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 08:45 @leaningcowboy That's not Steve Perry!
 07:41 @tapemachines The perfect crop
 06:11 RT @whataweekhuh:
Tue 21:40 @CoolMojo Hoping for "The"
Tue 20:51 Is Coach and former cop Adams really calling Mayor Frey an *underdog*? I mean I guess maybe
Tue 20:49 
OMG another terrible ad for the mayor. "Go get 'em, Jacob!" "Will do, Coach."
Tue 15:12 "PREMINUM" @yourdotspace
Tue 14:59 RT @CRZ: ♩ There is someone here who laughs too hard at everything ♩
♩ There is someone here who laughs too hard at everything ♩
Tue 12:34 @HowardKurtz "ICYMI?" You've tweeted it seven times today
Tue 10:26 
RT @DollarBinShow: ATTENTION, ATTENTION: It's member drive time over at KFAI so we have a super super special member drive episode! It's JUST over two hours (125:01) so take a long lunch. Something for every Dollar Bin fan! Noon CDT on @KFAIFA2!
Tue 09:42 @masonbutler Yo
Mon 15:11 
OK, after seeing the $2500-6100 price tag for the new MacBook Pro, maybe I CAN afford $800 for another 2015 refurb
Mon 13:09 
@theoriginal7ven Bring back that #Trendin video! Who blocked who?
Sat 15:31 
On the air in 90 minutes with yet another edition of @KFAIweekend! 90.3/KFAI dot org slash LIVE
Sat 13:28 Wow, I never should have tuned in to the Gophers game - sorry, everybody
Sat 13:13 @kimberrussell Oh no why did I click on that, they immediately told Facebook
Sat 12:59 @chigh @Pylon_band @Pylongirl The big streamers say 18 November
Fri 18:20 @bobzzzzzz6 @CraigWeekend
Fri 14:14 @KrissiTrash87 If you're lucky!
Fri 14:10 
Oh no, I only have six weeks to declutter the living areas RT @KrissiTrash87: Hey @MinnesotaMunn I'll be in town for the first two weeks of December... Can't wait to catch up
Fri 02:11 @allisoncollage @Ember_ebooks @mplsltd I still took the photo!!
Fri 01:53 @allisoncollage @Ember_ebooks That must have been Christian @mplsltd's 45; I only had big vinyls in the crate
Thu 17:11 BREAKING: Warrant issued for CRZ's arrest if he ever crosses the Missourah state line
Thu 17:10 Don't worry - I've put my own Digital Forensics Unit on it
Wed 23:29 I capped off tonight with a wine - yeah I'm a real health nut now
Wed 21:16 @tomkarroll
Wed 20:11 @David_E_Powell Oh no, I still wore shorts - it was just a pop-in for a flu shot. I'm still remote until February, last time they told me
Wed 20:00 Does Wayne Gretzky realise they're scoring goals while he endlessly answers unrelated questions?
13.10 14:11 Found my work badge - it was clipped to the pants I haven't worn since the last time I went to the office some time in 2020
13.10 12:02 RT @whataweekhuh:
12.10 23:14 @d_henney Raven should have wrestled in his leather jacket!
12.10 20:22 
NXT 2.0
12.10 12:37 
RT @DollarBinShow: Just one Steve Winwood banger after another here on The Bin RT @kfaiFA2: Just one Steve Winwood banger after another here on The Bin
12.10 11:19 He said "Folks" so I'm sure something will get passed this time RT @POTUS: Folks, it’s time those at the top pay their fair share.
11.10 23:35 
@TheKFV Oh no my crossposted Instagrams are especially universally despised on Twitter
11.10 22:14 
I'll even give you a screen grab since it's 2021 and I'm looking to get DMCA'd - check out that noggin knocker #RAW
11.10 22:00 
DAMN that goose egg on Drew - let's go out on that one. GOOD NIGHT FROM #RAW
11.10 22:00 
I'm so glad they stopped slapping their thighs when kicking and now slap some other part of their body instead #RAW
11.10 21:57 
Inconsistent officiating #RAW
11.10 21:55 
RT @KFAIweekend: One year ago I jokingly did a weather report over an Axiom track and now, listeners actually start to get itchy if I wait… RT @kfaiFMradio: One year ago I jokingly did a weather report over an Axiom track and now, listeners actually start to get itchy if I wait too far into the second hour to read them a forecast
11.10 21:48 @DublDownDrew I must say I'm pretty pleased I correctly predicted which clip you'd selected before clicking
11.10 21:26 
Man, remember when I'd get emails like this all the time? "I GET LETTERS," I'd say. Did you know I totally stole that from David Letterman (or whoever he stole it from) RT @AndyAkeko: @CRZ STICK TO YOGURT OF THE DAY, WOKE BOY!

CRZ, more like CR!

I always liked Scott Keith better anyway!

Exclamation points mean I'm legitimately upset!
11.10 21:20 
What the hell sport is Stephanie McMahon notable enough in to be inducted into an International Sports Hall of Fame?! #RAW
11.10 20:45 Oh shit Al Michaels already took next week off, didn't he
11.10 20:40 
Tonight during #RAW I've been heartened and repulsed respectively by local drop-in ads for "Yes on 2" and Mayor Frey
11.10 20:36 
@tapemachines C'mon tape, Paul Heyman and Kayla Braxton are participants in the Federation's sole long-term program of the 2020s
11.10 20:32 @allisoncollage And you know I was a real peach on the xmission Kraftwerk email list too!
11.10 20:29 
@guruzim Guru Zim: sucking at kayfabe since 2002
11.10 20:24 
@guruzim Tell you what - you write it and then I'll just slap my name on it, just like we did with all those wrestling reviews - remember how we did that and never told anybody - man, I can't believe nobody ever found out
11.10 20:19 
Lashley says, unlike Jamal Khashoggi, he can't be killed on Saudi soil #RAW
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