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Tue 20:28 
OK obviously I only watch NXT Aww Yeah about once every two months... when did "Mister" Stone lose his first name?
17.5 20:52 
17.5 02:42 
I dunno if I can believe that WWE statement if it really had the word "belts" in it
17.5 01:59 
Ball's in your court, Bayley - and by "ball," I mean the one Sasha took and went home or whatever
17.5 01:57 
@tapemachines This is a job for IT'S BAYLEY
16.5 20:28 
@tapemachines I thought Liv was... uh .... the Lana thing
9.5 19:31 
8.5 21:37 
Dunkin' Donuts changed their corporate name to Dunkin'® in 2018 but never bothered to tell the folks in Providence, I guess #WMBacklash
8.5 20:23 
Well. That made no sense...which I suppose fits current WWE logic these days #WMBacklash
8.5 19:52 
I'll give this to Omos - he's got the "makin' a funny face" sell job DOWN #WMBacklash
8.5 19:46 
What, did they get a guest director for this Lashley/Omos match? So many weird camera angles #WMBacklash
8.5 19:05 
(TAPE would probably correctly note this is actually S17 E1)
8.5 19:04 
As TAPE might say: Guys WrestleMania Backlash S16 E1 is starting
18.4 21:05 
It was the giant SS patch, wasn't it RT @SeanRossSapp: Fightful has confirmed that Kushida has left WWE

We'll have details as we learn them on
15.4 19:20 
Did Naomi have to dance during the entire commercial break? She'll be too tired to wrestle Rhea! #SmackDown
12.4 20:31 
@tapemachines NXT is the boat show now
12.4 20:27 
Dear Vic Joseph: that ain't a backslash. You've been getting that wrong for like a year #NXT #awwwwyeah #ohnoooo
12.4 19:35 
Perhaps Von and Rob were just triggered by the problematic iconography on Kush's jacket #NXT #awwwwyeah
12.4 19:31 
12.4 19:30 
Joe Gacy was seriously like "yeah, I think I need four camera angles for my exterior shot, is that okay?" and the tech crew was like "awwww yeah" #NXT2pointoh
11.4 20:48 
"Tonight's #RAW is brought to you by Jesus!"

"(and Fritos)"
11.4 20:40 
OK, MVP did me one better with the Lio Rush reference #RAW
11.4 20:38 
MVP's gonna drive Lashley back to his ex-wife Lana #RAW
11.4 20:20 
Awww yeah NXT's gonna BATTLE for BELTS
11.4 20:05 
Weird hearing Lawler openly rooting for Miz given the only people watching #RAW are old enough to actually remember their feud
11.4 20:00 
I hope this match ALSO ends in black light and an apparent No Contest - WWE BOOKING, BAY BAY - IT'S FAAAAAAAANTASTIC #RAW
11.4 19:32 
A week later, Rick Boogs is still featured in the "main event" of the local ad for the June 17th #SmackDown taping
11.4 19:19 
Whoa, Miz and Cody are goin' broadway! #RAW
11.4 11:55 
Early reports indicate he will be renamed "Tommy Dreamer" RT @WONF4W: Report: Tommaso Ciampa called up to WWE Raw roster
8.4 21:21 
Seeing Lacey Evans came back to WWE - what'd they change HER name to?
8.4 20:11 
@hansen9j I forgot Raquel Muy Alta
8.4 19:59 
Really disappointed the brain trust at WWE didn't choose a truly marketable name such as:
• Raquel Latina
• Raquel Español
• Raquel Sombrero
• Raquel Quinceañera
• Raquel Salsa Verde
• Raquel Francisco Franco RT
@_denisesalcedo: Raquel Gonzalez is now now Raquel Rodriguez. #Smackdown
8.4 19:21 

Pacafee: "That's how he got the name BUTCH, because he's like a butcher--"
8.4 19:11 
This replay of the New Day match from WrestleMania took longer than the New Day match from WrestleMania #SmackDown
8.4 19:05 
Kayla Braxton brings Ronda Rousey to the ring where they will surely engage in an outfit adjustment tugoff #SmackDown
8.4 19:05 
Hey remember when we watched WrestleMania and all that Metallica was playing in the background during the big main event #SmackDown
8.4 16:55 
wrng nswrs nly RT @tapemachines: what the fuck is nxt level up
4.4 21:53 
Is WWE finally done with that shitty "augmented reality" entrance crap? #RAW
4.4 20:52 
So who were Zelmellaz' opponents? #RAW
4.4 20:45 
".....a booking and writing style which later came to be known as CRASH TV" #RAW
4.4 20:44 
Yeah, there it was - look, if you know our crack WWE directing team at all, that was them at their most amazingly telegraphed and obvious (the repeated cuts to a beaming MVP during Lashley's face entrance sealed the deal)
4.4 20:40 
Well, if Omos is still on the red brand, I can only think MVP is gonna turn on Lashers and hook up with him #RAW
4.4 20:38 
Oh goody, Lashley has a new "I'm totally a face" thing where he goes "bum bum" in time with his music #RAW
4.4 20:33 
4.4 20:17 
Announced main event for the 6/17 SmackDown taping at the Target Center is still Usos vs. Shinsuke & Boogs for the tag team championship but I suspect Boogs may not be healed up by then #RAW
4.4 20:12 
Oh shit I fell asleep and now it's Tuesday #NXTTwoPointOh #RAW
4.4 19:47 
Not my Ezekiel #RAW
4.4 19:17 
Bro sure says "belt" a lot #RAW
4.4 19:11 
Jericho's already done this bit #RAW
3.4 23:33 
Come to think of it, has anybody seen these men since the Ukraine war started? #WrestleMania
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