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Thu 18:36 
#tbt @WWE @SNICKERS #Moolah
Thu 17:44 
Sounds like whoever came up with the Moolah Memorial name was really, really hungry when they went with that. Guys, you know You're Not You When You're Hungry
5.3 22:10 
5.3 21:25 
Can't believe they're redoing that awful Wyatt Family/New Day thing but with Matt Hardy #RAW
5.3 21:16 
Yeah, I fell asleep. Why hasn't Coach been fired yet? #RAW
5.3 19:04 
Leave it to Mom to wait until #RAW starts on a snow night to call me on my mobile to see how I'm doing with all the snow
5.3 19:03 
Angle immediately shouts out @LanceStorm ah ha ha #RAW
1.3 16:38 
Reblogged myself: Wow I haven’t been here in a while - this is from August 2015 yet remains so timely
26.2 13:54 
@lihcrulz I tried to livetweet it - that's about all the effort I can manage in 2018 :) might be the easiest way to see it (mostly page 2)
26.2 02:07 
WWE Elimination Chamber was pretty good
21.2 13:22 
This is me doing a SmackDown Live promo #SDLive
4.2 21:18 
28.1 22:52 
One thing I've forgotten about WrestleMania last year was how Big Cass had to compete for the tag team titles by himself #WWE24
28.1 22:11 
Oh they woke up Maria #RoyalRumble
28.1 22:11 
28.1 22:09 
I think Maria Menounos missed her cue...
"The winner of the match: "ASUKA!"
28.1 21:59 
28.1 21:58 
So....Ronda's #31, right? ...right? #RoyalRumble
28.1 21:56 
RT @thecubsfan: Twitter about to break. I will miss you all.
28.1 21:56 
RT @tapemachines: eva. eva. Eva. Eva. EVA. EVA! EVA! EVA!
28.1 21:55 
Starting to think Bull Nakano isn't showing #RoyalRumble
28.1 21:55 
28.1 21:53 
So.... Bayley, Trish and Ronda, you think? #RoyalRumble
28.1 21:46 
RT @thecubsfan: Naomi is Kofi, right down to getting thrown out ten seconds after making it back in.
28.1 21:43 
QUICK POLL: Who are we most likely to see tonight?
28.1 21:39 
So Kelly Kelly is only....30 or 31? Jiminy #RoyalRumble
28.1 21:34 
Remember when Laycool gave Vickie that necklace?! #RoyalRumble
28.1 21:31 
Michelle McCool was the first person I saw Meltzer "report" on and thought "wow, Dave's kinda creepy about her" #RoyalRumble
28.1 21:24 
Hope Dawn Marie is next #RoyalRumble
28.1 21:23 
28.1 21:04 
Hey remember when women's battle royales were through ANY rope? That rule's finally been fixed #RoyalRumble
28.1 21:04 
Riott Squaddd #RoyalRumblee
28.1 20:56 
I wonder, though - is he finished with him? #RoyalRumble
28.1 20:56 
Good thing they got that gizmo that shakes the camera when the commentators are supposed to be saying BOOM because sometimes they forget #RoyalRumble
28.1 20:53 
We've gotta be kidding Booker T #RoyalRumble
28.1 20:51 
If only Michael Cole could articulate his level of discomfort having these men at ringside! #RoyalRumble
28.1 20:47 
There's still a chance to get the rare TRIPLE BOOM from the commentary team on a replay tonight #RoyalRumble
28.1 20:34 
Well it'll be interesting to see if there's some kinda message behind this storytellinzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #RoyalRumble
28.1 20:17 
@BigBaldRon Well with a #RAW PPV between now and Mania, it wasn't impossible to see a #SDLive guy winning, but happy it was THIS guy
28.1 20:15 
Wow those are ANCIENT trunks on Miz #RoyalRumble
28.1 20:07 
28.1 19:42 
Isn't Curtis Axel still in last year's Rumble tho #RoyalRumble
28.1 19:39 
Strange - Vince usually doesn't like to have a superstar™ have the same last name as one of the commentators #RoyalRumble
28.1 19:15 
Cole: "Bray has been so dominant since entering this match!"
(Bray has zero elminations)
28.1 19:12 
Heath Slater gon' win #RoyalRumble
28.1 19:04 
Yeah but the final ECW Champion is still with Lucha Underground, right? #RoyalRumble
28.1 19:04 
Talk about an hour as much as you want, but 90 seconds times 29 is 43½ minutes #RoyalRumble
28.1 18:57 
Hope King left his helium tank backstage #RoyalRumble
28.1 18:56 
Can't talk about women in the "numbers" package any more so no Great Khali clip either #RoyalRumble
28.1 18:49 
Confused commentators aren't sure where to say BOOM during the replay of the small package #RoyalRumble
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