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Tue 01:11 
@tapemachines This tweet was worth the wait
Mon 21:19 
If nothing else, tonight I have had it truly impressed upon me how I must watch the upcoming movie-like structure Nobody But Bob Odenkirk #WWERaw
Mon 19:41 
@tapemachines NOW who's gonna tell me if Charlotte had any more work done or not
Sun 22:07 
Isn't it fun how every couple of minutes they start talking as if people are just tuning into #WrestleMania for the first time all night or ever
Sun 20:58 
Take it from the WWE Super(spreader)stars and get your COVID vaccination! #WrestleMania
Sun 20:48 
Really missed an opportunity not placing a gong-like structure near Michael Cole #WrestleMania
Sun 20:10 
Sun 19:52 
So, Reginald got the rona or what #WrestleMania
Sun 19:26 
Normal people: box
Michael Cole: box-like structure
#WrestleMania #Vintage
Sat 20:09 
Oh wow, thanks lightning, I missed none of #WrestleMania Season 37 Episode 1
8.4 19:43 
Soooo @peacockTV when can I pause, rewind and fast forward the live stream? Were you aware people like having that ability or do you need more tweets
7.4 20:49 
C'mon you cowards, announce these competitors' weights #NXTTakeOver
7.4 20:03 
@Toast_Jr What if the alternative was chanting "Peacock Plus?"
2.4 12:26 
APRIL F-- oh wait, today is the 2nd. Hmmmmm RT @WWENetwork: No foolin' around here. You're gonna get ... IT!

@IAmJericho joins @steveaustinBSR on the next #BrokenSkullSessions, premiering Sunday, April 11 on @PeacockTV in the U.S. and @WWENetwork everywhere else!
29.3 21:33 
What year did "WrestleMania" become
26.3 03:40 
21.3 18:41 
So is that Old Spice ad canon
13.3 04:53 
@tapemachines I STILL don't know how I was cancelled but I didn't find out until I wanted to watch a The SummerSlam and found out I was no longer a subscriber

What a seven years, huh
13.3 04:46 
Whew, managed to remember to not pay WWE another $9.99+tax for three days of Network
8.3 19:51 
@tapemachines @SNICKERS (Sorry, I know how you hate it when we tag other people in your replies)
8.3 19:50 
@tapemachines Charlotte @SNICKERS Flair
8.3 19:32 
What do you think, The Rock?
8.3 19:26 
Would also be funny if we' came back from the ad break to find out the match already ended #RAW
8.3 19:22 
Haaaaaa! RT @ryderfakin: @CRZ We got it. Lashley's pyro is better than than AEW Exploding death match
8.3 19:22 
I do feel like Miz could somehow win here so he can lose again by the end of the show #RAW #Clocks
8.3 18:54 
Ad for upcoming #RAW says a Lashley/Miz rematch will be FIRST ON THE SHOW TONIGHT! Can't wait for them to reschedule it to an hour from now, two hours from now and three hours from now!
3.3 20:39 
Geez I hope, like the rest of the world, Austin never watches this television show #WWENXT
1.3 19:46 
Whoa, Naomi/Nia is gonna totally be a time limit draw #RAW #dRAW
21.2 20:05 
Finally heard somebody say "Lexan" so it's officially an #EliminationChamber
9.2 11:28 
Like 14 hours later - WWE's gotta be thrilled. (Sadly, WWE probably IS thrilled)
8.2 22:28 
@SonorantPlosive If I told you it could only trend on a Monday Night, would that be enough of a hint?
31.1 23:09 
@RecklessEric Rey Mysterio is now Rey Mysterio Sponsored By Cerveza Victoria
31.1 21:51 
Time for Edge to set his sights on Finn Bálor #RoyalRumble
31.1 21:48 
lol okay fine whatever WrestleMania's free for me #RoyalRumble
31.1 21:42 
IS this awesome tho #RoyalRumble
31.1 21:39 
"Guys we forgot about Randy Orton!" #RoyalRumble
31.1 21:32 
Oh so THAT'S why Victoria returned in the Women's rumble.... #RoyalRumble
31.1 21:19 
Kane (and Vince) not about to let Dolph get close to his appearances record #RoyalRumble
31.1 21:14 
Wow. It took a team of (presumably paid) producers to write down "I've heard of flying squirrels, but flying BUNNIES?" for Michael Cole #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:50 
The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever: The Legend of Curly's Gold #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:48 
Edge gonna Brock this Lesnar #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:48 
@tapemachines But that means WrestleMania's on a Saturday---oh. Right
31.1 20:47 
Hasn't anybody checked on poor Rod Zapata yet?! #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:19 
So Adam Pearce ISN'T in this match? #RoyalRumble
31.1 20:00 
RT @ShinsukeN: Shinsuke “ @Snickers ” Nakamura
31.1 19:56 
Shinsuke "Snickers" Nakamura is BACK for WrestleMania!
31.1 19:40 
Oh my God Rhea Ripley smartest woman in the world #RoyalRumble
31.1 19:32 
Jerry "One and Only One Talking Point" Lawler just requested his fellow commentators stop living in the past #RoyalRumble
31.1 19:15 
Oh goody, WWE is using (overusing) the NFL on FOX end zone camera again #RoyalRumble
31.1 19:08 
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