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4.12.16 17:56 
RT @The_7: 7 YEARS AGO: RIP "Umaga" Edward Fatu: March 28, 1973 - December 4, 2009
26.10.16 18:18 
@hansen9j @The_W oh wait you're not responding to @The_7
23.10.16 15:18 
Has it really been seven years since it was seven years since... RT @The_7: 7 YEARS AGO: Has it really been 7 years since the Katie Vick RAW?
11.3.16 23:34 
One of my finest moments RT @The_7: 7 YEARS AGO: HE JUST WANTS A DAMN SANDWICH
8.1.16 15:15 
Perhaps my finest investigative reporting
19.12.15 16:02 
It holds up - let's pass it around again!
30.3.14 19:22 The 7 topics of interest: February 2014
30.3.14 14:21 
RT @The_7: 7 YEARS AGO: WM23 - could it suck really badly?
27.3.14 17:00 
The 7 gets a little Reddit luv
5.2.14 21:28 
@hansen9j You burnt
27.9.12 11:44 It's sure looking good for HD DVD! (MS, Intel Back HD-DVD)
2.8.12 14:40 
wwe​.com '05: "After verbally agreeing to terms with WWE, Brock Lesnar has decided to withdraw from any involvement with the company" @The_7
16.5.12 00:19 
Seven years ago tonight, @CMPunk faced @freetarian on "Sunday Night Heat:" (it's on YouTube...but the sound is AWFUL)
29.4.12 03:44 
Hard to believe it's been 7 years without Chris Candido - read @tapemachines Scott Christ's tribute again at
2.2.12 16:40 
@The_7, your Klout Score is 13 (I'm a 45). Check out your @klout profile today!
4.11.11 12:26 
RT @The_7: 7 YEARS AGO: Obama: I'm not running in 2008....
27.10.11 12:12 
Visit @The_7 today! Seven years ago today we annoyed the entire @The_W userbase by celebrating the Nintendo DS in text
22.10.11 19:08 
Here's @JayJayDean on Theo Epstein, 7 years ago: "I guess you could try it again with the Cubs." via @The_7
18.4.11 13:34 
Say what you want about the quality of @The_W in 2011, but according to @The_7, 14 of 26 threads started on 4/18/04 were banished or deleted
24.3.11 12:31 THIS page is still up! Maybe I'll finally get around to performing my own tally. (Probably not.) (Drunkard Top 40)
24.3.11 12:29 This site is still up!
21.3.11 11:25 
I'm sure @dhm and the Phanatic are marking this anniversary RT @The_7: 7 YEARS AGO: Kaboom goes the Vet
17.3.11 01:06 
15.3.11 17:19 
3.3.11 15:34 
Today we remind pro wrestling fans to mark @The_7 years since we all learned hilarious "lol ill pretend u said 18" joke #findROH #smileyface
1.3.11 00:20 
Wow, I guess we know what happens to @The_7 on "leap days" - we push 24 hours of content out in 1 second
28.2.11 16:15 
I wonder how @The_7 is going to handle its first leap day...
24.2.11 14:53 
Seven years ago today was "Grey Tuesday" - just TRY finding "The Grey Album" (or even in 2011!
4.2.11 15:58 
Via @swampynomo and @The_7: seven years ago tonight, Mike Richter's number was retired. #rangers
6.1.11 11:30 
It holds up! (Well...not really.) RT @The_7: 7 YEARS AGO: Loudmouth Philly columnist SLAMS Green Bay (cc: @dhm)
14.10.10 00:12 
Happy Steve Bartman Day, everybody! (via @The_7, in about 22 hours)
21.7.10 12:45 
RT @The_7: 7 YEARS AGO: wasting time on a monday.....
1.7.10 16:38 
Ever wonder what @JohnOrq was writing instead of screenplays in 2003? RT @The_7: 7 YEARS AGO: The Pedigree
3.6.10 20:42 
Hey! A very special anniversary - put a cork in it. RT @The_7: 7 YEARS AGO: No no NO, please no Sosa!
1.5.10 01:04 
Miss Elizabeth died seven years ago today. :( @The_W @The_7
3.2.10 16:04 
7 years! RIP Lana Clarkson RT @The_7 7 YEARS AGO: Music Producer Phil Spector Held in Fatal Shooting
12.1.10 19:21 
@BackoftheHead Are you going to tweet your RSS feed or manually tweet from here? (Email me if you wanna talk how @The_W + @The_7 do it)
17.9.09 09:46 
All done catching up - it's safe to follow @The_7 again (but maybe give it a couple hours for everything to fall down a page or two)
16.9.09 00:28 
Oh, it's more like a THOUSAND missing tweets from @The_7? That'll be harder to "sprinkle" - on the other hand, who's following? Nobody!
15.9.09 17:06 
Welcome back @The_7! Suspended for 6 weeks but Twitter said it was a mistake. Just over 500 missed tweets...debating resending all of 'em
21.5.09 16:56 
RT @The_7 7 YEARS AGO: One Year Ago... (getting kinda "meta" with the recursion - OTOH thread's about HHH)
10.12.08 13:19 
Everything old is new again - beta test The 7 at (and follow us on Twitter with @The_7 !)