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Fri 14:50 RT @MemeIndustrial: The More We Know ⭐️
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Thu 20:49 
That's so Minnesotan
#Aurora 1 #glory 1
(really an own goal by Green Bay BUT IT COUNTS)
#aurora 1 #glory 0
Thu 15:45 Wow today sucks RT @AlanWhiteYes: Alan White, our beloved husband, dad, and grandpa, passed away at the age of 72 at his Seattle-area home on May 26, 2022, after a brief illness.

Gigi, Jesse, and Cassi
Seattle, WA

Thu 14:25 WHAT THE FUCK RT @depechemode:
Thu 12:12 
RT @efetusmpls: Check it out... @aaronraitiere had some fun with a Single Wide Dreamer test pressing and we're going to give it away. RT to ETW and we'll pick a winner Friday at 10am. Winner must pick up prize in the store.
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Wed 11:37 RT @whataweekhuh:
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Tue 20:30 (Literally a month ago, looks like)
Tue 20:28 
OK obviously I only watch NXT Aww Yeah about once every two months... when did "Mister" Stone lose his first name?
Tue 12:33 @grumpymartian I hope you desire a fog machine!

Sorry, wait.

ANOTHER fog machine
Tue 11:16 @swampynomo @therealtblake @_TheNational Ugh pineapple no thanks
Tue 00:15 D'OH

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Sun 15:18 @RobKennedy70 Right?!
Sun 15:15 You gotta be kidding me

Heardle 80s

Sun 15:13 #Heardle #86

Sun 12:43 @jkalyn Oh wow - this kinda is not surprising? But I'm not sure Austria would be my first European destination of choice
Sat 12:04 #Heardle #85

20.5 21:06 I like how Figure 4's Wresting Observer Newsletter only has the one photo of Sasha & Naomi so every tweet this week has used it
20.5 02:06 Heardle 80s #27

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18.5 22:43 
Well, thanks, Twitter
18.5 20:05 
18.5 19:36 
Do WWE and AEW have different DraftKings ladies assigned to them
18.5 14:04 RT @RamseyCounty: Rapid COVID-19 tests are now available at 1400 University Avenue in Saint Paul:

Monday - Friday: 11 a.m.-6 p. m.
Sundays: 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Schedule your appointment:
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18.5 12:07 
@KfaiamDrive @kfaiFMradio @mixcloud @HistoryMuppet @MuppetWiki You probably know this already, but just in case - in a perversion of the FCC rule, Mixcloud will lock you up in the USA any time it thinks it sees the same artist four times, no matter how long the stream
18.5 11:47 RT @whataweekhuh:
18.5 11:41 There's a lesson here, there is RT @geraldstratfor3: There is allways something to do in the cave cheers
18.5 00:48 #Heardle #82

17.5 20:52 
17.5 18:07 All my stars gone RT @FirstAvenue: So you keep reading about NFTs + crypto in the news, but what are they, really?

UnderRepresented is helping redefine how NFTs & Web3 can be fun, welcoming, + culturally relevant. Experience
@AlphaHouse_io on Thurs to kick off @veecon wknd.

17.5 02:42 
I dunno if I can believe that WWE statement if it really had the word "belts" in it
17.5 01:59 
Ball's in your court, Bayley - and by "ball," I mean the one Sasha took and went home or whatever
17.5 01:57 
@tapemachines This is a job for IT'S BAYLEY
17.5 00:02 #Heardle #81

16.5 23:44 
Say, have I bitched about the helicopters lately? Because that's still happening
16.5 20:28 
@tapemachines I thought Liv was... uh .... the Lana thing
16.5 18:15 RT @AltGovDoc: COVID Home Tests | USPS

You can order another round of free tests now. This time you will receive 8.
16.5 15:56 @kimberrussell Well, there you go - you WERE casual acquaintances but now it's blossoming into something beautiful.

(I also have similar ambivalence towards the FFs but the Dee Gees stuff was really fun)
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