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15.3 19:31 
UNLIMITED FREE COVID, everybody! RT @danawhite: WE ARE BACK!!!!!!

#UFC261 April 24th. Jacksonville, FL. FULL CROWD.
7.2 21:08 
Amazon: Jeff Bezos sucks
Guaranteed Rate: Cool ad for UFC?
CB SCARES: support local business! Wait - you just played a super long ad for Amazon
23.3.16 17:08 
:( juxtaposition :) RT @WONF4W: Daily Update: Joe Gargiola dies; UFC headed to the Big Apple!
24.1.15 16:09 
Wow, they pre-empted Rolex 24 on FS2 for nine minutes of....absolutely nothing going on the UFC prelims. THANKS CONTRACTS
24.1.15 16:04 
Hey, I was WATCHING that Rolex 24 coverage!*

*It was on while I was going through three months of paperwork
18.1.15 16:55 
The winning team punches their ticket to Super Bowl XLIX, will face Conor McGregor
6.12.14 22:12 
@davidbix He debuted in "ECW" billed at 222
4.10.14 23:26 
I've always SAID my fasteners aren't dynamic enough - don't I always say that?
25.1.14 20:44 
Mike Goldberg is like the human Shazam app #AlanParsonsProject #UFConFox10
25.1.14 19:59 
Even more satisfying getting a Liam Neeson movie ad so quickly after the "Kevin Costner is not Liam Neeson" movie ad #UFConFox10
25.1.14 19:49 
Between FRAM and RAM lies @CMPunk #UFC
25.1.14 18:36 
Suddenly, I want a T-shirt that says DYNAMIC FASTENER on it #UFC
14.12.13 20:22 
17.8.13 21:43 
lol Sonnen #UFCFightNight
17.8.13 21:37 
@RyanNPike Wow, either it really HAS been that long or I only ever "watch" UFC by having it on while I stare at the laptop
17.8.13 21:36 
Also, maybe I just haven't watched #UFC in a while, but how long have they had these weird Filmlook-y cameras at Octagon level to cut to?
17.8.13 21:33 
I'd gladly trade Bruce Buffer bursting a blood vessel for performances of the national anthems of USA and Brazil #UFCFightNight
17.8.13 21:13 
17.8.13 21:07 
PSA: Alistair Overeem about to fight on @FoxSports1 RIGHT NOW #UFCFightNight
17.8.13 18:38 
Bruce Buffer: "Fighting out of Modesto, California..." Me: "<starts paying attention>"
27.7.13 21:20 
I like how they give you enough time to figure out where the hell FUEL is on your dial before they start the @UFC post- show
8.12.12 23:05 
Closeup slomo of Yves Edwards @thugjitsumaster shocking Jeremy Stephens' face [GIF]:
8.12.12 20:31 
@michiganling Is this "From Russia With Love" or "Thunderball?" (Don't you know UFC is on FOX RIGHT NOW?)
8.12.12 18:45 
8.12.12 18:12 
I unlocked the UFC on FOX: Henderson vs. Diaz sticker!
16.11.12 16:03 
RT @ZProphet_MMA: Another EPIC entrance from The Shockmaster! @FilthyTomLawlor
8.7.12 00:44 
RT @dhm: I wrote the UFC 148 insta-recap for @SInow. Don't worry, there's also a GIF of a kick to the nuts.
12.11.11 20:59 
And they close with...the theme from "Tough Enough?!" #UFConFOX
12.11.11 20:50 
Current "tattooin' your bald scalp" ad count: THREE #UFConFOX
12.11.11 20:45 
If @UFC have any brains at all, they'll immediately air Guida/Henderson and go a bit long #UFConFOX
12.11.11 20:44 
RT @JakeBadlandsEsq: @CRZ I've spent more time marveling at the stubble tattoos than those two gentlemen spent sparring.
12.11.11 20:41 
RT @KevinMarshall: WHAAAAAAT #ufconFox
12.11.11 20:39 
Sheesh, somebody tell Buffer we gotta get outta here at the top of the hour #UFConFOX
12.11.11 20:28 
They always deny that 10-10 round scoring is possible in @UFC - why? #UFConFOX
12.11.11 20:26 
That ad has aired twice, by the way - I guess I should add " far." #UFConFOX #HQlocalads
12.11.11 20:23 
Local ads during #UFConFOX on @MyFOX9 have included a company that tattoos the appearance of stubble on your bald head
12.11.11 20:00 
Can #UFConFOX retain an undoubtedly strong lead in from "Cops?!"
12.11.11 19:59 
And now the debate and @UFC will trade places - debate streaming on my laptop @CBSNews, TV tuning to #UFConFOX - what an age we live in
12.11.11 19:32 
Nice of the SC GOP to schedule an ad break as the Guida/Henderson fight begins #UFConFOX
12.11.11 19:22 
Am I the first person to tweet "Herman Cain Velasquez" tonight? YEAH!
12.11.11 19:03 
@grumpymartian "Dog Days Are Over"
12.11.11 18:14 
I'm watching UFC
12.11.11 18:13 
RT @thecubsfan: @CRZ UFC (in English) can only air on cable on Spike until the end of the year. Fuel can't air them until 2012.
12.11.11 18:11 
So if I want to watch @UFC prelims on TV, I have to watch them in Spanish? Really? FUEL FAIL
5.11.11 20:51 
I'm thinking about UFC 138
4.12.10 23:05 
I hope you haven't taken a shot every time "Manswers" has been plugged #TUF
4.12.10 22:37 
Hmm, that was quick. Maybe I'll catch the end of #TUF after all
11.4.10 18:57 
@mxdmarshallarts worked for me
14.11.09 17:56 
Oh no, I think ESPN's ticker just spoiled me on UFC 105. I bet I watch it anyway!