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Uh oh, Chase U just poked the bear, NOW we'll get some talkin' about NXT

(the bear is Meltzer, see, and)
NXT isn't even trending. Bankruptcy imminent
Hokey smokes, I haven't seen as many "as seen on TV" 800 number products sponsoring NXT in a great while WOW THAT KNIFE LOOKS REALLY SHARP SHOULD I BUY THE WHOLE SET
20.9 19:17 
Oh shit, even NBC Universal is using last year's "NXT 2.0" logo
20.9 19:16 
Twitter using last year's NXT logo has gotta be some kinda revenge for WWE using the wrong Twitter logo eight years after they deprecated it
4.9 14:34 
The last face you see #NXTWorldsCollide
22.8 18:22 
Really excited about Edge and Priest going broadway tonight #RAW RT @AndrewZarian: Last hour of Raw tonight will have limited commercials.
19.8 12:54 
A true test! How many times will Michael Cole say "twelve hundred" like a normal human being and how many times will he say "one thousand two hundred" like Michael Cole? RT @TripleH: From the first #Smackdown April 29, 1999 in New Haven, CT to the 1200th tonight in Montréal, Canada…

A huge milestone for the brand, the Superstars who’ve pushed it forward and a THANK YOU to the
@WWE Universe who watched every week!

Ep. 1200 is live TONIGHT on
15.8 21:24 
8.8 22:06 
They did it/we did it
8.8 20:02 
No, THIS is how we Sonic RT @kimberrussell: Tuning into Monday Night Raw for the first time in years!
5.8 13:44 
Let's see if Paul has a gauntlet formula that isn't "first one in goes through five of 'em...only to lose to the last one, what a damn shame" RT @WONF4W: Number one contender's gauntlet match set for WWE SmackDown
2.8 21:07 
Thigh slapping is BACK, baby! #NXT
1.8 19:30 
Did Triple H outlaw ad breaks? I approve! #RAW
30.7 22:11 
Wow, Vince retires and suddenly Brock's got his CASE IH sponsorship back #SummerSlam
30.7 21:52 
Boy if'n only Jeff Jarrett done reffed all them #SummerSlam matches
20.7 16:29 
The fact that the show is still happening makes me suspicious First Ave will still see some income from this, and calling it a cancellation when it's clearly a venue change (unlike that HMS show which was the exact opposite AM I RIGHT) but after doing the wrong thing, it's nice to see something at least closer to the right thing, and now I won't have to say mean things about them on the air Saturday and risk a backlash of my own. ;-)

(Shared from First Avenue & 7th St Entry)
We hear you. Tonight’s show has been cancelled at First Avenue and is moving to the Varsity Theater. See our full statement for more.
18.7 21:35 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 8
18.7 21:17 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 7
18.7 20:54 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 6
18.7 20:31 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 5
18.7 19:58 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 4
18.7 19:37 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 3
18.7 19:23 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 2
18.7 19:17 
Craig Robinson running pizza count for #RAW: 1
18.7 19:04 
What the fuck is this shit #RAW
15.7 20:20 
Oh God, does Cole still think a slash is a backslash? For the love of #SmackDown
15.7 19:02 
Hope McAfee is out with a special entrance because he's about to announce his official WWE name change #SmackDown
11.7 21:31 
Boy, feels like Vince just learned about "chasing clout" today and then mandated that it be inserted into every segment #RAW
11.7 20:38 
"AJ would NEVER catch up to Miz!"
(cameraman easily catches up to Miz)
4.7 19:43 
3.7 16:33 
@tapemachines I'd always hoped WWE Network would offer this as an option but I know also know most of the reasons why they wouldn't
3.7 16:03 
Hearing there was a WWE PREMIERE LIVE EVENT last night - congratulations to Ms. Liv and I hope this means I can stop sending her money
28.6 20:57 
Why are all the WWE Peacock Per Views on Saturdays now? This is very inconvenient for me!
27.6 20:58 
27.6 20:42 
OMG he really did have a concussion RT @btsportwwe: "Thank you for being an excellent leader." - Daniel Bryan pays tribute to John Cena

20.6 20:05 
(the "A" stands for "Theory")
20.6 19:38 
Funny, I was ALSO thinking "more on" RT @D_V_D_V_R: Vince appearing more on since stepping down. I guess he needs that talent paycheck- RevRay
20.6 19:23 
33 people are watching #RAW with this man on Twitch
17.6 19:04 
I dunno about you but IIIIIIIi saw this tweet AFTER he left RT @WWE: Mr. McMahon is LIVE now on #SmackDown
17.6 19:03 
17.6 19:03 
Ha! He couldn't even stay out there for five minutes to pop the quarter hour #SmackDown
17.6 19:02 
Oh, no, see, it was the CHARACTER of "Mr. McMahon" what did all those inappropriate things #SmackDown - aw geez I forgot they were IN MY TOWN tonight
17.6 19:01 
Wow, he's really walking out there live. I feel the reaction has been sweetened! #SmackDown
17.6 19:01 
THEN (with the women)
NOW (with the women)
FOREVER (with the women)
TOGETHER (with the women)
15.6 16:31 
15.6 15:43 
Vince is probably sad he's been slapped with the "Sports" label again
15.6 15:43 
Ahahahaha of course
15.6 15:41 
Vince trending yet? Yes
7.6 20:56 
Tonight, Apollo finally faced relegation to NXT Aww Yeah; I wasn't paying attention but I believe his accent has changed back too. Commander Who? RT @CRZ: Is there a correlation from WWE calling Omos "the Nigerian giant" with previous Nigerians Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez getting banished to Main Event? #RAW
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