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18.4.16 21:55 
18.4.16 21:51 
Anybody got an "uh oh" count on this match so far? #RAW
18.4.16 21:39 Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha #thunder #mavericks
18.4.16 21:31 
Radio. (shared Swedish Egil's post: "KROQ DJs")
18.4.16 21:02 
All these entrances are like somebody keeps hitting SKIP on their favourite online streaming service #RAW
18.4.16 20:19 
Who's the large black fellow with Natty? He looks familiar. #FiniShit
18.4.16 20:00 
Sure hope he tries to get that line over again. OH YES HE'S SAYING IT #RAW
18.4.16 19:27 @Markysparkly What do you think? I had one on Tuesday and...can't remember a thing about it, to be honest
18.4.16 19:25 
Cole gotta stop saying "live" #RAW
18.4.16 19:04 
I love James Cordens' parents WAY more than James Corden #RAW
18.4.16 19:01 
Figures that I'm finally live and #RAW isn't
18.4.16 17:41 
Listened to Human League - Secrets
18.4.16 16:26 
Listened to !!! - Bend Over Beethoven
18.4.16 15:24 
Listened to Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s - Blow Your Head (undubbed)
18.4.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.11 ▲0.07 (Range: 17.94 - 18.19)
18.4.16 14:38 RT @CityPagesStreet: Retweet to win 2 tix to @bobmould at @FirstAvenue this Friday w/ #TheSuicidecommandos & #Furythings #Retweet2win https…
18.4.16 14:37 
Listened to Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s - Damn Right I Am Somebody on Spotify
18.4.16 14:23 
Here in America, now more than ever. I hope you got a refund. Have a great weekend!

Fred Wesley & The JB's
I'm Payin' Taxes, What Am I Buyin'
18.4.16 12:29 
18.4.16 11:11 
18.4.16 10:50 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
18.4.16 10:43 
IT'S BACK IT'S BACK @MountainDew #PitchBlack
18.4.16 10:38 
 Need yogurt - Walmart Supercenter (Roseville, MN)
17.4.16 23:23 Life is pretty much wall-to-wall awfulness punctuated by occasional sublimity
(Please attribute this sunshine to
@CRZ when you repeat it)
17.4.16 22:59 
'twas a goodun
17.4.16 20:56 
Come to the Roseville library Wednesday night (or one of the other four days)!
17.4.16 14:07 
Changed my profile photo
17.4.16 13:40 You can come sit on my porch if you can't figure out anything to do but still want to go outside - in fact you have a standing invite to do this any day, but preferably on days when I'm home so the neighbors don't look at you as funny
17.4.16 13:36 @dhm Big-time approval of the accordion reply technique you're employing - so much so I don't want to reply to a photo and muck it up
17.4.16 13:18 French Roast
17.4.16 06:23 
...and here's the second.

John Oates & Daryl Hall
Possession Obsession
17.4.16 01:06 
I bought a lot of records today, but you know what else I bought? A JESUS
17.4.16 01:04 
I finally got my disco nap in so let's catch up with a photo or two. I'd love to say I got a tan today but this was all garden dirt and my legs are as white as they were before (except the backs, which I managed to burn - ouch)
16.4.16 21:40 
 Pickin' up and takin' out! - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 21:03 
Staying in. I'm gonna order 50% off Papa Johns and be pretty unapologetic about it. Let me know if you wanna come over and eat pizza....or watch me eat pizza. They're both super options!
16.4.16 18:07 
On the left, the 808 State Record Store Day reissue of the "Pacific" 12" single which embodies everything I despise about RSD and RSD people and my own terrible hyprocisy coming out of my own purchase of it at Cheapo - but gosh it's pretty isn't it? On the right, 14 disco things I bought at Electric Fetus. I'll bet you can guess which cost me less.
16.4.16 16:40 
 Last one for me I think - Electric Fetus (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 16:09 
 Happy Foursquare Day! - Cheapo Records (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 15:51 
 Happy Record Store Day! - Treehouse Records (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 15:21 
 One Reuben sammich, hold the Krista - Common Roots Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 14:17 
Look, if you have a relationship with Jesus, do you REALLY need to Friend ME? Profile photo is stolen from Connie Talbot's Instagram - I have to admit I didn't know who Connie Talbot was until now. But, hee haw, here's "Ellie May"
16.4.16 14:08 tbh I wasn't as think as you drunk I was last night
16.4.16 12:42 
 Time for one beer - Surly Brewing Company (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 09:04 @Toast_Jr This morning I feel like I may have tried
16.4.16 08:58 
 Volunteering! - prospect park cornerstone gardens (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 05:23 
Two from "Big Bam Boom" this weekend - here's the first...

Daryl Hall & John Oates
Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
16.4.16 02:21 
RT @crz_ebooks: Turns out I'm ALSO an alternative to #RAW!
16.4.16 00:41 OK, but in as much sober seriousness as I can muster, the prevailling thing I thought tonight was "Man, I should have written more poetry." I don't think it's really going to stick, but I can't adequately tell you right now how much I admire ALL of the people I heard reading at Hamline tonight. They're all really great and really creative and I half-wish I hadn't settled on the degree that would get me out of college the quickest even though it's served me just fine all these years. I've wasted a lot of time not writing. The writing that I get paid for - let's face it, WELL paid for - is fine for a career but not terribly fulfilling in a spiritual sense (I guess). I really really really shouldn't ever do shots when my weight is this low. And yet I never again want to be at a weight where it's OK for me to do shots. I'm going to hit before I start telling you exactly how much I love you because it's more than you will want to take
16.4.16 00:19 
You guys I can't even put into words I'm so glad my night's ending "early" I have to volunteer at 9 there are at least four of you I want to text right now but o won't, probably
16.4.16 00:09 
Listened to Jersey Street - Always Something Wrong
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