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 13:26 I'm so old it took me almost three months to learn of the existence of the Depeche Mode Heardle
 02:50 I guess I missed yesterday - woulda been:
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 02:06 #Heardle #168

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Wed 16:34 RT @whataweekhuh: shiit almost forgot and I accidentally deleted last week's
Tue 22:56 
Note to every candidate's proxies who texted me repeatedly before the primary: glad your guy lost, losers!
Tue 22:13 
Wow, Don Samuels is so fulla sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit but he IS right about ONE thing: if it weren't for him losing, he most certainly would have won.
Tue 20:04 
I keep refreshing but there are no results, c'mon guys it's been almost five minutes
Tue 19:56 
I'm hearing that they didn't buy the XFL from him. It was a company he bankrupted and shut down. They purchased IP from the court.

But still.... so happy for you looch RT
@luchablog: Vince McMahon spent more money on NDAs ($19.6 mil) than the Rock and Dany Garcia spent on buying the XFL from him ($15 mil)
Tue 14:34 RT @HHSGov: If you or someone you know needs mental health support now, call or text 988 or visit Whether by phone or web, 988 connects you with a trained crisis counselor who can provide compassionate and confidential support. #988Lifeline
Tue 10:42 @tapemachines I'm worried you somehow missed him on hashtag RAW last night and nobody else was gonna tell you
Tue 01:46 #Heardle #166

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Mon 22:06 
They did it/we did it
Mon 20:15 @tapemachines "And she'll like it, too" ;-)
Mon 20:02 
No, THIS is how we Sonic RT @kimberrussell: Tuning into Monday Night Raw for the first time in years!
Mon 18:03 RT @OzgurKSahin:
Mon 15:30 Daily Quordle 196
Mon 15:27 @hansen9j Yarp
Mon 14:51 
This was edifying:
Mon 14:43 Aw, MAN RT @TMZ: Olivia Newton-John, who soared to international stardom as both a singer and movie star has died.
Mon 14:42 
Wow, @RoyceWhiteUS (MAGA) is wasting a LOT of money paying people to text me about voting for him tomorrow - you have my word I'm not voting in the GOP primary but if I were, I'd throw my vote to @CicelyDavisMN (R).
Mon 10:42 @MnDPS_BCA What, did she disappear AGAIN? RT @sppdmn: Teresa has been located safe. Thank you.
Mon 02:50 #Heardle #165

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Sun 17:37 
But NASCAR's on RT @IanColdwater: Hey Minneapolis! Go outside, it's pretty out
Sun 14:34 
Great cause, but that typo makes me twitch. Good thing they don't try to cash the big cheques RT @bobpockrass: Erik Jones presents a check for $20,000 to the Melanoma Research Foundation. His father died from melanoma in 2016.
Sun 03:25 #Heardle #164

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Sat 14:48 #Heardle #163

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Sat 02:53 RT @marciaxthree: Saturday night, support access beyond a hashtag. Put your money where your clout is. Come party!
Sat 02:42 
@masonbutler @the1975 @DJSTTDJ @KFAIweekend REALLY GOOD
Sat 02:34 
@masonbutler @the1975 @DJSTTDJ @KFAIweekend (it's really good btw!)
Sat 02:33 
@masonbutler @the1975 @DJSTTDJ @KFAIweekend I love you all but it will have to be next week
Fri 13:44 
Let's see if Paul has a gauntlet formula that isn't "first one in goes through five of 'em...only to lose to the last one, what a damn shame" RT @WONF4W: Number one contender's gauntlet match set for WWE SmackDown
Fri 13:43 
Whoa! The police HAVEN'T found the guy who fired his pistol in the Mall of America?
Fri 13:42 
@luchablog Let's hope it's not TOO steaming
Fri 02:00 #Heardle #162

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Fri 01:59 
Weird one
Wordle 412 4/6*

4.8 19:35 
1. Quite a vote of confidence in the MPD and, by extension, the mayor
2. Kinda sounds like "Everywhere, I see nails" RT
@GovTimWalz: We are committed to maintaining an unprecedented state law enforcement presence in the Twin Cities until we put a stop to this rise in crime.
4.8 02:19 #Heardle #161

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4.8 00:57 @tapemachines Well, thanks for reminding me of "Gunmen"
3.8 11:54 RT @whataweekhuh:
3.8 11:54 
@tapemachines Waaaaay too many people didn't know how good we had it with Craig Ferguson, though
3.8 01:53 #Heardle #160

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2.8 21:36 RT @masonbutler: @CRZ
2.8 21:20 Vince may be gone but superstars are still backstage watching TVs at odd angles RT @POTUS: We'll never be able to repay the debt we owe to those who have worn the uniform, but today, Congress delivered on a promise to our veterans and their families.

The PACT Act will be the biggest expansion of VA health care in decades. We should all take pride in this moment.
2.8 21:07 
Thigh slapping is BACK, baby! #NXT
2.8 02:24 #Heardle #159

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1.8 19:30 
Did Triple H outlaw ad breaks? I approve! #RAW
1.8 18:32 
To answer my own question: the sole person responsible for the MPD - the mayor - hates scrutiny and accountability which Wonsley might try to bring - as opposed to Rainville, who'd make sure there's none of that and MAYBE bring along some of his casual racism as a treat
1.8 18:31 
My CM is too polite to not ask "WTF is CM Rainville doing on this committee instead of the CM who actually represents the Ward which includes the University District?" ... but I'm not! RT @MplsWard2: Last week, we learned that President Gabel’s administration, MPD, Mayor Frey & CM Rainville have put together a Strategic Safety Advisory Committee that “will meet weekly to enact swift solutions to enact safety.” You can read more about the group here:
1.8 09:20 
@bobpockrass @NASCARONFOX Bob, anybody taken back to R&D this week? I didn't see you mention any last night
1.8 01:59 #Heardle #158

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