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12.2 02:06 Thowback!
2024 Remake!
30.6.23 10:04 
Hey New York friends! Sounds like a sexual predator may be coming soon to perform at The Bowery Electric! I'd encourage you not to go....and perhaps not to go to any show at that place if that's the kind of act they're interested in platforming

Oh, the comments are still open on this post? That's interesting.

(Shared from The Bowery Electric)
Catch Har Mar Superstar live at The Bowery Electric on 8/25! Tix here 🎟
23.6.23 20:07 
That guy from India who gets off on me eating Oreos on YouTube is back, and trying a new tack
22.6.23 23:49 
I feel funny

(Shared from Harumo Imai -Turn It Up (feat. Juna Serita)【Official Music Video】)
Tenor Sax: Harumo ImaiElectric Bass: Juna Serita @JunaSeritaMusic Organ: Harumo ImaiComposer: Harumo ImaiArranger: Harumo ImaiBacking track by: TopGun On The...
16.5.23 16:02 
Just Shazam'd the leafblower somebody was operating outside my house and darned if it didn't come up with a good match:
16.5.23 14:35 
LOVE her! (I mean IIII love her, I'm not commanding YOU to love her - although...yeah go ahead)

(Shared from omg - LØLØ (Official Music Video))
►WORLD PREMIERE: FRI, MAY 12 @ 10AM PT►Pre-Save "omg" here:►'debbie downer' Vinyl/Merch: LØLØ...
1.4.23 03:47 
@inc_manharpatel @CagIndia @cag @YouTube @pwd @GPCB_HO @CMOGuj @INCIndia @INCGujarat @abpasmitatv @Bhupendrapbjp It ain't me, pal
13.3.23 19:25 
Many people are calling their new home the "conservative-leaning YouTube alternative" but I still never heard of it RT @WONF4W: Dana White's Power Slap not returning to TBS, finds new home
25.2.23 02:54 
@peter_lodder @CaseyRain @theoriginal7ven
6.1.23 03:18 
Back when they still existed, KTEH would syndicate Canadian TV like "The Newsroom" (not the HBO one) and throw it on Sunday nights before the SciFi block, so somehow I got roped into it. When they dutifully paid rights to rebroadcast "More Tears" once they were out of Newsroom episodes, I watched that too. It's not really a proper sequel but ... well, I guess it DID stick with me. Dunno what compelled me to seek this one out for a binge 24 years later, but it was worth it and it largely holds up. Thanks to that one guy who kept it alive on the 'Tube, no thanks to Kenny F for never giving it a proper DVD/streaming release.

(Shared from More Tears - Ken Finkleman, 1998 TV VHS rip, complete series)
Here is a poor quality TV-to-VHS-to-VHS rip of Ken Finkleman's More Tears as aired on CBC in 1998. All four episodes are in one video. If you just want a t...
23.11.22 09:48 
Well, it took more than 12 years but YouTube finally decided - and later confirmed after I appealed their decision - my video of the 2204355 chicken eating dancing guy soundtracked by a Meow Mix ad was "hate speech" and gave me a warning. I'd say I knew this day would come but
13.11.22 22:49 
Did everybody see the hot new Downtown Council spot? I just saw it for the first time during the KARE 11 news - and for the second time on YouTube: /> (not pictured: MPD's Operation Endeavor idling cars)
7.11.22 16:55 
Him, too

(Shared from Aaron)
Song download available for patrons!
27.9.22 18:40 
23.9.22 00:32 
Imagine chilling out on your monochrome Macintosh Plus with your pirated version of the Mac port of the Star Wars arcade game in the floppy drive and this exact version (but with more FM static) going through your headphones
16.9.22 14:13 
1. I'm not him
2. "This video has been removed by the uploader" RT
@aagroupofficial: HOT IN IT! The tune that we’ve been waiting for from
@ OGD x
@CRZ x @ ADO is out now!

Sacré available on all platforms, listen to it now!

#sacré #aarecords #single #HipHopmusic #rapbeats
16.8.22 21:35 
@ReggieWilsonTV To think he only started with 75 suits!
24.7.22 16:50 
This is just mind-blowingly incredible - almost 25 years after it happened, footage from the Oakland stop of the Big Top Tour made it to YouTube. I had no idea it existed and never figured I'd relive this night - especially this, the Banco de Gaia set... a rather formative event for young KZiM. They don't really make it into frame that much but the butterflies on stilts performing in the crowd were especially memorable as well. Criminally this video only had 78 views. I will probably view it 78 times myself! I'm pretty sure you won't see my silhouette in the crowd as I was more hanging in the back....but who can say I really remember EXACTLY where I was that night? Elsewhere on this YouTube channel are other performances from the same room - which means a whole lotta (ugh) Moby and alas, no 808 State or System 7 or Kevin Saunderson DJ set (as they performed in a different room) ANYWAY. Wow!

(Shared from Banco de Gaia: Toby Marks DJ Set w/ Full Band (LIVE) September 12, 1997 Big Top Tour Oakland, CA, US)
Banco de Gaia: Toby Marks DJ Set w/ Full Band (LIVE)Featuring Tracks:1. Heliopolis2. Mafich Arabi3. China (Clouds Not Mountains)4. CelestineSeptember 12, 199...
11.7.22 19:33 
Wow, seeing the new Don Samuels new ad A LOT during the local nightly news and in local cable breaks. What an incredible waste of money.
20.6.22 21:33 

(Shared from Beyoncé - BREAK MY SOUL (Official Lyric Video))
Official lyric video for "BREAK MY SOUL" by Beyoncé. Beyoncé:
14.6.22 13:41 
@JayJayDean My condolences!

Also, now I am singing
5.6.22 18:30 
They just played the "MVP diss track" and I've never been so happy to be watching a pre-premiere live event on Peacock
11.5.22 10:21 
One of the cool things to come out of the discussion of his star on the Hollywood walk of fame was the news that "Jim Hong" first came to prominence while still attending the U as a guest on "You Bet Your Life" back in 1954, winning Groucho Marx AND the audience over with his impressions. Amazingly, it's available on the ol' Internet:

(Shared from You Bet Your Life radio show 2/3/54 Unedited)
In this full recording before being edited, Groucho meets a schoolteacher and a college student, a pair of restaurant owners, and a man from the Chamber of C...
8.5.22 18:56 
Have a popcorn-free Mother's Day!

(Shared from You Got To Have A Mother For Me)
Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupYou Got To Have A Mother For Me · James BrownMotherlode℗ 1988 UMG Recordings, Inc.Released on: 2003-01-01Producer...
2.5.22 12:27 
RT @WedgeLIVE: PREMIERING NOW: The Sights and Sounds of Lake Chipotle: A Slow TV Experience (shot in 8k Ultra HD 10-Bit HDR)
20.4.22 13:13 
OOH New Florence + The Machine!

(Shared from Florence + The Machine - Free)
Music video by Florence + The Machine performing Free. A Polydor Records recording; © 2022 Universal Music Operations Limited
20.4.22 08:35 
Oooh new Hot Chip - album coming in August!

(Shared from Hot Chip - Down (Official Video))
Hot Chip - "Down" from the forthcoming 'Freakout/Release' out 19 August 2022 on Domino Subscribe to Hot Chip on YouTube: **WARN...
19.4.22 21:06 
"Dunk on dem. Dunk on all of dem."
8.4.22 03:11 

(Shared from Pink Floyd - Hey Hey Rise Up (feat. Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox))
Here is the official video for 'Hey Hey Rise Up', Pink Floyd’s new Ukraine fundraiser feat Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox. Stream / download from midnight at ht...
5.4.22 09:27 
@tapemachines Guess what, Hans Zimmer recycled
31.3.22 09:19 
"Pokémon, I choose you!" aired in Japan for the very first time on this day 25 years ago - how appropriate that the #25 Pokémon is Pikachu!

(Shared from Pokémon – I Choose You! [FULL EPISODE] 📺 | Pokémon: Indigo League Episode 1)
It’s time to go back to Ash’s humble beginning in Pallet Town! Rewatch where he began his Pokémon journey in the full first episode of Pokémon: Indigo League...
4.3.22 19:50 
YouTube ratings for "Corey and Carmella Sure Love Fuckin'"
Episode 1: 288,354 views
Ep. 2: 189,870
Ep. 3: 173,873
Ep. 4: 163,988
Ep. 5: 77,516

By way of comparison:
The Game, Kanye West - Eazy: 1,222,421 views since yesterday
2.3.22 17:09 
2022, ladies and gentlemen

(Shared from YouTube: SMASH MOUTH Never Gonna Give You Up)
24.2.22 13:43 
How good WAS MJF's promo last night on AEW Dynamite? Let's hear from Dave Meltzer, from YouTube's Wrestling Observer Radio:
"It's one of the best promos that anyone's ever - I mean, seriously, this was one of the, this was an all-t-, when this promo was over, I, I thought (cont)
19.2.22 03:48 
Played this earlier on True Brit! Radio. I really miss ya

(Shared from LIFE - Friends Without Names (Official Lyric Video))
Friends Without Names Out now: music and lyrics by LIFEA DIY production by Michael Sanders (made in...
18.2.22 03:52 
Hey I'm guest hosting True Brit! Radio tonight at midnight, as I usually seem to do this time of year - so I might as well drop a little Andrew Weatherall, as I usually seem to do this time of year. Hey check out this short film just released yesterday

(Shared from Sail We Must: A Sea Story of Andrew Weatherall & An Irish Fisherman | The Tenth Man)
In rural county Cork, a lone fisherman met a weary traveller who was on his way to a gig. They soon began to exchange stories, namely tales of the sea. Durin...
16.2.22 10:23 
Happy Glorthday (h/t Chris Horry)

(Shared from Down With The Sickness - Doo-Wop Edition)
14.2.22 10:40 
Thinking about Ouch Guy this morning

(Shared from worldofwireless commercial Bluetooth - Original OUCH AD)
12.2.22 05:11 

(Shared from The Sun and the Rainfall (2006 Remaster))
Provided to YouTube by Warner RecordsThe Sun and the Rainfall (2006 Remaster) · Depeche ModeA Broken Frame℗ 2006 Demilune Ltd., under license to Warner Recor...
3.2.22 19:08 
Body cam footage is out - just after all the local news is done - but it'll probably lead the 10s. Go figure, it doesn't make the cops look too good!

Content warning:
30.1.22 20:48
23.1.22 02:23 
Meanwhile this person's kink is seeing me eat Oreos on camera and is really bummed I haven't been on YouTube since 2020 and they just don't give a f that I know all this - I guess you have to admire it in a way
21.1.22 16:30 
Nobody's applying, huh RT @MinneapolisPD: The MPD Community Service Officer (CSO) application deadline has now been extended to February 7th!
They application can be found on the City website here: /> SALARY: $20.04 - $23.20 Hourly
JOB TYPE: Part-time
Info Session Link:
21.1.22 16:01 

(Shared from Louie's Backflip - Splash)
Louie's courageous backflip isn't enough to keep him in the competition.Watch full episodes of your favorite shows at
9.1.22 19:04 

(Shared from Rolling With Bob Saget)
Music Video With Bob Saget,Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone
31.12.21 19:56 

(Shared from Betty White Sings OFFICIAL "I'm Still Hot" Music Video w/Luciana HD for The Lifeline Program)
Betty White is still hot as she raps with Electro Artist Luciana in her wild, funny and zany music video. A large portion of proceeds from iTune music downl...
20.12.21 21:26 
Don't you wish it were THIS?
20.12.21 21:25 
OK, seriously, listen to this...
11.12.21 03:13 
I saw this 36 years ago, then never again, yet still vividly remembered the entire thing. @ArsenioHall RT @drinkingwithian: Thanks, Nez.. No way this would've been on air otherwise.
19.10.21 20:49 
OMG another terrible ad for the mayor. "Go get 'em, Jacob!" "Will do, Coach."
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