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Wed 20:16 
Did Chavo Jr go to Good Look Ink or what
16.7 14:38 
Wow, is it Phantasio Day already? RT @ovppodcast: ON THIS DAY in 1995, Phantasio made both his first and final WWF television appearance
5.7 20:59 
@luchablog CMLL welcome to DM you tips
30.4 19:17 
@luchablog Wow! You and WONF4W somehow took THE EXACT SAME SCREEN GRAB what are the odds
26.4 21:11 
I think when I convinced FLEA to join Twitter 11 years ago (holy cow) it was just to make sure nobody else squatted on his username - in retrospect, I may have overworried. Now if you'll excuse me I gotta re-register RT @ryderfakin: 11 years ! thanks @CRZ ! Who, by the way, has a better falsetto than Shameee. " only have 40 followers, youse a nobody!". Well, fuck, I tweet a dozen times a year, but more in 2020 because people dropped dead. Thank You to everyone for great content and entertainment ;-)
13.4 02:37 
@MisaRox Thanks! For a moment there I felt like Carol Alt on the Family Man.
7.4 13:13 
7.4 13:13 
It's the seven year anniversary of the screen grab of Jeff Jarrett's spellcheck-on Global Force Wrestling press release!! via @The_W and @The_7 #JointheForce
(automatic Don West clip request for
26.3 10:33 
@luchablog I was gonna ask YOU
22.3 02:53 
Hey Twitter, these things do not belong together
13.3 02:57 
UPDATE: THREE copies of the May PWI available at my local grocerie
12.3 11:39 
12.3 11:39 
@luchablog Congratulations, influencer!
27.2 23:01 
@tapemachines Same! (Didn't buy)
27.2 22:46 
@tapemachines Down to two copies for sale (if they ever had more than two, I do not know)
26.2 23:20 
@luchablog Lo siento
8.12 21:52 
I think we should all be concerned that a day may come when Cubs will come to realise they're too old for this shit and then we no longer get to read gems like this RT @luchablog: I watched the entire run of Heroes of Lucha Libre. You should not do that.
8.12 21:12 
@luchablog Better grab your balloons and invite your friends
20.10 16:32 
I guess Bryan and the other non F4W fellow talked about Retribution. I'm severely disappointed that I was set up to hear the word "geeks" and it didn't happen but maybe you gotta be a paying subscriber for that
20.10 16:25 
Hey so did the Figure Four Radio shouting guys shout about the commentators not being able to read names on graphics last night? Usually I'd have seen an Observer retweet on that by now but I may have missed it
9.10 02:24 
@tapemachines I also enjoyed "Security Slim Jim" or was it "Slim Jim Security"
26.9 15:41 
Both why I never listen to wrestling podcasts and also never had enough stroke to start my own! RT @d_henney: Wrestling podcasts in a nutshell. Run a promotion into the ground, get largely blacklisted from the industry, start podcast shitting on others who have run promotions into the ground and have been largely blacklisted from the industry. And watch the boner pill checks roll in
24.9 10:34 
11.9 08:37 
If you keep watching this GIF....Duggan eventually makes it out to the ring. Trust me trust me trust me trust me RT @tapemachines: the man who would be king
30.8 19:30 
If I were still recapping, he'd be KEITH "GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS" LEE for at least ten years
25.8 12:24 
Just bought my copy! (h/t @grumpymartian) RT @MattFnWallace: Lovin’ issue 1 of WRESTLING WITH GENDER, a ‘zine by and for trans and non-binary pro-wrestling fans. It’s filled with art, poems, really incisive, beautiful essays, a primer on JOSHI FASHION WHAT YES. Congrats to editor @tweedslacks and crew. Get yours:
6.7.20 10:53 
RT @wrestlenomics: Introducing this 3-min survey.

Your participation will help our understanding of wrestling fans' media habits & company favorability.

Knowing fan groups can be over- & under-represented, I'm making an effort to distribute broadly. RTs appreciated.
18.6.20 21:46 
Got some interesting messages today. I've been largely blissfully unaware about the State of Recapping Wrestling Shows on the Internet, and that appears to have been the correct course of action. (A POINTLESS THREAD OF 11 TWEETS)
26.5.20 11:00 
@the_rafiki1 Ha! Accurate.
25.5.20 03:38 
@tapemachines Why on earth did somebody blur out the "Superstars of Wrestling" banner??
21.5.20 22:10 
@tapemachines Maaaaaaaaaaaaan I would have run that nickname into the ground back in the day if only I'd have known about it
8.5.20 18:35 
@KesslerLou @rohcary @TimHornbaker @PWInsidercom @IanRiccaboni @davemeltzerWON @StevenCorino @ScrapDaddyAP @ostpies @OldWrestlingPic @Starshot9 @mattfarmer93 Rhode Island, 1986
22.4.20 19:35 
Nice to meet you, Alex/Marcus. I'm CRZ. Yes, I got jokes. See, Jake Atlas and Tony Atlas are really BROTHERS RT @marcus_faze: @CRZ Is this a joke?
8.4.20 10:50 
THE MASTODON RT @luchablog: magazine debut of Tinieblas, 1969.
30.3.20 19:24 
Smart money's on Mr. Three Question Marks RT @WONF4W: AEW introducing TNT Championship, tournament to begin on April 8
4.3.20 12:36 
@luchablog AND on that graphic you retweeted!
(Maybe this is redundant)
5.11.19 17:17 
@tapemachines MICHALES
7.10.19 19:27 
(followed immediately by a TNT AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite spot)
29.8.19 16:53 
@tapemachines At this taping, Backlund finally did clap the CFCW on Savage, which was supposed to be the final "get that hold over" segment but for whatever reason, Vince decided against using it.
25.8.19 17:26 
@tapemachines "Best dropkick in the business!" is the only thing I'm sure anyone in WWF ever appropriated from me
20.8.19 02:05 
@lurklurklurked @tapemachines Absolutely Big V's finest wheel kick ever and I pop every time. Jericho later said this was the match that made him think about quitting but they're both so great in it. And of course somehow I'd gotten comped to be there live to watch it myself:
20.8.19 00:50 
@tapemachines I've got a killer Viscera/Jericho HeAT match for you when I get home
15.8.19 17:11 
@tapemachines Well, it was taped...with soundalike drop-ins for the name

What $9.95 gets ya: />
I'll never forget this segment
15.8.19 16:08 
@tapemachines I KNEW that was coming! But in 2019 what I notice the most is how much I love young Mike Chioda's placid lack of reaction
13.8.19 01:54 
@tapemachines Ya know, I don't get to link to 25+ year old r.s.p-w threads enough:
24.5.19 02:07 
Hey guys did you hear Marv Albert mispronounce Chris Jericho's name tonight
8.5.19 15:21 
@luchablog @mattfarmer93 Sam Muchnick (first!)
26.3.19 18:39 
This is my kinda tweet RT @D_V_D_V_R: Usual reminder - Not everything posted on social media is a shoot. (Insert that emoji where ever appropriate).
26.2.19 20:04 
@allnewtpir 2019 (reality): C. R. Who?
11.1.19 05:53 
I am contractually obligated to point you to my fairly mediocre r.s.p-w recap of WWF Monday Night RAW Episode 1 every January 11th:!original/ /> (or )
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