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Sat 16:21 
An hour of your requests and an hour of 2021 and perhaps even some intersection coming up at 5 (CST)!
Fri 22:34 RT @UhhFiver: Here we are starved to be told anything about ourselves. #SpotifyWrapped
Thu 12:08 @tapemachines Why is Maxx' junk
Thu 10:15 First omicron variant case in the state (and Hennepin county): "The person spoke with MDH case investigators and reported traveling to New York City and attended the Anime NYC 2021 convention at the Javits Center from Nov. 19-21."
Thu 10:13 First omicron variant in Hennepin country: "The person spoke with MDH case investigators and reported traveling to New York City and attended the Anime NYC 2021 convention at the Javits Center from Nov. 19-21."
Wed 06:47 RT @whataweekhuh:
Tue 20:45 
Also, I know I repeat myself but whoever writes Vic Joseph's scripts should know in 2021 that it's not a backslash in that URL #NXT2point0
Tue 20:42 
@japulmah I would say they are, but I'm now definitely looking forward to crowd doing the wave during War Games
Tue 20:30 
Perhaps - PERHAPS if the show itself were more fun, the "universe" wouldn't have to go into business for themselves trying to make their own fun. Just my two pennies, folks RT @japulmah: @CRZ How dare these Double Double E Drones have fun!
Tue 20:07 @grumpymartian Not me this time
Tue 20:04 
NXT 2.0 crowd: dominated by six chanting idiots. When did making air raid siren noises for every windup before a move become so innovative, fresh and hip? ECW! ECW! ECW! You love to see it
Tue 18:44 @vespadaddy So....NOT Hulk Hogan, then
Tue 10:22 RT @DollarBinShow: Attention, attention - today's episode is CD LENGTH (76 minutes). See you at noon on FA2!
Mon 09:30 Maybe after Jack steps down they'll finally start releasing inactive usernames and letting local radio personalities/wrestling recap writers from 29 years ago qualify for verified status
26.11 22:35 The struggle is real - even after essentially sleeping all day I still needed almost two hours of nap after a full refill of Thanksgiving leftovers
26.11 19:16 
is that
is that the real sword
26.11 17:47 @luchablog Time to get you @verified
24.11 18:08 @Omaholic Is that......mizithra
24.11 12:31 #engagement
24.11 10:57 @WedgeLIVE This has gotta be one of those "only during sweeps" TV news reports
24.11 08:16 RT @whataweekhuh:
23.11 15:42 
Snake oil, yummy RT @bobpockrass: Supplement Focusfactor will be the primary sponsor for 26 Cup events next year for Erik Jones.
23.11 12:37 @dhm I'd click on that link but I'd sooner roll around in my grave
22.11 19:43 
WAYBACK MACHINE: "Yeah, apparently Herb Kunze's on line one - he's saying something about how he loves shoot comments that weren't meant to be shoot comments" RT @ScrapDaddyAP: Whoever hatched this terrible scheme should come forward NOW.
22.11 16:22 RT @FirstAvenue: ‼️ RT TO WIN ‼️

Win a pair of tickets to see
@pre_occupations & @metz at @TurfClubMN on Nov. 30

PLUS a limited edition 7" vinyl by Preoccupations
22.11 09:36 What a strange sensation hearing all the water in every radiator in the house slowly making its way down to the basement and out what I hope is a hose to the drain
22.11 08:50 RT @HennepinSheriff: Sheriff Hutchinson & HCSO offer free classes about the dangers of opioids, signs of addiction, treatment options, the proper administration of Naloxone, and more. The next class is Nov. 23 at 5pm and available both in person and virtually.

Sign up here:
21.11 21:42 
@tapemachines Believe it or not, AWF is still on buying time on KSTC and doing very little with very little:
21.11 21:14 
They should just ask the cameraman who's been in that room the entire night #SurvivorSeries (I figured it'd just hatch into a Gobbledy Gooker of course)
21.11 19:05 
What the shit is this shit @WWE
20.11 15:38 @masonbutler Lemme tell ya about Cub's 99¢ apple fritters
19.11 20:21 
Patty Mac, earlier: Boy Sonya never stops making boneheaded decisions on Smack. Down.
Patty Mac, moments ago: Boy Sonya batting a thousand tonight
19.11 20:04 
Hey uh so is that uh the real sword #SmackDown
19.11 19:55 
Ah, yes, Bruno Sammartino, the most over WWE performer at Sunday's Survivor Series #SmackDown
19.11 19:43 
Boy don't WWE love sucking all the shoot out of letting the Universe deign to want to believe something may not actually be a work
19.11 19:17 
RADIO RADIO: Guest hosting @Truebritradio tonight at midnight CST! Then I'll be back 15 hours after that show ends to present another @KFAIweekend on Demand!

@kfaiFMradio : 90.3 /
17.11 16:53 @guruzim Uhhhhhhh we had none of these growing up unless I blocked something out
17.11 14:59 TAG @MTG4Eva ! RT @FirstAvenue: Just Announced: First Avenue’s New Year’s Eve Danceteria on Friday, December 31.

@Espada316, DJ Michael Grey, and @dudeitsrowsheen with @djsmitty

On sale now →
17.11 05:54 RT @whataweekhuh:
16.11 12:53 @allisoncollage @baphometadata I'm in of course
15.11 19:16 "Something went wrong. Try reloading." Nah maybe Twitter should back out whichever changes broke their web feed, how about trying that
13.11 15:20 
Better get out of bed and brave the snow - I got a @KFAIweekend show for you at 5PM CST!
13.11 02:04 @ddt4dayz @tapemachines It's Beth Phoenix. Wow, the album's only 11 minutes? Maybe I will listen to it after all.
12.11 18:53 
RT @DJDanielson: Massive lines for the gimmick table. #aewrampage
12.11 18:53 
@jkalyn Wouldn't be right without you babe
12.11 16:37 Aw man, the Nothing show sold out and the Sound Unseen afterparty was cancelled. Now I have no excuse to leave the house (as opposed to before when I'd have to make excuses to not leave the house)
12.11 10:57 @keithellison @SpiritAirlines This reply may not age well
12.11 10:14 @dhm Who was, like, "let's prominently display a giant Band-Aid up front"
12.11 02:45 @funkomatic I was just happy mine still fit
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