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17.10.20 04:03 
@albertxii You and I and UC Riverside will always have "Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death"
2.3.20 13:24 
@funkomatic I've had time to think about this - it was actually The Mad Platter, but it was ON Hole Ave. (also, looks like they've [wisely] moved waaaaaaaay closer to the University some time in the last 25 years)
7.5.19 17:20 
KARE just mentioned my alma mater so I perked right up - good to see the Highlanders are still engaging in scholarly pursuits of note, such as determining that men are equally as bad about tearing down folks as women - wotta shock!
31.1.18 12:49 
RT @UCR_ScienceNews: Thank you to Prof. Morris Maduro @UCRiverside for capturing this photo of the @UCR_Belltower and the eclipsed #moon this morning! #BlueMoon #Supermoon2018 #SuperBloodBlueMoon @astroucr
11.11.17 11:39 
@ucrmbb 74-66 Over Cal. Huge victory over our intraspecies rivals.
27.12.16 22:28 
Attn. @Omaholic: please find the Wiffle Ball Club photo kthxbye RT @UCRAlum: #UCR yearbooks have been digitized and can be found online at #UCRiverside #ucralumni
22.10.15 13:06 
#tbt Susie reminded me that I had ONE more school ID to share with you, so here's my college ID which I managed to keep the whole time I was there and still have in my wallet today. Once again, we shamefully displayed our social security numbers with wanton abandon back in those heady days - thus, electrical tape. Clearly my peak - I've never looked cuter in my adult life. I'm wearing my LL Cool J "Walking with a Panther" concert shirt and a Sylvan School Safety Patrol hat stolen from the school my mother taught at. I probably still have both of them. I never throw anything away. 1989 (7th in a series of 6)
31.7.15 20:21 
Ooh, look, my alumni website has been hacked!
16.7.15 00:47 
Last #tbt with a UCR Model UN photo; this is my head shot from the program for our high school conference featuring my most stylish blazer, my finest, fluffiest, mulletest hairdo and my then-standard 1970s El Paso city mascot lapel pin. 1993. (photo)
9.7.15 14:26 
Another #tbt, another Model UN photo. I am very important man of action judging by the fact that I'm holding a radio. This would have been during our big Convention weekend because I'm in a tie (Walmart truck pattern). PROBABLY 1993. (photo)
2.7.15 03:24 
Another fine all yellow ensemble for #tbt, but this time not with a banana, but rather with a legal pad AND a box of Wheat Thins AND someone found a coat hanger for good measure. Peak yellow. Peak Zimmerman. This looks to be in the political library at UCR which can only mean it was during our big Model UN weekend. (I actually know this because I found this photo in a big stack of OTHER Model UN photos, another of which you'll see on another Thursday...) (photo)
21.5.15 00:51 
#tbt Here I am captured in my traditional garb of all yellow, posing with a banana. Probably from the college years in SoCal, judging by the presence of the LA Times Calendar section. (Explaining the Wall Street Journal is a little more difficult but DOES narrow down whose apartment this may have been at.) Circa 1991...I had a lot of red eye back then. This was not the photo I was looking for. (photo)
14.11.14 17:44 
RT @mageonlys: There is a #triton at #ucr today. #homecoming
22.10.14 15:08 
Had a great lunch with Carla from @UCRAlum earlier - she told me there are over 400 Highlanders in the TC metro! (I GUESS I believe her)
22.10.14 12:44 
 Axel's Charhouse - Roseville (Roseville, MN)
17.6.14 13:11 
Twenty years ago, I missed most of the white bronco chase due to lounging around UCR preparing to graduate
17.3.14 11:55 
Just filled out first bracket in my life fully expecting to win that billion dollars - shoot, the UCR Highlanders missed the tourney AGAIN?!
14.1.13 12:06 
@swampynomo Let me double check how the UC Riverside Highlanders are doing first...hmm, 4-12; 1-3 in Big West - Timberwolves are better
31.5.12 15:59 
Hey look! It's my new (old) space!
9.11.11 22:51 
All I can say is that you'll never see these kinds of problems at @UCRiverside