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  Shopping for a friend('s mum) - three left in the whole Wild team store but they were the correct size!! - The Hockey Lodge (Saint Paul, MN)
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Hard to believe "Bally Sports" is going bankrupt #wild
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16.12 21:32 
12.5.22 23:17 
Welp, time to move this beard from the #Wild to the #Rangers - although that may just mean I shave tomorrow instead
10.5.22 21:24 
Oh gosh what a pretty pretty goal #Wild
4.5.22 23:26 
IT IS A FINAL - Wild 6, Blues 2. Series tied at 1-1. Great rebound for the #Wild and definitely a game worth watching in Minnesota
4.5.22 23:10 
GOOOOOOAL #WILD 6-2 #hats #notsomanyhats
4.5.22 23:03 
WHOA GOOOOOOAL #WILD 6-2 !!!!!! #hats
4.5.22 23:02 
4.5.22 21:45 
4.5.22 21:23 
goal. #Wild 3-0
4.5.22 21:10 
4.5.22 21:02 
16.11.17 21:54 
WILD WIN!!!!!!#wild 6 - #predators 4#LetsPlayHockey #preds#greatgame
16.11.17 20:51 
SECOND INTERMISSION: #wild 2 - #predators 3 #LetsPlayHockey #preds
16.11.17 19:49 
FIRST INTERMISSION: #wild 0 - #predators 1 #LetsPlayHockey #preds
16.11.17 19:11 
 My first NHL game - LET'S GO #WILD-- aw shit, already losing... - Minnesota Wild FSN Family Pack v. Nashville Predators - Xcel Energy Center (Saint Paul, MN)
11.11.17 14:10 
On Thursday, the Wild meet the Predators at Xcel Energy Center. There are still some "FSN Family Pack" seats available, so I'm taking Head and somehow this'll be MY first hockey game in person. We've already got six people going but if YOU'D like to go, pretty much the rest of our row was still available on TicketMaster when I checked. After inconvenience fees, the $40 ticket comes to $48.62 but you do get a voucher for a hot dog, chips and regular pop. Hit me up for the link if you can't find it - we'll be way up in 224 row 7. (Yes, you may have a chance to win Triviasco with our entire team at the hockey game ;-) )
22.4.17 16:51 
BOOM #wild
19.4.17 16:29 
OFFICE T-SHIRTS, A CONTINUING SERIES: "I mean, I GUESS they can win - sure - Go Wild - woo yeah"

weird to think this MIGHT be my last chance this season to wear this one
24.4.16 17:12 
If the video replay camera was a Phantom I bet there would have been a frame where that puck was all the way over the line #wild
24.4.16 16:38 
#wild #itshappening
20.2.16 16:51 
I'm guessing that these #Blackhawks fans walking around downtown are pretty lost #wild #StadiumSeries
7.5.15 23:20 
Aw, nuts. #wild
7.5.15 21:33 
Thus far, a giant glass of wine has not made this Wild game any more fun to watch.
22.4.15 20:58 
All right, Rangers! Now, let's see how the #wild are doing--
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16.4.15 23:05 
16.4.15 23:02 
30.4.14 14:51 
I too have a #Game7 on my mind, but it's not #WildAvs...
5.5.13 17:14 
Congratulations to NBC - now 3 for 3 in NHL Playoff games going to overtime!
16.9.12 00:03 
I just like this graphic. (shared photo by The Score)
4.7.12 12:53 
RT @mnwild: BREAKING: WE GOT 'EM! Zach Parise and Ryan Suter are coming to the #mnwild! More to come. After you exhale, RT to #WelcomeZachAndRyan
19.2.12 17:06 
THE #WILD WIN - maybe put 'em on NBC EVERY game?
7.7.11 16:15 
"Heatley for Havlat. Who got the better of the deal?"
20.5.11 13:06 
RT @kare11: Derek Boogaard's death blamed on toxic mixture of alcohol and pain killers
15.5.11 18:34 
That was much more than I expected from @kevinfeatherly, but he may think the same about me ;-) #RIPBoogaard
15.5.11 18:30 
Kevin Featherly was kind enough to write a followup post after my overly long comment last night - so, of course, I wrote *another* really long comment in response. This'll close the door on this topic for me for now (I hope) but we'll see what the autopsy says. (Featherly's Kevblog: Boogaard: A Response)
14.5.11 21:01 
Thank you, @Russostrib - So long to the Boogey Man |
14.5.11 20:52 
No one knows what happened to Boogaard. You say it almost as an afterthought, but it is too soon. Nobody would say with certainty that they know what has happened and yet there is still a frenzied rush in the blogosphere to be the first to presume, assume, place blame, and publish. Such early speculation is both premature and pointless -- certainly irresponsible -- no matter how well-crafted and well-intentioned the author believes themselves/their prose to be. Unfortunately this is just another example of "journalists" making up their minds and filing their stories and columns publishing their blog posts before having all of the facts...before having ANY of the facts. And for what? What prize is won for being first? I guess there is a belief that there will be a "winner," the most eyeballs will be scored, granting the best chance to attempt to shape whatever "debate" ensues - whether it's warranted or not. This is sadness compounding sadness. A man is dead; isn't that sadness enough? (Featherly's Kevblog: Boogaard's Sad Death)
13.5.11 22:14 
This can't be real. Derek Boogaard was just 28. Can't believe it. Just stunned. #RIP
13.5.11 22:12 
WHAT HOW :( RT @Russostrib: Awful news: Derek Boogaard was found dead today in his Minneapolis apartment by members of his family.
11.4.11 11:22 
Wild fire Todd Richards
10.4.11 18:11 
I'm thinking about Minnesota Wild
10.4.11 17:50 
Hmm...NHL Network is blacked out, so the #wild must be on some other channel, right? What's that? "Watch the golf?" What are you, nuts?