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 20:21 @HackmanRSPW It's not on my front page this week! Could the algorithm have decided I stopped watching wrestling on Tuesdays?
Uh oh, Chase U just poked the bear, NOW we'll get some talkin' about NXT

(the bear is Meltzer, see, and)
NXT isn't even trending. Bankruptcy imminent
Hokey smokes, I haven't seen as many "as seen on TV" 800 number products sponsoring NXT in a great while WOW THAT KNIFE LOOKS REALLY SHARP SHOULD I BUY THE WHOLE SET
 18:33 RT @Christin612: PLEASE SHARE: My friends child is missing and she is vulnerable. Today is day 7. Twin Cities eyes open!!
 18:33 #Heardle #215

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Mon 16:16 @tapemachines Perhaps if you said "it's only 27 $5 match requests"
Mon 12:44 At least this time spelling wasn't involved RT @DefectorMedia: Wrestling fans will never learn to count:
Mon 12:01 @hugetinymistake @tapemachines Here you go, but I was really lazy
Mon 08:44 Whoa, I missed yesterday's big announcement
Mon 01:16 #Heardle #214

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Sun 19:09 
Boy this race is kind of a fiasco, huh #NASCARPlayoffs
Sun 18:26 
Phew - now, back to this NASCAR lightning clock
Sun 16:12 
"Lazard puked" is now a trending topic
Sun 16:11 
Did FOX catch Lazard puking? Of course they did
Sun 15:14 I like how FOX is showing Detroit's FG range line when they're down by 4
Sun 03:41 #Heardle #213

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Sun 02:48 Lordy, lordy, so much wasted time - about 15 years' worth #MyTwitterAnniversary
Sat 16:53 
@funkomatic After tax, it may have been more than all I could have carried in FOUR bags!!
Sat 15:26 
UPDATE (Target)
Sat 14:40 Ooh! My @OzThe9 order arrived! It only took 100 days Thanks @mtr_909!!
Sat 13:36 
Wow! You can put A LOT of cassettes and CDs into a bag...maybe double bag it, that sounds heavy RT @kfaiFMradio: Update. Too much stuff! Come take it away. Grab stuff you've never heard of and take some chances! Buy our old reel to reel! Go!
Sat 13:31 @TheRealGOP I'd never speak for D.A. but I believe this tweet is referring to the follower in question as right wing, not Frey
Sat 03:37 #Heardle #212

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Sat 02:46 @d_feldman Mine's still in a drawer!
Sat 02:45
Fri 23:46 Note to self: buy vinyl copy of "Harry's House" for future DJ gigs
Fri 12:52 @chigh @poppy Verdict? I thought it was perfectly fine but also spent more time and plays on the "clean edit"
Fri 11:17 Gerald's one of the best follows I've ever followed. You should follow him as well! RT @TwitterMktgUK: One of our very favourite gardeners on Twitter, Gerald Stratford
@geraldstratfor3) takes us on a tour of his beloved garden, which has become well-known for growing some super big veg. Cheers!
Fri 11:12 Well, shoot, now I want some phở with extra tripe
Fri 11:11 @luchablog TRIPEMANIA LOOCH
Fri 01:29 #Heardle #211

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️ (very proud of myself)

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Good night, Twitter - hey remember when we used to tweet that every night
Fri 01:11 okay

build your big 3: horror edition RT
@kayxstars: build your big 3: horror edition
Fri 00:32 
Imagine chilling out on your monochrome Macintosh Plus with your pirated version of the Mac port of the Star Wars arcade game in the floppy drive and this exact version (but with more FM static) going through your headphones
Fri 00:28 So much of my musical tastes changed for life back in 1989-1993 just leaving Modesto and discovering KROQ, 91X, MARS FM, Power 106's Power Tools and later, the Internet (no web then, but we did have Xmission email lists, Usenet newsfroups and...lively discussion)
Fri 00:25 I was so lucky to be in college the right years to experience MARS FM even if it came in like shit all the way out in Riverside. I never went clubbing but I WAS smart enough to tune to 103.1 some night and hear an eight minute Morales mix of The Pet Shop Boys for the first time. RT @LAist: An otherworldly music experience, 103.1 MARS FM in Los Angeles was a unique radio experiment in the early '90s that featured the new burgeoning sounds of techno, rave, and house music.
Fri 00:19 @tapemachines I should add that thankfully, I did make sure there already was a truly heroic and neutered radio edit before I opened my yap
Fri 00:15 @tapemachines I'm counting this as a request (Don't worry, someone already requested Buck Owens this week)
Thu 21:37 #Heardle #210

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That's more like it
Thu 18:03 RT @Jei_as_HarleyQ: So hey y'all funny thing happened today @DJGwiingwans @ACTORStheband @LEATHERSmusic @StrangerGallery
Thu 17:40 Hey! I'm gonna spin some platters tomorrow night at @DustysNe with @radiopocho's Miguel Vargas! Come visit us! Cool!
Thu 17:30 WOWEE RT @wfnuradio: We're so excited to be co-hosting this party with our sister station across the river, @KRSMradio!

Costumes, food, beer, vendors, DJs and Nur-D! All ages and kids get in for free. Join us at
Wed 10:12 @crazy_finest_ @omwambaKE @NixonAiro @kabogo_henry What
Wed 09:11 
Wed 09:09 Prepare yourself: an historic CRZ tweet is incoming
Wed 08:49 RT @whataweekhuh:
Wed 02:04 #Heardle #209

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20.9 19:17 
Oh shit, even NBC Universal is using last year's "NXT 2.0" logo
20.9 19:16 
Twitter using last year's NXT logo has gotta be some kinda revenge for WWE using the wrong Twitter logo eight years after they deprecated it
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