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Thu 19:24 @grumpymartian OH HEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Thu 18:16 @MichaelMyth You haven't missed much but it DOES still work! Who knows, when Twitter goes under we may see a renaissance*

*we won't see a renaissance
Thu 17:47 
Discord, baby, Discord! RT @kfaiplaylist: @CRZ @The_W @HOT_at_The_W @The_7 @Internet_Time @What30dayrule @everycolorbot2 @crz_ebooks @Twitter What's worse, it'll probably kill off THIS account since @Spinitron probably uses that API.

Nice knowing ya...
Thu 12:22 Guys!!!! I've made it!!!!

Ol' whats-his-name's alt/burner account just tried to pwn me own 100% public Facebook profile photo?? WHOA BURRRRRRRRRRN

(Friend me on Facebook at for more "FRIENDS ONLY" photos of me in OTHER hilarious outfits!)

@AlpenStranger: @CRZ @StCroixCasinos @FOZZYROCK And this guy definitely knows bad looks.
Thu 11:39 RT @HennepinSheriff: We offer free opioid education and naloxone training classes. Our next class is Tuesday, February 7th at 5:00pm and it is offered virtually.

Register for the class and see all upcoming class dates by clicking on this link -
Thu 10:34 I reckon this'll effectively kill off:

.....and maybe, just maybe....


@TwitterDev: Starting February 9, we will no longer support free access to the Twitter API, both v2 and v1.1. A paid basic tier will be available instead
Thu 10:28 @leaningcowboy Oh I bet you say that every year
Wed 17:51 @MarkiePost @the_rafiki1 Good topic drift, lads
Wed 16:57 (Boy, I wish I'd spelled "deafening" correctly in that screen grab)
Wed 16:57 Oh, I see - y'all blocked me on Messenger. Bad look, @StCroixCasinos. Gonna block me on Twitter, too? Definitely not buying that @FOZZYROCK ticket now!
Wed 16:46 It IS interesting that neither the venue nor the ... artist ... have seen fit to tweet about that upcoming show here on the tweetie. Keepin' it under the radar! I guess when the tickets are free, it don't matter how many you "sell" so why draw unwanted attention from us "SJWs"
Wed 16:43 Hi @StCroixCasinos! You may have missed my tweet - and my Messenger message - or you thought I'd go away after a week after you deleted my comment and blocked me from further comment on your Facebook page. Still looking for answers from ya, though - cheers! RT @CRZ: Hello @StCroixCasinos! I understand you've booked a known sexual abuser to perform at Turtle Lake in March. Could you please explain?
Wed 13:50 RT @whataweekhuh:
Tue 07:41 
Whoa! In 20 minutes I'm hosting New Like Whatever on @kfaiFMradio! Hey you know who hasn't tweeted in a long time? @mjcyrs, yup.
Tue 03:04 WON Out of Context
Mon 13:18 @hack0tv Boy, not reassuring that it's something that hasn't been fixed in a month or months...I may have to keep my eight dollars!
Mon 12:59 Uhhhh what
Sun 21:03 Bummer
Sun 19:21 Many people are saying this RT @MattyG85: @CRZ I'm pulling for the Cocaine Bear.
Sun 17:40 Go Cats
Sat 22:51 
NOT BACK: proper kerning RT @WWEShop: The Irresistible Force is back! Check out this NEW Nia Jax T-Shirt at #WWEShop today! #WWE

Sat 22:39 
McAfee: Hey where's Boogs? #RoyalRumble
Sat 22:29 
Who thought it'd be a good idea to keep McAfee's mic open during the performanc-- ya know what, it doesn't matter #RoyalRumble
Sat 22:09 @hansen9j Retweet it again
Sat 21:44 
Say "hell toupee" again #RoyalRumble
Sat 16:23 @masonbutler C'mon we both know that'll NEVER happen
Fri 18:10 
@tapemachines I would never pay more than 50% for Papa Johns. Sadly for me, the local hockey franchise has not been timing their wins well lately
Fri 18:09 
Wow! It's been 113 days since @Calex_law's last tweet!

First round's on me! RT @Calex_law: @MAKeliher @dbrauer @amityf Find some other adjectives to use my man!
Fri 17:10 
AMERICA: See ME in a goofy hat slanging some records inside that big ol' green booth at @DustysNe with KFAI Vinyl Voices and @radiopocho TONIGHT! We start at tennish, which will also be the shoes I'm wearing ha cha cha.
Fri 17:06 @vespadaddy Hearing a "staging area" was plowed today...ya know, just in case the National Guard had to be called in for some reason
Fri 15:21 @masonbutler Oh noooooooooo and its eyes close! This is gonna put me on another FBI list
Fri 15:21 @masonbutler Thanks, there weren't QUITE enough levels of terror in that
Fri 15:18 @masonbutler Terrifying. I'm sure I shouldn't ask but what's under the kilt?
Fri 13:58 
What's the opposite of the theme from cage lowering? MUWMUWMUWMUWMUWMUWMUWMUW?

@WWE: BREAKING NEWS: The #WrestleMania 39 sign has been raised inside the Alamodome!
Fri 13:57 

@WWE: BREAKING NEWS: The #WrestleMania 39 sign has been raised inside the Alamodome!
27.1 12:13 @grumpymartian On the other hand, it may take some time to train the AI you'd need to power it
27.1 12:00 Oh shit were everybody's Holocaust Remembrance Day tweets auto-scheduled for noon or what
27.1 11:58 RT @KarlTowns: Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I want to join all my Jewish friends in remembering and honoring all the six million Jews and many others who were murdered.

With antisemitism rising, let us renew our pledge to combat hate in ANY FORM.

Love you all
27.1 10:00 @kimberrussell WHY WON'T SHE DRINK THE COFFEE
27.1 09:53 Hey how about I write with any damn pen I feel like
27.1 02:00 @TheyAreThandrie Do you mean Bryan Alien? Man is a TITAN somehow
27.1 01:25 I had no idea WCCO still aired 2005 episodes of "Byron Allen's Comics Unleashed" in 2023. Someone just joked about watching "Being Bobby Brown" and crack as if Whitney Houston were still alive! OOH a joke about Donald Trump's hair! Time now for another five minute ad break!
26.1 21:08 @albertxii Meetcha on emzee
26.1 15:37 Reached out to @StCroixCasinos on Messenger yesterday asking about booking sexual predators - their auto-reply said they'd get back to me ASAP and yes, Sports Betting WAS now open. They have since not gotten back to me, but DID block me from commenting further on their FB page.
26.1 15:30 
Good ol' mayor, always finding new and exciting ways to disappoint Minneapolis RT @thedailytaylr: Looks like @Jacob_Frey @MayorFrey is a big fan of serial sexual abusers. Given the way he treats women who don’t agree with him, it’s hard to be surprised.
25.1 14:33 Hello @StCroixCasinos! I understand you've booked a known sexual abuser to perform at Turtle Lake in March. Could you please explain?
25.1 11:33 RT @whataweekhuh:
25.1 03:04 
Bring on Tracy Morgan RT @RickandMorty:
24.1 19:45 
Kofi and Woods are certainly NOT live! They've been tweeting from Australia all week #NXT
23.1 23:04 
It wasn't EVEN Tue. RT @RealKurtAngle: You Suck + Suck it = You Suck It @WWE #raw30 #itstue
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