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12.10 20:22 
NXT 2.0
11.10 22:14 
I'll even give you a screen grab since it's 2021 and I'm looking to get DMCA'd - check out that noggin knocker #RAW
11.10 22:00 
DAMN that goose egg on Drew - let's go out on that one. GOOD NIGHT FROM #RAW
11.10 22:00 
I'm so glad they stopped slapping their thighs when kicking and now slap some other part of their body instead #RAW
11.10 21:57 
Inconsistent officiating #RAW
11.10 21:20 
What the hell sport is Stephanie McMahon notable enough in to be inducted into an International Sports Hall of Fame?! #RAW
11.10 20:40 
Tonight during #RAW I've been heartened and repulsed respectively by local drop-in ads for "Yes on 2" and Mayor Frey
11.10 20:36 
@tapemachines C'mon tape, Paul Heyman and Kayla Braxton are participants in the Federation's sole long-term program of the 2020s
11.10 20:19 
Lashley says, unlike Jamal Khashoggi, he can't be killed on Saudi soil #RAW
11.10 20:08 
*source is I just made this up for Twitter
11.10 20:07 
Source*: Vince McMahon on the phone with his next #RAW commentator RT @TomPelissero: Source: Jon Gruden just informed his staff that he plans to resign as #Raiders coach.
11.10 20:02 
Incredible - unders, head to the pay window!
11.10 19:53 
Over/under on this Riddle/Omos match is.... <checks last match they had, because of course there's a last match> 2'35" #RAW
11.10 19:06 
4.10 21:10 
Jimmy: We can't wait for October 22nd for the new look #RAW!
Me: October 22nd is a Friday
4.10 21:09 
I love that Goldy has now repeatedly violated WWE style/scriptwriting guidelines by promising to keeeeeeeeeeeeeeel Bobby #RAW
27.9 21:33 
I'm, like, an hour behind on #RAW - why didn't he just change his nickaname to Keith "Black Guy" Lee and make it even more obvious?
24.9 17:18 
RT @dhm: Can’t wait to see all of these WWE #Superstars in person at SmackDown tonight!
21.9 19:12 
NXT 2.0? More like World Entrance Federation 2.0! #ClassicsfromCRZ
16.9 04:29 
@tapemachines Geez it's been like 20 years since Chris Kreski left WWE and they never found ANYBODY ELSE who could do what he did (because they didn't want to)
14.9 19:04 
Dope #NXT2.0
2.9 19:03 
@benjamiller @WWE If it's TV or music, maybe - if it's more "generic," Five Below is your destination shop
2.9 18:10 
Something about this @WWE "WrestleMania VI" T-shirt at the Target is making my eyebrow twitch
27.8 19:14 
Oh gosh, #SmackDown isn't on around here until 11:35 - thanks, Vikings!
23.8 20:49 
Uhhh Mansoor won the match what's the problem #RAW
23.8 20:12 
Elias was 4. #RAW
23.8 19:56 
Hey congrats to WWE and Bitski for securing THREE bids during their "platinum NFT auction" #RAW
23.8 19:45 
Did Scarlitt get knocked up or what #RAW #NXT
23.8 19:25 
Boy, Drew almost paralyzed him #RAW
23.8 19:17 
Uh oh they're dropping Twisted Tea again #RAW
17.8 20:13 
I bet I'm the only guy on Twitter to notice that Dexter Lumis closes his eyes when he's kissin' #NXT
16.8 21:58 
Geez #RAW is down to like two sponsors who get a hundred spots a night, those dudes on that beach should have died of alcohol poisoning after the 35th "twisted tea drop"
31.7 22:38 
@patrickab7 @FightOwensFight @WWENXT Hahahahaha tremendous
29.7 17:09 
This is true because I, WWE's demographic, am now old enough that I find myself involuntarily dozing off during their programming RT @WONF4W: Khan followed that up by saying they are like a horse with blinders on and looking straight ahead, repeating the "everything is competition" line used before, joking by saying "sleep is our competition." ^JN
27.7 19:31 
Why on earth did the AAA the signature? #WWENXT
27.7 19:04 
I like how they keep reminding me I'm watching "NXT on Syfy" like I somehow haven't already figured out which channel Syfy is and that tuned to it #WWENXT
19.7 21:28 
Welp, never been happier to be wrong - keep working on that lip sync, buddy!
19.7 21:25 
He finally brought back that music which can only mean this is a retirement match #RAW
19.7 20:32 
OK what's with the Progressive ads during the Liberty Mutual match #RAW
18.7 22:24 
Death is not an option #MITB
18.7 22:19 
Gosh, our commentators have said "WHAT" more than the audience tonight #MITB
18.7 21:07 
Hmmm, Peacock's Spanish feed is flawless - pass it on #MITB
18.7 21:06 
Does Peacock still have a feed where you can watch other people watching the PPV? Maybe that channel's working #MITB
16.7 20:49 
Boy this main event is really disrupting my ad breaks #SmackDown
16.7 20:40 
16.7 19:59 
Can't believe @ItsFlo didn't make the tweet cloud for #SmackDown
7.7 09:00 
After learning WrestleManiacs was rolling into "WrestleLine," 22 years ago I slapped together, later - the HTML never got any better, but I'll be damned if people still don't go visit that place (mostly only @ryderfakin) - happy 7.7
6.7 19:52 
It's a belt. #MillionDollarBelt
6.7 10:22 
Round 1: unfeeling hot take about Jimmy Uso for Likes and RTs
Round 2: complaining about Round 1 twits for Likes and RTs
Round 3: me, failing to craft the perfect meta-commentary about Round 2 twits for Likes and RTs when I realise too late I should have just used the brains meme
5.7 20:44 
I mean, yes, nobody's watching #RAW either, but it IS on and I DID awaken from my nap, so
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