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Mon 21:37 
Mon 21:35 
Oh shit he finally called them his fireflies #RAW
Mon 21:23 
I guess I no longer need to write
"Lashley = Black
Roode = White"
on my hand anymore
Mon 21:07 
Just got an #NXT ad for the Sunday St. Paul show where the War Raiders are still listed as appearing - awkward #RAW
Mon 20:49 
Viking Raiders, you say? #RAW
Mon 20:35 
Aw geez, they forgot Cesaro used to have his own music past that first five seconds #RAW
Mon 19:51 
I also have trouble remembering which one is Billie and which one is Peyton #RAW #RIPMikeRome
16.4 20:58 
Off to karaoke - goodbye #SDLive
16.4 20:58 
Oh no, they're gonna have to stretch this out two more minutes #SDLive
16.4 20:56 
16.4 20:54 
Well......I suppose it's a surprise - and there's five minutes left to do better #SDLive
16.4 20:44 
@RecklessEric @MrBrandonStroud
16.4 20:06 
Wow, they sure are sayin' "belts" a lot #SDLive
16.4 19:50 
Clearly, Charles Robinson wanted to stay on #SDLive and he and Charlotte are a package deal, so
16.4 19:49 
I gotta say, if it weren't for Twitter I'd have no idea who Charlotte Flair was hooking up with - I still don't CARE. but I definitely KNOW #SDLive
16.4 19:26 
Well, we saw Sasha ONCE this week #SDLive
16.4 19:22 
16.4 19:22 
I wish Ali's name were shorter - as does Vince McMahon #SDLive
16.4 19:15 
I think we all knew this was coming - Finn and AJ can't ever be on the same show #SDLive
16.4 19:12 
Well It's The Big O @The_W #SDLive
16.4 19:03 
OK I will TRY to sit through #SDLive but you guys the weather outside is AMAZING
15.4 21:36 
Rocco looks different #RAW
15.4 21:15 
RT @kimberrussell: @CRZ I have spent this whole night trying to remember who is on what roster. I have to do it by saying things like "Nattie and Ronda were friends and Ronda is RAW." "Rey Misterio was on Smackdown because Samoa Joe beat the shit out of him weekly."
15.4 21:12 
Always amusing when they have to stand around through an ad break #RAW
15.4 21:12 
Sorry @tapemachines, I hooked a bigger fish with your joke this round RT @D_V_D_V_R: @CRZ she was already on it
15.4 21:08 
Does this mean Natalya is joining the #RAW roster?
15.4 20:55 
We invite you to comment on this match using the hashtag #PopeyesFiveDollarButterflyShrimpTackleBox #RAW
15.4 20:16 
Jason Jordan to.....continue to be off television? #RAW
15.4 20:13 
15.4 19:57 
Speaking of seafood, last week of sad fish sandwich ads #RAW
15.4 19:56 
Airiq and... #RAW
15.4 19:37 
Uhh didn't #RAW already have the entire cruiserweight division
15.4 19:26 
There's only one Viking in wrestling and that's The Rick @OOWrestling #RAW
15.4 19:24 
Has Eric Young lost his first name yet? #SuperStarShAkEuP
13.4 06:59 
WWE posts req for "Contintuity Script Supervisor" for RAW/SDLive (@CRZ not applying)
8.4 21:50 
Welp - shows what I know #RAW
8.4 21:37 
I've never prayed harder for a no contest or DQ in the main event and have been mentally keeping track of who hasn't shown up yet tonight to help facilitate the most/least appropriate screwjob ending #RAW
8.4 21:29 
What nobody realises except Elias is that Take is out to SING! #RAW
8.4 21:25 
8.4 21:18 
Really torn about Sami Zayn's promo. I WANT to like it but I'm pretty sure that's what THEY want me to do. Also, everybody else who's liked it so far on Twitter kinda validates everything he said. IT'S COMPLICATED #RAW
8.4 20:08 
7.4 23:47 
So, uh, I guess Dean Ambrose is really gone for Good, huh #WrestleMania
7.4 23:26 
Well, I don't know about you guys but I sure wanna go buy some #MetLife insurance!
7.4 23:01 
The Women's Revolution will not be complete until they announce some weights of these competitors! #WrestleMania
7.4 22:47 
I think WWE just encouraged us all to pirate #WrestleMania 36!
7.4 22:37 
Uh oh/hooray! Michael Cole may be losing his voice #WrestleMania
7.4 22:37 
Lashley looks kinda demon-ized with the funny contact lenses #WrestleMania
7.4 22:36 
Guy at my house: Wait, wasn't he the GLBT-friendly wrestler last year? Are they saying all GLBT folks are demons?
Me: Uhhhh....
7.4 22:28 
Man, just once they could have chanted "Ang Gull" instead of "You Suck" #WrestleMania
7.4 22:04 
Ref could have counted to a hundred by now #WrestleMania (oh wait, No Holds Barred means no countouts?)
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