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26.5.23 19:30 
Boy listen to all these horribly written, taped voiceovers on this taped #SmackDown
19.5.23 14:36 
It's okay, though! They'll just play his music and all the yokels in the crowd will be so busy "singing along" they won't even notice he isn't there! RT @WONF4W: Seth Rollins to miss final WWE Raw before Night of Champions
9.5.23 20:35 
"The Macho King crown is considered the holy grail of collecting."
7.4.23 20:37 
7.4.23 20:04 
I thought H was gonna ask us to get ready to suck it but instead he just announced another WWE Draft and (your joke writes itself and is funnier than mine) #SmackDown
7.4.23 19:56 
Obligatory tweet, enjoy it while you can: Triple H is WALKING! #SmackDown
7.4.23 19:51 
Oh wow Shotzi & Nattie gonna join Jade Cargill I think #SmackDown
7.4.23 19:32 
Boy I hope Jimmy, watching on TV, calls his brother and tells him what Paul Heyman just told Solo Sikoa ahahahahahahahaha can you imagine #SmackDown
7.4.23 19:15 
Is it really #SmackDown or is it more #RampageBattleoftheBeltsPreshow
6.4.23 21:12 
@Dane_S Man's almost as old as I am - hmm, I guess in Vince's WWE that'd be a positive, shoot
6.4.23 21:08 
Yo Funkasaurus, I got news for you....that chapter done closed (consults Wikipedia) NINE years ago RT @WONF4W: Tyrus: It would be nice to close WWE chapter with a one-off appearance
3.4.23 21:58 
What was it Triple H said to start this show? The WWE you love is going nowhere... fast? #RAW
3.4.23 20:05 
Well, that commercial-free hour of #RAW lasted, like, 55 minutes - and had all of one Omos squash as far as matches - by golly, I guess they snookered me again!

On the plus side I had some quality laundry time
3.4.23 19:03 
Actually, if they just wanna spend the entire commercial-free hour of #RAW on a super extended Roman Reigns entrance, I could get on board
3.4.23 19:01 
Ya know how WWE always says "Then, now, forever" in the opener? I feel much less certain about "forever" today #RAW
3.4.23 19:01 
Just think - I could give up WWE and Twitter in the same week (but I won't)
3.4.23 19:00 
Tonight's first hour of #RAW is commercial-free - so I will ALSO try to stay commercial-free for at least an hour - although with the WWE sale, this might be the best possible time to jump ship......? WE SHALL SEE
3.4.23 10:23 
Is anyone else concerned that Vince may have been kidnapped and this is actually his evil twin?

Well...his MORE evil twin?

"Hey just make sure my logo comes before Dana's logo, pal" RT
@WONF4W: Vince McMahon: I will remain involved in WWE creative at a 'higher level"
2.4.23 22:50 
See you at Backlash, everybody!
2.4.23 22:33 
You know what this match needs? A big ass amorphous Snickers mascot #WrestleMania
2.4.23 22:16 

Yep, WWE jumpin' off that Endeavor cliff in 3...2...

2.4.23 22:02 
I DID manage to cook a Top Ramen before the bell, thanks for asking #WrestleMania
2.4.23 21:43 
Well, guess this match is going at least an hour #WrestleMania
2.4.23 21:41 
Have you EVER seen ring stairs "break?" Not a wise Draft Kings move if you ask me #WrestleMania
2.4.23 21:14 
Show the blood, you cowards #WrestleMania
2.4.23 20:59 
Um, I was promised Gangrel - where's Gangrel #WrestleMania
2.4.23 20:56 
Okay, shoehorning in a final "Pope's Exorcist" ad ahead of Demon's entrance is some bold thinking from Nick Khan #WrestleMania
2.4.23 20:51 
Wow, who fell through that trap door in the ring forever before that Snoop Dogg match #WrestleMania
2.4.23 19:42 
If I head PEACOCKPREMIUMPLUS I could see a vignette instead of this Charles Schawb ad :( #WrestleMania
2.4.23 19:07 
I was JUST saying to myself "what a pop culture extravaganza this WrestleMania is"
1.4.23 23:08 
Aw shoot, I fell asleep #WrestleMania
29.3.23 17:27 
Can't wait for the moment by the pool when Raven's gonna wink at the camera and say "what a mark" RT @WONF4W: WWE WrestleMania 39 to feature 'blurring of fourth wall' as part of sponsorship
27.3.23 14:20 
About 24 hours after the initial announcement of an upcoming a Har Mar Superstar show in Mankato, the venue has cancelled the event.
9.3.23 21:30 
RT @masonbutler: If you have no problem calling it the WWE, you can handle not dead naming a trans person
27.2.23 21:18 
Bray Wyatt #RAW
21.2.23 20:52 
I think it's the background music from outta nowhere that really sells me on those wonderful backstage vignettes #NXT #bookinggeniuses
14.2.23 23:07 
Boy, that crowd in the WWE Performance Center is just hideously awful, huh? #NXT
13.2.23 22:15 
WWE actually sold a whopping *92* Gold NFTs! Still kinda hilarious and still under 20% of the potential, but even in failure you know how those practioners of the grappling arts love to ANY direction.
13.2.23 22:15 
In theory, all those tokens should be out there on "the blockchain," tho! And I figured it was finally time to SHOOT, brother - so I wasted a bit of time scrolling around instead of watching #RAW. Here's what I found:
13.2.23 22:15 
It was widely - and hiliarously! - reported that John Cena's SummerSlam 2021 NFT collection was a "disaster," with the 500 "Gold" level tokens only managing a paltry 37 sales.
10.2.23 20:59 
Well, well, well, guess which guy without a woman in his corner got pinned. Bring your wife to ringside next time, Rey! #SmackDown
10.2.23 20:39 
Doesn't seem fair that everybody gets a woman in their corner except Rey #SmackDown
28.1.23 22:51 
NOT BACK: proper kerning RT @WWEShop: The Irresistible Force is back! Check out this NEW Nia Jax T-Shirt at #WWEShop today! #WWE

28.1.23 22:39 
McAfee: Hey where's Boogs? #RoyalRumble
28.1.23 22:29 
Who thought it'd be a good idea to keep McAfee's mic open during the performanc-- ya know what, it doesn't matter #RoyalRumble
28.1.23 21:44 
Say "hell toupee" again #RoyalRumble
27.1.23 13:58 
What's the opposite of the theme from cage lowering? MUWMUWMUWMUWMUWMUWMUWMUW?

@WWE: BREAKING NEWS: The #WrestleMania 39 sign has been raised inside the Alamodome!
27.1.23 13:57 

@WWE: BREAKING NEWS: The #WrestleMania 39 sign has been raised inside the Alamodome!
24.1.23 19:45 
Kofi and Woods are certainly NOT live! They've been tweeting from Australia all week #NXT
23.1.23 23:04 
It wasn't EVEN Tue. RT @RealKurtAngle: You Suck + Suck it = You Suck It @WWE #raw30 #itstue
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