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Thu 19:34 Doors closed - goodbye #MSP
Thu 13:37 How much good karma do I acquire every time some passerby drops their bag of dog crap in my garbage can
14.6 20:29 @triviasco @Gasthofs 500 Days of Summer!
10.6 13:48 I haven't really been on Twitter for weeks. Today I learned that I don't miss Trump, Merkel, Graves, Punk.....or Twitter, really. Probably just need to unfollow about 2/3ds of my followings to put my timeline right but it's tempting to just keep not checking at all. Dunno yet.
7.6 19:52 @triviasco My Girl!
7.6 11:49 @hack0tv F-O-U-R - stupid autocorrect
7.6 11:48 @hack0tv Oh, you probably made that joke for years ago

6.6 19:46 @crz_ebooks Well...not this year, maybe
6.6 19:45 @crz_ebooks @likablemshyde BAD BOT. You don't even know this person! (*I* don't even know this person!)
4.6 10:45 
Oh hi, @bnjrivera! I haven't watched FishCenter Live since August 2015 so prepare to be disappointed in my rapidly nonexistent twitstream!
1.6 19:57 Umm do you not see the irony if ruining my view with your sign complaining about how a tall building might ruin your view one day a year
1.6 19:50 Boy there's a whole lotta NIMBYs in my back yard tonight
31.5 19:14 @triviasco Tropic Thunder!
31.5 19:02 
@Loricarriedae On a yogurt (and employment) break for the summer....hopefully *just* the summer
29.5 14:18 
RT @cruisectrlkfai: Last night's show, putting a cap on 1978 for a while: />
Some great requests allowed us to avoid the much-threatened disco, so Sesame Street Fever gets put away for another "special" time.
25.5 12:07 
@hack0tv @amazon I had this just yesterday! Except I had sent it to my PO Box so it wasn't as useful as if I'd had it delivered to the house, so I can't tell you what the vehicle looked like
24.5 20:07 @triviasco The Princess Bride!
24.5 18:29 I don't know about you but IIIIIII sure feel like my General Data is somehow better Protected after all that Regulation
23.5 02:29 @adultswim #soundalikechallenge Don’t Stop Believing, Billie Jean, Smells Like Teen Spirit
22.5 20:48 Oh man @duenorde were these fantastic out of the freezer
22.5 05:36 
Outlaw turkeys (Cc: @PPPRNews)
21.5 19:29 
Trying to figure out how long it's been since I watched #RAW - might be as many weeks as Coach has informed us of his word of the hour
19.5 21:31 RT @crz_ebooks: Well, there's a joke in here somewhere.
19.5 18:30 @Omaholic They're....not terrible?
19.5 18:29 
@Chuy8a @CarmichaelDave FIRE THIBS
19.5 18:27 
18.5 23:18 
Every downtown Minneapolis street is part of a 94 detour
18.5 13:59 
You didn't ask, but here's my roughly estimated Art-A-Whirl DJ schedule for @kfaiFMradio:
Friday: 6-8PM solo
Saturday: 12-2PM solo
Sunday: Back to back with
@masonbutler all day! (12-5PM)
Northrop King building
Gallery 332, on the third floor!
17.5 19:39 @triviasco A Few Good Men!
17.5 14:12 I'm a middle-aged man living alone (obviously).
How many plants do YOU think are in this house?
@TheKFV: @CRZ How quickly did the plants turn brown and die afterward?
17.5 13:32 I just lost 0.1 pounds after a really satisfying fart, ask me anything
16.5 16:00 I don't know whether to Accept this one, either
16.5 01:16 
You probably didn't MISS the three Instagrams which failed to tweet, but they're over there if somehow you DID want to see them
10.5 19:48 @triviasco Sarah (J) Connor
10.5 13:20 
@thecubsfan When I permanently dropped out of the 60s I got way less interested, but shoot, I was definitely gonna include that on my resumé
10.5 12:47 
@dhm Who could forget ol' Cowboy Bob Delcum?
9.5 04:29 @grumpymartian So I should either come visit or I should NOT come visit. Definitely one of those two. (Sorry for everything, including this tweet)
8.5 21:41 @ZOLAJESUS Hi, I really liked that thing you did tonight!
6.5 22:00 
6.5 21:57 
I feel like this show isn't gonna end in 2 minutes #WWEBacklash
6.5 21:39 
They didn't want none #WWEBacklash
6.5 21:38 
During the replays, might have been funnier if Tom hadn't said "BAM" but instead said "NUTS" #WWEBacklash
6.5 21:37 
Seriously when was the last DCO - not just in WWE but EVER? #WWEBacklash
6.5 21:36 
Bwahahahahahahaha #WWEBacklash
6.5 20:43 
So what I think the lesson we've learned is that Daniel Bryan is like a more successful Alexa Bliss #WWEBacklash
6.5 20:42 
Big Cass pose < Mike Knox pose #WWEBacklash
6.5 20:28 
But seriously, Ron Simmons wasn't available to put a cherry on that segment? #WWEBacklash
6.5 20:25 
This is still just a three hour show, right? #WWEBacklash
6.5 20:15 
Total Bellas: Season of Darkness #WWEBacklash
6.5 20:03 
Is that one particular ringpost super-mic'd up and are they gonna ram someone into it in every match tonight? #WWEBacklash
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