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Mon 19:42 
I guess, not surprisingly, @WWE and I have different opinions on the meaning of "totally cross-cultural" #RAW
Mon 19:26 
This show's version of Friday's match has already been equal to or exceeded...okay, okay, gonna retire this riff. (Probably.) #RAW
7.6 14:12 
So is Shane the new lineal champ or
7.6 12:03 
Hey guys guess whether or not my interest in this show is equivalent to or exceeds that of WrestleMania
27.5 21:35 
27.5 20:50 
Been thinking (admittedly, not very hard) about the House of Saud bringing Goldberg out of @WWE retirement. When was the last time they were this interested in a Jewish guy? So, of course, I went straight to Google and....turns out the answer wasn't as surprising as you'd think
27.5 20:28 
Was dinner respected tho #RAW
27.5 20:11 
Remember this moment just now where Cole hypes the upcoming episode of "Firefly Fun House!" because I guarantee you after they air it, Cole will have totally forgotten and say "what the hell was THAT" #RAW
27.5 20:06 
Yes, wrestling fans, Brock Lesnar doesn't pay attention to this show either #RAW
27.5 19:56 
Say, why isn't Sika on The Super ShowDown? #RAW
27.5 19:55 
[Sorry, Sika and Vince were both born in 1945 - Sika is FOUR MONTHS older than Vince] #RAW
27.5 19:55 
(Sika is 74, one year older than Vince) #RAW
27.5 19:47 
27.5 19:46 
Sure hope it's Tamina Snuka #RAW
27.5 19:46 
Shane's so sweaty from......talking #RAW
27.5 19:43 
1. Wow remember when these dudes had hair
2. So do the Saudis only get 10 year old WWE reruns or
20.5 21:39 
Boy don't wrestlers suck at noticing when the cameras stop following them as if the action may still be where they just were and not where they're going? #RAW
20.5 21:14 
I think I can say that my #RAW tweets tonight have been equivalent to or exceeded #WrestleMania RT @CRZ: When Michael Cole says "How cool was that?" it's all but telegraphed how not cool it was #WrestleMania
20.5 21:08 
Ya know, for a moment it WAS like a Main Event out there...or was that what they were going for? #RAW #MainEvent
20.5 20:39 
Is it sad that I'm so amused that they all keep saying "belts" knowing how much it has to bother Vince? #RAW
20.5 20:24 
Between Super Saudi Arabian Show Down (With Missiles) and Secret Life of Pets: Electric Boogaloo (The Legend of Curly's Gold), June 7 is shaping up to be my worst birthday ever
20.5 19:26 
By the way, @WWE... MISSILES
20.5 19:26 
Aw geez you guys I totally forgot what country Jeddah is in #RAW #CheddahfromJeddah
20.5 19:14 
I should disclose I had no idea Seth and Becky Lynch were an item until yesterday. Heyman must have really missed being on the mic! #RAW
20.5 19:12 
Man @HeymanHustle is full of references tonight #RAW RT @DrFNFurter: ... pation.
20.5 19:11 
Lest we forget, Rollins wasn't exactly lighting the world on fire with his title defenses - in fact, his schedule after WrestleMania was positively Lesnaresque #RAW RT @What30dayrule: CLOCK STOPPED: Just under the wire, it turns out @WWERollins DID defend the @WWE Universal Championship last night at a live event in Brussels - 31 days after his "defense" at the #RAW after #WrestleMania.
20.5 19:09 
OK I did enjoy @HeymanHustle's casual "my father, Tricky Dicky Dangerously" reference drop #RAW
19.5 21:38 
Lesnar just killed some tech guys #MITB
13.5 14:53 
(furiously hitting refresh to see if @RonKillings won the WWE United Kingdom championship) #WWEBournemouth
6.5 19:16 
RT @luchablog: bold move by WWE to shake things up by starting Raw with a series of people walking to the ring one by one to cut a promo
5.5 22:37 
I've got a super duper hilarious and political wrestling related tweet in mind but I should probably embargo it until I think anyone in the world might be reading who'd Like and Retweet it - soooo - next WrestleMania, maybe?
29.4 21:23 
Drew Gulak looks different #RAW
29.4 20:11 
Huh, Lio Rush looks larger and whiter this week #RAW
29.4 19:35 
Only through the SUPERSTAR SHAKE-UP!™ can you see....a match you could have seen a month ago on the other show #RAW
22.4 21:37 
22.4 21:35 
Oh shit he finally called them his fireflies #RAW
22.4 21:23 
I guess I no longer need to write
"Lashley = Black
Roode = White"
on my hand anymore
22.4 21:07 
Just got an #NXT ad for the Sunday St. Paul show where the War Raiders are still listed as appearing - awkward #RAW
22.4 20:49 
Viking Raiders, you say? #RAW
22.4 20:35 
Aw geez, they forgot Cesaro used to have his own music past that first five seconds #RAW
22.4 19:51 
I also have trouble remembering which one is Billie and which one is Peyton #RAW #RIPMikeRome
16.4 20:58 
Off to karaoke - goodbye #SDLive
16.4 20:58 
Oh no, they're gonna have to stretch this out two more minutes #SDLive
16.4 20:56 
16.4 20:54 
Well......I suppose it's a surprise - and there's five minutes left to do better #SDLive
16.4 20:44 
@RecklessEric @MrBrandonStroud
16.4 20:06 
Wow, they sure are sayin' "belts" a lot #SDLive
16.4 19:50 
Clearly, Charles Robinson wanted to stay on #SDLive and he and Charlotte are a package deal, so
16.4 19:49 
I gotta say, if it weren't for Twitter I'd have no idea who Charlotte Flair was hooking up with - I still don't CARE. but I definitely KNOW #SDLive
16.4 19:26 
Well, we saw Sasha ONCE this week #SDLive
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