16:12 
@illustrousbeast Oh, that! I'm sure it closed after the campaign.
2.2.14 15:54 
The what now? Log into The W, you're logged into The 7; was that your question? @illustrousbeast: how do I or how can I get into the 707?
7.1.13 14:56 
RT @RepRonPaul: ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Vote Shows How Washington Really Works
3.10.12 21:28 
Romney had no trouble saying no to Ron Paul, though. #debate
13.9.12 15:08 
Hmm...usually he mocks Ron Paul supporters. MT @kwatt: When the Fed Bank buys something, where does that money come from?
28.8.12 23:02 
@MayorRTRybak @SamSeder Anybody watching C-SPAN at the time knows what happened - and even that Harpers article has an update now
28.8.12 23:00 
@MayorRTRybak @SamSeder Come on now. Ron Paul's folks were railroaded by the RNC today - you need to see the minutes before that clip
19.5.12 14:49 
Congratulations to Team @RonPaul for taking another 12 of 13 #MNGOP delegates to the Republican National Convention - that's 32 of 40 total.
25.4.12 12:59 
RT @RepRonPaul: Oppose CISPA!
14.4.12 15:37 
Am hearing that my congressional district convention elected a clean sweep of RNC delegate AND alternate spots with folks pledged to Ron Paul. So... all you dudes reposting "photos" about Santorum can probably stop now. Optionally, you can start worrying about Paul. ;-)
21.3.12 01:43 
@EllieAsksWhy I will spare you my 2008 PhotoShop masterpiece "Pope Ron Paul I" - actually, I will NOT spare you:
21.3.12 00:21 
@EllieAsksWhy How to put this in 140 characters or under... "I disagree." Mostly was pointing out what I presumed was unintentional irony :)
20.3.12 23:51 
@EllieAsksWhy Well, I don't know from AZspot but I agree that most troops support Ron Paul as the candidate most opposed to making war
20.3.12 23:29 
Precisely! RT @EllieAsksWhy: "The uniformed military loves Ron Paul" Why? If he had his way, they'd all be unemployed.
17.3.12 08:54 
Coffee badly needed
16.3.12 20:04 
I just ousted Ken S. as the mayor of The 707 (anarchist/agorist/ron paul hangout) on @foursquare!
13.2.12 22:03 
And now, Ron Paul presents YOUR #RAW Sign of the Night: SAY NO TO FIAT CURRENCY
7.2.12 19:59 
Straw polls! 2-6: Paul 7, Santorum 2, Gingrich 1, Romney 0 - 2-5: Paul 10, Romney 5, Gingrich 2, Santorum 1, write-in 1 #MNGOP
26.1.12 01:12 
Ron Paul @ Southern Historical Convention, 9/30/03: SIP review the flag, alt. angle (Web Archive)
22.1.12 14:18 
I know you all hate Ron Paul, but I hope you can look past that as he's the one actually doing something about trying to get NDAA sec. 1021 repealed. If you believe the Bill of Rights shouldn't be suspended for Americans on American soil just because the government claims "terrorism," please let your Representative know you support HR3785! Bill text (not very descriptive) at
19.1.12 15:08 
Do YOU feel safer now that the US government has seized MEGAUPLOAD? I'm just saying: MAYBE give Ron Paul another look
3.1.12 22:14 
Oh, wow - Ron Paul brings out the guy #CNNElections cut out earlier - almost DARING them to cut him off this time
3.1.12 22:09 
Ahahahahaha, man I love Ron Paul. He doesn't care how frightening it sounds when he says "we're all Austrians now"
3.1.12 21:59 
With Ron Paul projected to finish third, I think we can now expect the media scrutiny to completely disappear - along with all the coverage
3.1.12 20:56 
I know it's just coincidence, but when the #CNNElections camera cuts out JUST as the soldier voting for Paul starts talking about Israel...
3.1.12 20:23 
Turned to FOX News - Top 3 results in alphabetical order instead of in numerical order so @RonPaul is always first; strange choice for them
3.1.12 20:08 
I think Ron Paul's razor-thin Iowa lead correlates to the all-important "was gonna vote for Gary Johnson" vote #CNNElections
3.1.12 19:45 
Turned to Current - it only took about 15 seconds for me to hear Mr. Gore lie about @RepRonPaul - click
22.11.11 15:42 
Ron Paul's campaign just polled me! I knew it was them because they didn't hang up after I told them which GOP candidate I'd caucus for
14.11.11 13:45 
Just robocalled for @MNGOP caucus poll - but they disconnected before finishing list of candidates...wonder what they'll say my response was
28.8.11 19:39 
I just became the mayor of Minnesotans for Ron Paul!
28.8.11 19:39 
God bless America! - Minnesotans for Ron Paul
26.8.11 15:58 
Minnesotans for Ron Paul
14.8.11 15:53 
@AbbyJrZero I'm still with Ron Paul, but in '08 I stopped short of calling myself "a Ron Paul Republican" - but that's MY problem
1.8.11 12:23 
I know...I love Ron Paul and you don't. Read this anwyay! RT @RepRonPaul: New column posted - When a Cut is Not a Cut
13.5.11 14:39 
Ron Paul officially announces one more run
1.5.11 23:15 
Where does one even GET a Bush/Cheney sign in 2011? (I'm just kidding - I still have a couple dozen "Ron Paul for President" signs)
20.2.10 18:00 
This Nationwide race is ALMOST boring enough for me to consider watching CPAC instead - oops, it's over - hey how about that Ron Paul