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3.3 16:59 
@tapemachines Wow, I had thought maybe it had just been a one week anti-Pepe gimmick and that's why I didn't remember it.
3.3 16:56 
Okay but what's with Heenan's.... raccoon?? RT @tapemachines:
10.2 23:27 
Hey was there an ALL ELOTE WRESTLING sign on Rampage tonight or did I just imagine that OR should I have trademarked it before I started this tweet
20.1 16:26 
Ooh, I still get that network!

(I'm sure I probably still won't watch it) RT
@WONF4W: MLW Underground relaunching as new series on Reelz
5.1 21:53 
@HackmanRSPW Can't make it; Saturdays afternoons are radio days. Why start so early?
5.1 21:00 
Oooooooooooh RT @masonbutler: This is on Saturday and I'm psyched.
16.12 11:31 
Oh! By September, WWF's creative for Chaz (largely relegated to "HeAT") was a bit where Marianna claimed Chaz was beating her up. CRASH TV
16.12 11:26 
Good thing I wrote all this down 23 years ago, I guess.
16.12 11:24 
"Well, Michael Cole, all due respect to you and to the creative team of the World Wrestling Federation, I've been down gimmick alley before. ... I'm Chaz, I'm a kid from New Jersey, I'm here to have fun and THAT'S what I'm gonna do." - @ChazMosh, June 28, 1999 #RAW
16.12 11:22 
See, the GENIUS of Vince Russo was that the character's name was actually HARRY and we didn't give him time to let the angle BREATHE...

Harry Cleavage had one match on the May 31, 1999
#RAW and it went so well they did a "worked shoot" to scrap the gimmick three weeks later
16.12 11:21 
Cleavage vignette. ... Or maybe it's "Harry Beaver." Oh, who cares. I mean, *snigger snigger* the WWF Brain Trust has DONE IT AGAIN! GENIUS! BRILLIANCE! It works on SO MANY LEVELS. Awww, fuck it. - CRZ, 17 May 1999 RAW recap
16.12 11:08 
There's the Cleavage house! And there's...Mosh...and there's... "Does Mother's little hairy beaver want some of Mother's milk?" And it's in black and white and there's some sitcom laughter and boy it sucks. Oops, another snap judgement! - CRZ, 26 Apr 1999 RAW recap RT @The_W: Vince Russo defends the "Beaver Cleavage" gimmick | Old School WWF
10.12 02:21 
@tapemachines WOW gets it - they air at noon AND midnight in my area. Of course I just let it expire off the DVR, but at least I record it!
20.11 20:10 
@luchablog 10 Things People Should Know About This Article (and 5 other things they might also want to know), Explained
17.11 05:07 
@SeanOrleans @tapemachines DAMNN
15.11 13:42 
@masonbutler Why does he sound like Cactus Jack
14.11 10:43 
@luchablog Looch.
4.11 14:52 
Didn't this account tweet out wrestling "news" once? RT @WONF4W: WOL: Bryan gives an odd update on our YouTube F4WLive service sign up deal.

It might be 20%, 50% off, or the established $9.99 for your first month.
7.9 08:30 
I'm now ready to consider the possibility that it wasn't all an elaborate work RT @WONF4W: Report: CM Punk & Ace Steel to be suspended or fired by AEW
4.9 22:31 
Whoa! AEW set the main event to start after Rick & Morty! Everything's coming up Zimmerman tonight
24.8 19:02 
Hey wrestling's on
17.8 19:42 
JR HAS to know his last word's gonna get cut off by a hard ad break by now and I'm sure he doesn't care #AEWDynamite
17.8 19:27 
Some synergy - it's been half an hour and I STILL haven't seen a single ARM DRAGON #AEWDynamite
15.8 17:26 
@OOWrestling Nopers.
9.8 19:56 
I'm hearing that they didn't buy the XFL from him. It was a company he bankrupted and shut down. They purchased IP from the court.

But still.... so happy for you looch RT
@luchablog: Vince McMahon spent more money on NDAs ($19.6 mil) than the Rock and Dany Garcia spent on buying the XFL from him ($15 mil)
5.8 13:42 
@luchablog Let's hope it's not TOO steaming
2.6 13:09 
I still love ya FLEA (but please don't call me):
A thread for the old "IWC" headz RT
@ryderfakin: 1) It's been official for two years now, but it's more like 12. He can say it was about money (no) or me riding his coattails. No shit I did. Playing second banana to Hyatte was better than first chair anywhere else.
2.6 01:49 
Sadly, my DVR cut off at 9:01 while Dynamite just kept on rolling past 9:04
29.5 23:37 
Looks like the AEW crowd still needs a little training, standing and looking to the entryway after a ref bump like this was Russo-era WCW
29.5 23:34 
RT @luchablog: Please don't show the crowd when a man is covering the other man after hitting the second man's finisher
29.5 23:24 
Did this social media site really go all day without a single person tweeting "Hey who IS this 'AEW DoN' anyway?"

I mean, not even Don Callis?

Or that NXT Aww Yeah mobster dude?

Okay that's the only joke I got - you've been beautiful
29.5 23:09 
Sadly, none of my friends told me I could still burn fifty bucks and tax to see the big big AEW Championship match, but I forgive you - in fact, I'm kind of proud of you for ignoring Tony Skeeavone THAT many times
18.5 19:36 
Do WWE and AEW have different DraftKings ladies assigned to them
4.5 20:43 
(Sorry I didn't tweet that earlier, I was busy calling all my friends to let them know Coach Harbaugh was on TBS and they should immediately switch from the Wild playoff game and they all hung up on me #AEW)
4.5 15:38 
Right where I left 'em
Go WALKING! down memory lane or something RT
@HaveTilFive: Just found a bunch of @CRZ recaps.

"1992-1994 Prime Time Wrestling and RAW, 1998-2002 many shows" says the description.

Shit he even reviews WXO TV (and if you don't got it, get it... And if you don't get it, figure it out!)
27.4 20:40 
@luchablog ahhhhhhhhh my face my face
8.4 17:27 
Was Tonio K worried we'd all be bored this Friday afternoon without his newsworthy dump? Good lookin' out bro, thanks for the dozen "parody" tweets I've already had to endure because of it
6.4 20:41 
RT @luchablog: This is the first AAA Tag Team championship match to include no Mexican wrestlers since Go Shiozaki & Atsushi Aoki defeated Takeshi Morishima & Taiji Ishimori for these belts in 2010.
6.4 20:39 
I dare TBS to let them go 60 minutes #AEW
6.4 20:02 
@CoolMojo I retired undefeated!
(Just don't try too hard to fact check that and we'll be fiiiiiine)
6.4 19:25 
As a former king of the IWC (1998-2002), you know I know what I'm talking about in 2022 when it comes to this sport of ours.

How can any impartial observer not come away with the inescapable conclusion that today's AEW crowds are about a BILLION times better than WWE crowds are?
30.3 21:05 
Maybe I was just listening more closely than normal but it felt tonight like there were a lot of segments where the ol' AEW commentary team was reallllllllllllly laying on the talking points super thick
29.3 00:39 
Anyway, have a listen to Rick Martel's WCW theme:!details?id=325248
23.3.22 19:30 
Are AEW changing satellites every 15 minutes or what
22.3.22 19:59 
@D_V_D_V_R Did Cheatem blow up the boat? (Was that the thing with the thing)
22.3.22 14:40 
@OOWrestling I think you just renamed him to Kevin Owns (I know I'd use that forever)
18.3.22 11:52 
CSRO is also my favourite Canadian radio station RT @WONF4W: Claudio Castagnoli files trademark for 'CSRO'
9.3.22 21:06 
@funkomatic Go sit in the corner. I CLEARLY spelled it with a "z"
9.3.22 20:58 
Would you REALLY like to show off your EXTREME music licensing skills? This one's for the real heads: #AEW #HardyBoyz
9.3.22 20:57 
Would YOU like to license the Hardy Boyz theme? A chatbot is standing by at EXTREME MUSIC: #AEW
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