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This was a pretty good/heavily 1987 show RT @kfaiFMradio: I just uploaded "The Dollar Bin 127" to @mixcloud. Listen at
Mon 20:13 
(maybe this dumb hypothetical would have been even better and more likely with Meiko Satomura)
Mon 20:12 
I wonder if, say, WALTER were to ever make it to the main roster, would the commentary team have to be like "wha huh who who is huh wha who is this human being huh wha huh" #RAW
Mon 20:10 
@tapemachines Maybe there'll be another one
Mon 19:43 
Fans, I need you to call everyone you know right now and tell them that after this ad break we MAY see Eva Marie! #RAW
Mon 19:06 
I haven't actually watched #RAW in a while (like, at least one play-by-play man, hee hee) so... have they been having background music during ALL the interview segments, just Alexa's, is this brand new, or what?
Mon 08:56 RIP my Pebble Time Steel (2015-2021)
Sun 19:10 The Red Rocker™ just informed me - twice - that 2120 is here
Sat 13:38 
On air at 5 p.m. (CDT) with 2020s music, your requests and Pepsi Blue!
@KFAIweekend @kfaiFMradio
90.3 and
Sat 13:08 @grumpymartian Oh Pandy Dandy for sure
Sat 04:37 @hack0tv It's hard to believe we're both single
Sat 04:30 It's times like this, 0430 on a Saturday morning/Friday night where I am once again alone on Twitter and about 12 hours away from being on the air that I'm glad, totally forgot the rest of this sentence - oh, wait, it was about being blissfully ignorant about RSD releases
Sat 04:25 
Let's ALL enjoy the second Beverly Brothers theme:
Sat 04:23 @tapemachines I am obligated to mention my very first house show main event was Hogan & Piper vs. Flair & Sid Justice
Sat 04:19 @grumpymartian 'sok, we know what they look like
Sat 04:17 @tapemachines *You're
Fri 13:33 @Rhino_Records @DebbieGibson *PDT (Sorry, Debbie)
Thu 21:16 
RT @MnUrising: MPD just raided the the house of @kfaiFMradio host. No warrant, of course RT @theyself: MPD just raided the the house of @kfaiFMradio host. No warrant, of course
Wed 16:06 
RT @MNIT_Services: Who is Minnesota IT Services? We partner to deliver secure, reliable technology solutions to improve the lives of all Minnesotans by:
✔️Supporting 2,800+ applications
✔️Hosting and supporting 220+ websites
Learn more about the state's IT agency:
Tue 16:49 @allisoncollage oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
8.6 14:25 
RT @kfaiFMradio: New show "The Dollar Bin 126" up now at Check it out now!
6.6 22:40 @DJ_SLT Every time you say "Prospect Park," I eventually end up thinking "oh, yeah, the OTHER one"
6.6 19:15 
Hey this was an okay @KFAIweekend thanks as always for your expectation-busting requests!
5.6 16:09 Just helped a van full of St Theresan nuns with road directions - as one does - and they gave me a prayer ❤️
4.6 21:00 
RT @diannaeanderson: A catch up thread on what’s happening in Minneapolis.

On Thursday afternoon, US Marshalls, in combination with the ATF, and Hennepin County Deputies cornered a black man named Winston Smith in his vehicle in a parking garage in Uptown, Minneapolis.
3.6 09:01 
Tonight at 2am I'm presenting a special program on KFAI sitting in on Across the Board! I will be playing the #1 song in the nation from every 7th of June from 1971-2020 for some reason - check it out live at / 90.3 or via our archive for two weeks after!
3.6 08:04 RT @vindiesel: Hope you... FEEL LIKE I DO ... All Love, always.
3.6 05:46 Finally broke my plastic frames after a year of playing with fire (aka always leaving them off, in great places to get squashed) - good news is these frames are still $12 at Amazon...we'll see how successfully I can con my local optician into performing a lens-ectomy on my behalf
3.6 05:33 @DollarBinShow (by which the brand account meant Twin Cities *AM* radio)
2.6 14:55 RT @AndiHarriman: i thought the past year and a half would change lineups a bit but apparently no one is giving it a second thought
1.6 23:17 ...tied with me at 0 points tonight
1.6 16:36 @massdistraction Rescheduled to 2022 - but Gary Numan's coming THIS October!
1.6 16:30 
RT @CityMinneapolis: Today, @MayorFrey lifted the City’s local mask requirement, which has been in place since May 2020. Currently, 78.6% of Minneapolis residents (15+ population) have received at least one vaccine shot of a COVID-19 vaccine.
1.6 15:55 
Aw shucks it's me RT @kfaiFMradio: CRZ first got involved with KFAI by spinning with Vinyl Voices (KFAI’s outreach crew) for a handful of years. He is now the host of @kfaiweekend and @dollarbinshow. He loves fulfilling requests for obscure and forgotten songs & interacting with y'all on
1.6 02:19 @UNEZF1 更新ありがとうございます!
31.5 17:14 
Participated in the yearly ritual dragging of the window air conditioner down from the attic, installation was successful and injury-free - already dreading four months from now when I do all this in reverse but I usually let that go the next time it's 90 outside #mspwx
31.5 04:04 RT @DollarBinShow: Once upon a time, someone cut rhythms with this record
31.5 04:02 @jeveuxreveiller Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnope!
30.5 20:30 
During NASCAR commercial breaks this weekend I've seen that bug-eyed kid make like a hundred S'mores
30.5 00:15 Well it only took me a week and two Part Wolf outdoor shows for me to regress to "God, I hope I don't accidentally make eye contact with ANYBODY" mode
28.5 20:26 @joegagne @tapemachines THANK you
26.5 15:22 
RT @kfaiFMradio: The 3rd Annual Metal Meltdown starts in less than 12 hours! Join us as we celebrate the legacy of Earl Root, play the heaviest, wildest and loudest music, and raise funds for both KFAI and @LLS_MN_ND_SD! More info at: /> Art by Justin Boehne
25.5 14:16 RT @mdwestcraftgirl: In light of recent allegations against @indeedbrewing and the company’s public request to not brush stories of discrimination under the rug, I feel a responsibility to speak out.

Here is my story:
25.5 14:12 
While I could make myself available for the #RAW gig, Michael Cole still has me blocked
24.5 21:09 
@briangaar It's still there! (It's mostly dead)

Also, I actually remember finding your name on my timeline a few years ago via somebody's retweet and thinking "wow, that dude lapped me YEARS ago"
24.5 20:28 
Just tuned in to #RAW - what a brave choice by Creative to let Lashley's hooches script their own lines!
24.5 20:27 
Just tuned in to #RAW - what a brave choice by Creative to let Lashley's hooches to script their own lines!
24.5 20:24 This return address on today's junk mail from Nextdoor does not exist, in a slightly different way from @PPPRNews
24.5 20:18 
RT @kfaiFMradio: Gilberto's last live show was on May 6th. He had planned to return this week. We have restored the archive for his final p… RT @rscspokenword: Gilberto's last live show was on May 6th. He had planned to return this week. We have restored the archive for his final program here. We are saddened beyond words to learn of his passing and hope this episode will provide comfort:
24.5 16:05 RT @SwedishEgil: Hej I’m going back to the 90s to pay tribute to MARS FM - the Alternative/Dance/Rock/Pop station that invaded L.A. 30 years ago! Catch my tribute with select songs from the MARS FM playlist TODAY at 2PM PT on the Groove Radio app. For replays check src= height=24>
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