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2.6 14:00 
@jkalyn @hansen9j <staring in Patera>
31.5 20:34 UPDATE: there is not
31.5 20:24 
Hey @MNAuroraFC is there a mercy rule in the USL W League?
31.5 18:29 
LET'S GO #MNAURORA! Beat RKC Third Coast! (@ TCO Stadium in Eagan, MN)
31.5 08:06 RT @whataweekhuh:
30.5 15:48 
Minnesota's making marijuana legal on a Tuesday. That's gonna make it a REALLY long weekend for some folks!
28.5 22:13 Be sure to follow me on Snapchat for zero snaps!
28.5 22:10 Hey you know what's truly satisfying?* Hiding every single account Snapchat wants me to "Discover"

*jk, it never stops with Snapchat, what a worthless "social network"
28.5 22:08 Why does EVERY commercial Snapchat account have *Satisfying!" in it?
28.5 14:19 Missed the stands, phew - WOW what an in-car replay #Indy500
28.5 14:12 Holy crap, did that tire sail into the stands? #Indy500
26.5.23 19:30 
Boy listen to all these horribly written, taped voiceovers on this taped #SmackDown
24.5.23 18:37 
LET'S GO #AURORAFC!! (@ TCO Stadium in Eagan, MN)
24.5.23 14:11 Tina Turner was really important to me, and Kenneth Anger was really important to people who are really important to me, and this is a lot for one day
24.5.23 10:29 RT @whataweekhuh:
23.5.23 21:55 Well, I was wrong, but also I was right? I feel like I was more right than Charles Barkley somehow? Thanks, Earvin Johnson, for teaching me how to tweet!
23.5.23 19:55 I feel like the Boston Celtics will have to make a higher percentage of their shots in order to score more points than the Miami Heat, which is the easiest way for them to win this game, which they will not
23.5.23 00:17 
24 hours of metal on @kfaifmradio just starting and they're easing us in with Ratt, Warrant, Europe and Great White RT @kfaiplaylist: "Desert Moon" by Great White
23.5.23 00:06 @grumpymartian (JU$T)
23.5.23 00:06 @grumpymartian That'$ what I wa$ u$ing but Zapier JUST killed it thank$ to Twitter API change$

(IFTTT i$ out for $​imilar rea$on$)
22.5.23 23:59 @grumpymartian Nah Twitter killed that off years ago
22.5.23 23:42 In 2023, is there a (free) service still inexistence that would send me a text every time an account tweets?
22.5.23 15:40 RT @POTUS: Our Administration won't stop fighting to get everyone access to the mental health care they need to live full and happy lives.

Treatment works. And there's no shame in seeking it.

Call or text 988 if you or someone you know needs support. We have your back.
22.5.23 13:10 
RT @PokemonGoApp: To help you take on Shadow Mewtwo, we’re giving away codes for Purified Gems if we reach 150k RT! To participate:

Follow us on Twitter
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If we reach our target, we’ll send participants a code for Shadow Raid–themed items!
19.5.23 14:36 
It's okay, though! They'll just play his music and all the yokels in the crowd will be so busy "singing along" they won't even notice he isn't there! RT @WONF4W: Seth Rollins to miss final WWE Raw before Night of Champions
19.5.23 00:29 Oh shit the hockey is still on?! (4OT)
18.5.23 12:29 @ryderfakin Yesterday's news (go visit the board sometime)
18.5.23 02:53 @dream_salad They're cool!
17.5.23 12:39 
@d_feldman Now that I've slept on it, the Stockton airport also has regular flights to Las Vegas and Phoenix. Stockton is even closer to Modesto than Merced is

I know you have long since moved on, so I'll TRY to move on myself now heh
17.5.23 12:12 RT @whataweekhuh:
17.5.23 02:56 
@d_feldman (and Turlock)
17.5.23 02:55 
@d_feldman ...which would make MCE the closest airport to Modesto, I suppose
17.5.23 02:44 
@d_feldman Oh, also, Merced has an airport! It looks like one can fly to Los Angeles or Las Vegas from it:
17.5.23 02:39 
@d_feldman You mentioned my adopted home town so I am obligated to respond. Modesto has an airport! However, it hasn't had a commercial flight in about a decade.

(I flew into Modesto once while in college in SoCal but it ended up way cheaper to just fly into SFO or Sacramento...or drive)
16.5.23 16:02 
Just Shazam'd the leafblower somebody was operating outside my house and darned if it didn't come up with a good match:
16.5.23 10:36 
@MNRevontulet 8 days bb
13.5.23 21:01 
IS this Rampage?
12.5.23 17:51 HOLY COW IT'S SUDDENLY (as of last week) AVAILABLE
Stoneface Iwuagwu - Happy Birthday (1977)
12.5.23 17:11 @luchablog Is down?
11.5.23 23:45 @WedgeLIVE "June 31st"
11.5.23 18:43 @tinderbox_heart Yes!
11.5.23 15:25 RT @KrisZellner: For DEAN~! RT @btsheetspod: For DEAN~!
11.5.23 15:21 
Finally went back and found that time in 2004 I lost my job, got pretty drunk and sent DEAN~! a public love letter on the @D_V_D_V_R board. (I did not get the beer sponsorship and in fact it was apparently discontinued by 2006)
11.5.23 02:15 @davegatchell ありがと!
10.5.23 16:49 
10.5.23 14:54 @davegatchell Hi Dave did you already send out them download codes and/or did you maybe miss my DM asking you for one
10.5.23 09:26 RT @whataweekhuh:
9.5.23 20:35 
"The Macho King crown is considered the holy grail of collecting."
9.5.23 20:16 RT @ChosenByTheFunk: Had some FUNK CANCER shirts printed up for the benefit a few weeks back and we are now taking orders for those who couldn’t make it or whose size sold out. $25 gets one of these comfy high quality shirts mailed to you.
5.5.23 11:14 RIP Heardle
FU Spotify
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