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15.11 23:09 
Well this was just delightful. Hat tip with a chef's kiss to Jason Hollis
10.11 03:20 
19.10 12:03 
Okay yes I'm awake now thanks
(Jung/Frye - "Pulsar Acid" (SUPERPANG, 2020))
10.10 14:55 
Happy ten ten!

(Shared from Powers of Ten™ (1977))
Powers of Ten takes us on an adventure in magnitudes. Starting at a picnic by the lakeside in Chicago, this famous film transports us to the outer edges of t...
8.10 14:18 
It's Tennessee Luke Winston Fortinberry III's birthday. Can you make it through all 331 seconds of his cover of "I Believe I Can Fly?"
6.10 20:45 
Now we''re.....
(National Fuel Gas "Cookin' With Gas")
29.9 23:50 
Let's go ahead and drop this here for anybody who needs it tonight
(Mario Mathy - Jumping Dance)
22.9 09:52 
I didn't remember
(September on recorder)
21.9 22:24 
Did I remember
(Earth, Wind & Fire - September Shred)
14.9 12:12 
(Krust - Constructive Ambiguity)
11.8 17:29 
@jkalyn @tapemachines
8.8 10:12 
It's a very important day

(Shared from The Egyptian Love - 808 Beats Volume 1 ( E. Empire / B. Grundman Acetate 2018 ) Snippets)
A new Egyptian Lover Banger is coming .... 808 Beats Volume 1, this will be the first of of 4 Volumes ! Mini LP's/EP's ! 808 Craziness at its best! 15 Minute...
2.8 04:46 
Foshay - g'night

(Shared from Grace Jones - I'm Not Perfect But I'm Perfect For You)
Video for I'm Not Perfect But I'm Perfect For You by Grace Jones from her album Inside Story. The video features cameos by Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and Timo...
29.7 21:04 
Ah, I see - it wasn't "theirs"
10.7 13:34 
RT @GothBlairWaldrf: In these turbulent times slash during this "new normal" [insert your own trite ad copy here] there's one product Americans/me can truly rely on. Please support the fake commercial I made in tribute to it:
27.6 00:52 
@DublDownDrew I think Joe Pera beat you to that conclusion (it eventually gets there)
7.6 05:17 
RT @thezoobombs: Zoobombs is ready.
Are you ready to get Mo’ Funky?
7.6 05:04 
If I read my timezones right, there's a ZOOBOMBS concert starting RIGHT NOW...if only I stay awake

EDIT: Moostop is playing with them for the first time in seven years!!
26.5 11:01 
Spotify continues to drag me into 2020, where - let's be honest - I'd rather not be (I Like Trains - The Truth)
24.5 21:26 
Well that was an unexpected rabbit hole (Cirrus - Drop the Break (from Moonshine Mixed Vol. 2))
24.5 18:16 
@SonorantPlosive I am not! Listen to the whole thing here: /> Discogs says that's maybe a fair deal, depending on which version:
17.5 03:06 
Okay, gonna take a 3am bath and listen to the rain. Please let me know if you need a Snapchat of my wet soapy feet in about 20 minutes... GOOD NIGHT
15.5 20:00 
@Stephen_Worthy Yes, truly Ralf Hutter's finest vocal performance
10.5 15:56 
Paired so well (h/t WFMU via Jason Kottke via Colin Nagy via Ben Palmer...) (Mix #4 (Mind Against, Adriatique, Trentemøller, Recondite, Bodzin, and more))
10.5 03:00 
G'night (Africa - Otamatone cover)
9.5 16:28 
Whatever the next life is... I hope they've already met up (Little Richard @ Purple Rain Party...)
8.5 15:11 
(Via Skyler) (Never Gonna Give You Up, but an AI attempts to continuously generate more of the song)
6.5 22:44 
You asked, I relented (CRZ tries TIRAMISU OREOS)
6.5 16:34 
Just uploaded (not by me, wish I owned it!) (Florian Schneider-Esleben and Eberhard Kranemann - The origins of Kraftwerk - 1967)
6.5 12:53 (Pissoff - Suite For Double Bass Arco And Portamento Flute (1967))
6.5 10:55 
Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Florian Schneider
Stop Plastic Pollution
4.5 22:17 
"0 BPM" ( The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu (The Jams [AKA The KLF]) - Me Ru Con)
4.5 09:45 
Good morning! Can I go back to sleep yet? (Röyksopp - Shores of Easy (Lost Tapes))
16.4 15:16 
The funny thing is when I search "Howard Finkel Wedding Reception," there's more than one wedding reception. I think this was the one we all saw back then: #RIPFink
15.4 13:13 
Unrelated: Eminem's "Freestyle (Farm Club)" lives on, on YouTube
3.4 09:41 
Aw man - RIP Bill Withers

Grover Washington, Jr.
Just The Two of Us
13.3 18:31 
Banger, indeed (via Alison Stopla) (Vietnam Corona Virus Song (English Subtitles))
2.3 11:52 
@funkomatic @DollarBinShow It's a goodun'

My copy of "Very Relentless" was horrendously overpriced, bought while I was in college (I think the shop was literally called "Hole Records")
28.12 10:48 
Okay see ya in three hours (via Martin) (YouTube: 4K CABVIEW Bijelo Polje - Bar - Winter ride from snowy mountains to Adriatic Sea coast)
8.12 03:26 
G'night (YouTube: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Crush)
20.9.19 04:54 
Oh hey K-X-P have a video now

Hex Bag
16.9.19 11:49 
Goodbye Again

The Cars
Hello Again (Arthur Baker Remix)
4.9.19 13:55 
How did I not know this existed until now?! (New album two weeks from Friday!) (Herb Alpert - Skinny Drip)
13.7.19 21:46 
And maybe then you wouldn't get so sick of me (Sneaker Pimps: Sick)
27.6.19 10:04 
Me watching the radar on tubing day
27.5.19 19:36 
@alex_cono @RealSnarkyPuppy Oh dear - this is quite the rabbit hole you're sending me down
23.5.19 18:57 
Been thinking about Kat almost constantly since she dropped off the grid in Nepal a week ago - think there's another week plus left? - and somehow, via a series of rabbit holes, ended up back in San Francisco with another awesome/obsessive runner. This film is about 18 minutes but once I started watching, I couldn't stop - and after it was over, I wanted more. None of this makes me want to leave the house and move faster than a walk like Kat or Rickey do (not to mention, in *insane* amounts), but..... it DOES make me want to keep walking "new" routes. (Every Single Street with Rickey Gates)
2.5.19 17:15 
I'm still loving it (Retro Weather Barry ZeVan May 1, 2019)
16.4.19 18:38 
THIS IS AWESOME (via Michelle Herder Ness) (Barry ZeVan: The Retro Weatherman)
15.4.19 19:59 
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